The Queen of Honor (近衛侍女 (クイーンオブオナー) Konoe Jijo (Kuīn Obu Onā)?, lit. "Imperial Guard Maid"), also known as Royal Maid in the Baka-Tsuki translations, refers to special workers that serve the British Royal Family, as servants and bodyguards.[1] Silvia is currently the only known named Queen of Honor, and has one of the highest ranks.[2]


First referenced by Index to refer to Misaka 10032's "cool" demeanor,[3] Queens of Honor or Royal Maids are essentially a type of shrine maiden because they looked after the royalty who were traditionally said to gain their authority by having a piece of divine power.[1] Despite this traditional role, the maids also served as bodyguards to them,[2] having been trained in magic and interception.[4] So strong are these Queens of Honor that they can physically restrain Queen Elizard[5] and even worry Carissa even if she had the Curtana.[6] They likely wear traditional and elegant maid uniforms.[2]

Finally, the maids are also well known, even in Academy City. Maids in training like Tsuchimikado Maika and Kumokawa Maria can apparently determine that Silvia is a Royal Maid just by looking at her alone.[7]