SCHOOL (スクール Sukūru?) is an Academy City-based organization led by Kakine Teitoku. Their original purpose prior to the events of October 9 is unknown. Regardless, their goal during the events of in October 9 centered around trying to allow Kakine Teitoku to negotiate with Aleister Crowley regarding his state as being the mere Spare Plan to the Accelerator.

They are very effective, managing to severely damage two of the organizations after them: MEMBER and ITEM. However, its incarnation as seen on October 9 was destroyed during the events of that day, with its field operatives indisposed; Kakine Teitoku, especially, had his body destroyed as a result with his battle with Accelerator, leaving only the Girl in the dress alive. The organization is later reorganized to form a new organization with the remnants of ITEM, MEMBER, and SCHOOL.[1]

After the end of World War III, the organization has now been dissolved. Later, Kakine Teitoku revives through the power over his Dark Matter, though there were no indications of the organization reforming.


Like the other Dark Side of Academy City factions their level of security and authority are the same—an unofficial unit created by putting few persons together.[2] Their purpose before the events of October 9 is unknown, though it is likely that they did jobs for Academy City as they had liaison or controller themselves,[3] as exemplified by him requesting Teitoku to take part in the Daihasei Festival.[4]

Like the other organizations, they seem to have a subordinate organization of grunts to do menial tasks for them. They are used in force during their attack on ITEM in their Private Salon.[5]

According to Tsuchimikado Motoharu, SCHOOL is the kind of organization that covers up their shortcomings and is willing to pay up to obtain ready firepower from the outside.[6]

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Number2 Dress Sniper Boy Yumiya
Kakine Teitoku Girl in the dress Sunazara Chimitsu Yobou Banka Yumiya Rakko