School District 19 (第一九学区 Dai Ichi Kyū Gakku?) is a school district found in the northeastern part of Academy City. To the east, it is bordered by both by Eastern Tokyo and the Saitama Prefecture from the northeast. Inside the city, it is bordered by School District 14 to the north, School District 4 to the west, and both School Districts 6 and 12 to the south.

Not much is known about the district other than the fact that it has been in recent decline.[1]


It is unknown when and how, but the district has apparently failed in its development, and have been in decline, and seems to be going in some form of urban decay. Despite this, there are still residents and most likely a working school there, as evidenced by Haruue Erii who lived there prior to her transfer to Sakugawa Middle School in School District 7.[2]

Moreover, obsolete technology or ‘technology that won’t be seen in the market today’ are being re-researched in the district, things like vacuum pipes and steam engine. There is also apparently a rumor where the district was purposely abandoned in order to make use of it for testing ground for old technology.[3]