A Powered Suit (駆動鎧 (パワードスーツ) Kudō Yoroi (Pawādo Sūtsu)?, lit. "Driven Armor") is a machine similar to a western suit of armor, coming in various standard sizes and levels of firepower.[1]


The main goal of the suit is to reinforce a person's body and mind to greatly increase their combat ability, using things like motors and chemical springs. Powered suits normally just match the user's movements within the suit, though advanced suits can also correct the user's movements on their own. They can also carry specialized weapons and weapons that would be too heavy for a normal human to carry. Powered Suits have also been described as capable of moving 10 times faster than a normal vehicle.[1][2]

Mass-produced powered suits are normally humanoid in appearance, as there are problems when a human tries to pilot a different shaped suit. To control a 4-legged powered suit, one has to become a 4-legged animal. To control an 8-legged powered suit, one has to become an 8-legged animal. Even if some of the controls are left to a program leaving simplified controls for the use, in the end, that's what is required to truly control a powered suit.[3]

List of Powered SuitsEdit

Standard Suits
Specialty Suits
Silvercross' Collection
Unnamed Suits


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