Hokaze Junko (帆風潤子 Hokaze Junko?) is a recurring character in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, and the main character of the sidestory Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral Buddy,[2] from which her name is finally revealed.[3]

Once only known as the Ringlet curl girl (縦ロール Tate Rōru?, lit. "Ringlet Curls"), also known as the Drill hair girl, she is a 3rd year student of Tokiwadai Middle School,[1] and the most prominent and arguably the most loyal member of Shokuhou Misaki's clique.


She appears as a beautiful middle school girl with a slender body frame, but a small bust size. She has long platinum blonde hair with ringlet curls and eyes of the same color.[4][5]


She acts like a proper ojou-sama. She greatly admires Misaki,[1] and is concerned for Misaki whenever something concerns her, such as refusing to give her sweets to preserve her figure, and stepping in for her when Keitz Nokleben tried to strike a conversation with Misaki. Indeed, even without being ordered to, she is willing to go to Misaki if she notices something amiss and freely offers to aid her even without knowing any details about the current situation.[6]

Outside of Misaki's clique, she can be described as kind but naive, believing that she can make Misaki and Mikoto get along, as well as being unable to comprehend the lewd nature of Aogami Pierce's conversation regarding his dreams with Misaki and Mikoto.[7] She is also a fan of Gekota.[8]


Junko is considered to be the #2 member of Shokuhou Misaki's clique, and manages the clique on behalf of its more "uncontrollable and laissez-faire" leader.[3]

Prior to having her ringlet curls Junko had twin braided hair, that is until the beginning of Spring of the current year of the timeline where she goes to Sakashima Michibata's salon, where he gives her ringlet curls. Junko was dejected until she found that Shokuhou Misaki, the Queen, was all right with it.[9] Junko wore the ringlet curls since then, though she would wear braids before sleeping.[10]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Agitate Halation ArcEdit

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Misaka Mikoto, while searching for Kamijou Touma in the School Garden, sees ten members of Shokuhou Misaki's clique in their winter uniforms leaving a fancy shop. Among them is the "ringlet curls girl", who is carrying a large brand-name gym bag over her shoulder.[11]

Mental Out ArcEdit

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After Misaki visits an SNS that their clique used using her account for the first time in three months asking cryptic questions, the Ringlet curl girl makes use of the vast information network of the clique to track Misaki down. She later confronts Misaki as she prepares to enter the faculty apartment building that Kumokawa Seria currently resides in. Finding her, Misaki says that she did not give her any orders, to which the girl explains that she used the information network of the clique to track her down after she acted suspiciously. She says that there are around 10 other volunteers waiting for her orders and that she and the others don't need to explain the details. Misaki tells her that she will give her orders but at the moment is not a good time, saying that the more people with her the greater the danger of being controlled. The girl accepts, but says that they should at least create an alibi for her leaving the dorm, to which Misaki agrees. As Misaki tries to continue onwards, the Ringlet curl girl frowns and calls to her again, but Misaki tells her to leave her alone for now, saying that the person she is about to meet is as dangerous as her, referring it to more as a request from her instead of an order. Finally, the girl accepts Misaki's request and tells her to be careful, to which Misaki says thanks.[6]

After exiting the apartment building, the Ringlet curl girl appears before Misaki again, asking if there is something wrong. Misaki replies that she is fine though the girl says that if she is in some kind of trouble she need only tell them what to do. Misaki says that working alone is best for now, and says that if she really does need her she will not hesitate to give her an order. Misaki later leaves.[12] Later, after discovering that her memories of Touma was real after all, and that the person made it so that Misaki would notice it, Misaki finally decides to confront her tormenter. She calls the Ringlet curl girl telling her that now she needs her. Misaki instructs her that she will be using them for her own benefit, asking her to gather together only those who are willing to be her pawns.[12]

It is likely that the girl followed Misaki all the way to the Ground Geo where she would later confront Mitsuari Ayu. Later, when Misaki noticed that they would be in danger after the appearance of FIVE_Over (Out_Sider), she had the members of her clique quickly leave in order for not to get harmed. Moreover, it is also for them to take out the people who provides the FIVE_Over OS viewpoints that allow it to create its illusions, and then hijack the lenses to provide malicious feedback to FIVE_Over OS, allowing the clique to take control of it.[13] The Ringlet curl girl is seen taking out one of these people, a man in a knit hat.[14]

Element ArcEdit

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On December 8th, in the middle of the abnormal heat wave, she was present when Mikoto arrived at School Garden with Kamijou Touma in tow,[15] and offered to help Misaki taking Touma to the infirmary, to which Misaki declined, asking her to let her do it on her own.[16]

Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

She is first seen walking with the rest of Shokuhou Misaki's clique. Kongou Mitsuko says they look like a procession of a daimyo.[17]

Later, she sees Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki arguing in the library. She trys to come to her queen's assistance only to be subjected to Shokuhou's Mental Out. After Shokuhou stops the mind control, Ringlet curl girl bids Mikoto good day.[5][18]

Silent Party ArcEdit

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She briefly appears on September 2, while serving Misaki along with other members of the Clique of the Queen of Tokiwadai.[19]

Daihasei Festival ArcEdit

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In the days leading up to the Daihaseisai, Ringlet curl girl is having tea with Shokuhou Misaki and two other members of the clique. She scolds Shokuhou who is attempting to eat a second eclair. Shokuhou then uses her mind control and tells her to go eat 20 eclairs as quickly as possible.[20]

September 20, the second day of the Daihaseisai: She and the rest of Shokuhou Misaki's clique are charged with watching over Misaka Mikoto.[21] She sees that Mikoto has a Gekota phone and reveals that she has one too. She says that she managed to acquire a rare mail order limited edition Gekota strap from that year's M-fes. She tells Mikoto that she will give it to her if she gives her all in the day's events. Mikoto becomes very excited for a moment, but then realizes that this is all a trap and that Ringlet curl girl is frighteningly skilled.[8]

Dream Ranker ArcEdit

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She appears again after seeing Mikoto confronting Misaki and decide to bond them together using the Indian Poker. Sadly this doesn't work out as Mikoto ends up dreaming of being Misaki's slave while it is unknown what Misaki nightmare are. The following day she brought both of them together and tries to bond them again but fails.


Junko's ability is called Rampage Dress (天衣装着 (ランペイジドレス) Ten'i Souchaku (Ranpeijidoresu)?, lit., "Heavenly Garment Equipping"), a Level 4 esper ability that enables her to manipulate the electrical signals in her cells to draw out further strength. This allows her to strengthen her sense of smell by increasing the sensitivity of her olfactory cells, or to perform superhuman maneuvers by boosting her muscle cells. However, due to the nature of her ability, it does not protect her from any injury caused by straining parts of her body in the process.[3]


  • Prior to being named, she was the only unnamed character featured in the opening panel to Chapter 44 as well as on the cover of Volume 8.
  • Misaka Mikoto refers to her as "Ringlet curl girl" in Chapter 49 of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, hence the name.
  • Junko can completely conceal her hair inside a swimming cap and retain its form despite its apparent volume.[1]


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