Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 19 is the nineteenth instalment of the Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel series, released on October 7th 2017.[1]

Publisher's SummaryEdit

For some reason, Hamazura is wearing a non-detachable, full-body strengthening suit. In confusion, he is attacked by Accelerator!? Additionally, being shamelessly reverse sexually harassed by Aleister who has become a silver-haired girl, Kamijou is also thrown into confusion!?

Full SummaryEdit

The overthrown General Superintendent of Academy City changed into the form of a beautiful girl, what manifested before Kamijou's eyes is―――!?

Waking up, Hamazura was fully covered in a special suit, that wouldn't come off, from head to toe. In the middle of getting rolled up in some kind of crime downtown, and even having made an enemy of Accelerator, he is burdened by new worries. That being a small baby cast away on the roadside. Engraved on the tag on its wrist were six letters, starting with an L? As a result, will the idiot delinquent Hamazura notice the miniskirt santa as his big breasted lover, Takitsubo Rikou?

At the same time Kamijou is in a predicament. He didn't know what it was, but he was getting sexually harassed by the extraordinarily impopular Aleister Crowley turned extremely beautiful girl. The other party is his longtime enemy, but is now a heavenly beautiful girl, what is he to do!?

Chapter ListEdit

  • Prologue: An Oracle from a Holy Guardian Angel – the_Angel_“A”.
  • Chapter 1: A Small Light Beginning with an L – Lost_Princess.
  • Chapter 2: An Awakening Beast Visits a City of Steel – X=Scarlet.
  • Chapter 3: That Person Cannot Forget the Kindness of Man – Gift_of_the_Hope.
  • Chapter 4: Are you Prepared to Distort the Laws of the World? – Human.
  • Epilogue: A Throneless Demon Roars in Hell – the_Devil_“C”.

Bonus MaterialEdit

Thus Spoke the Kumokawa SistersEdit

In a limited release booklet from the GAMERS store accompanying the release of the novel, there is a short story about Kumokawa Seria and Kumokawa Maria, concurrent with the events of the novel. Maria visits Seria, worried for Tsuchimikado Maika who is moving away all of a sudden, a reference to the events of the previous novel.[2] Seria is dismissive with her concerns until it is shown that Maria only worried so much because this happened to her teacher Kihara Kagun as well. Maria says she has gotten over it, and hopes Maika doesn't carry a burden like her teacher did. She does wish however to have had a Christmas party doubling as a goodbye party for Maika.

Suddenly, Hamazura Shiage is jumping from building to building in the Processor Suit, passing by the Kumokawa sister's apartment, still trying to escape. Seeing his attire makes Maria think of her teacher.



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