Orsola Aquinas (オルソラ=アクィナス Orusora Akwinasu?) is a nun-in-training[1] formerly under the Roman Catholic Church, who specializes in preaching to pagan countries,[2] and in decoding written codes.[3] This skill in decoding puts her into the harm's way as she wanted to decipher and destroy the infamous Book of the Law, prompting the very institution she is in to attack her, and forcing her to seek refuge. She is first introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index in distress, and her plight and struggle is chronicled in the Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc.

Afterwards she receives the protection of the Anglican Church, and becomes a member of its Church of Necessary Evil, and yet, she never truly abandons being a Roman Catholic, though she no longer serves under its institution and instead serves the Anglican Church.


Her given name Orsola is the Italian form of Ursula, meaning "little female bear", and may be a reference to Saint Ursula. Her surname, Aquinas, is most likely a reference to the Christian theologian Thomas Aquinas.


Her true age is unknown, but Orsola has shown qualities of a mature female. She is noted for her large breasts,[4] and a luscious womanly figure, accentuated by her Roman Catholic Church habit. The habit in question, is unmodified unlike Agnese Sanctis and her ilk, and she also wears gloves. Her headdress also has a wimple, which covers much of her head. She has slightly short blond hair and blue eyes.

She wears a long white robe under her habit,[5] which covers her underwear.

While hosting Isis-Demeter, Orsola was clothed in a revealing silk and gold outfit, what Europeans might imagine an Egyptian priestess to wear, with the Divine Mixture taking the form of a gold and diamond ring behind her like a halo.[6] She retained her cross around her neck.[6]


Her mind can trail off from one subject to another, or even forget important details, a fact that Kamijou Touma,[7] who refers to her way of thinking resembles that of a grandmother, and many of her peers detest, such as Itsuwa, who doesn't want to be compared to her. She is best described as an extremely large-breasted nun well known for being airheaded and moving at her own pace.[8]

However, when she gets serious people can't help but listen, for her words bear weight. This is exemplified by her speech to the Agnese Forces regarding the difference between the Roman Catholic Church and the forces that helped her,[9] and her speech before the women of Necessarius regarding the stance they should take in the upcoming War.[10] This is perhaps due to her skill as a preacher, and it comes to no surprise that she has a church built in her honor.[2]

Toaru Majutsu no Index II E02 11m 07s

Orsola exemplifies the classic kind nun character.

She is very kind and courteous, and has shown that she does not bear a grudge on those that had tormented her,[7] as with the case with her next meeting with Agnese Sanctis, going even out of her way to try and save her alongside the Amakusa Christians.[11]

Despite her kindness however, she has a hidden side. She herself states that there are many sides to women.[11] She seemingly knew the importance of the cross necklace that Touma gave to her, allowing her to at least hope that she will be saved by the Anglican Church.[12] Moreover, prior to her defection to the Anglican Church, she has shown suspicion towards the kindness of others towards her without reward, as with her justification for leaving the Amakusa,[13] and doubted Touma after he mistakenly handed her to the Agnese Forces. She later discovers the faults of her character during her punishment by Agnese Forces, believing that she and the rest of the Roman Catholics are driven by lies and suspicion, while those who have helped her are driven by their beliefs and ideals.[9] Although later, she admits that there are all sorts of people in the Roman Catholic Church, in response to Touma's surprise to Lucia and Angelene risking their lives to save Agnese, apologetic of the behavior towards her previous distrust towards the Amakusa.[11] Moreover, she claims that she has no confidence regarding herself, believing herself that she knows what's right and wrong, or have the wisdom and conscience to decide for others.[1]

Regardless, her naturally kind and amicable nature, allows her to gain quick friends among strangers, such as Sherry Cromwell.


Much of her past is unknown, though it is hinted that she might be the nun that Angelene refers to in her childhood that has been serving her, Lucia, and Agnese with olives for three days.[14] She later travels around to preach to three pagan countries, giving her much renown with the Roman Catholic Church.[2] Despite this, she still refers to herself as a nun-in-training.[1]

It is unknown how she gained the skill in decoding written codes, but she is probably learned enough to have confidence in decrypting the Book of the Law through incomplete copies.[3]

Her home is located in Chioggia, Italy, though it is unknown how long she lived there.


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc
A former decoder of grimoires and other magical texts, she is allegedly able to decode "The Book of the Law", a powerful Roman Catholic Church grimoire. Because of this, she is captured along with The Book of the Law by the Amakusa Christians. The Roman Catholic church sends the Agnese Forces to save her, while Necessarius sends

Orsola after being "rescued" by Touma

Stiyl, who drags Index and Touma with him.

It is later revealed the the Amakusa Christians were actually trying to save Orsola, and that the Agnese Forces were sent to dispose of her because the Roman Catholic Church labeled her as dangerous due to her being able to decode The Book of the Law. She is saved by Touma and company, and becomes a decoder for the Anglican Church. She works alongside Sherry Cromwell, and the two of them get along somehow.

Daihasei Festival ArcEdit

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Toaru Majutsu no Index II E11 06m 07s

Orsola eating muffins in the library, conducting research with Sherry.

When Stiyl is talking over the phone with Sherry Cromwell, Orsola is heard over the phone working along with Sherry on decoding information on the Croce di Pietro. Sherry at this point doesn't quite get along well with Orsola due to the difference in their personality, and admonished her there is no time to eat right now while working. Orsola replies this is a muffin made by the Amakusa that helps with physical recovery as she is still hurt from the events of the Book of the Law. Sherry grudging accepts that reason before getting agitated about Orsola leaving crumbs while she's eating. the phone cuts off here after some scuffling.

Later, Orsola tries to call Stiyl to report in the information found but dialed to Motoharu's phone instead by accident. Motoharu and Touma are exasperated by her thought patterns, going from greetings to a good sushi shop near Waterloo Station, before finally telling them the requirements to activate the Croce di Pietro.

La Regina del Mare Adriatico ArcEdit

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Orsola returns to her home in Chioggia, Italy as she prepares to move her belongings to her new home to England with the help of the Amakusa Christians. She meets Touma who struggles with Italian and she takes her in; in return, Touma helps out in the move. After all her belongings were packed, Orsola is attacked by Roman Catholic assassins, but the attempt was stopped by Touma and Index. Then the assassins summon an ice ship in the canal scooping up both her and Touma and escape into the Adriatic Sea. On that ship Orsola and Touma stow away on the ship avoiding the assassins and hide inside a vacant room. Then both Orsola and Touma encounter her assassin, Agnese Sanctis who was entering the room.

It turns out the Agnese and her forces are held captive and only Agnese was able to move within the fleet due to serving a special purpose. Orsola and Touma decide to save Agnese and the others despite their past experiences with each other, and with assistance from the Amakusa Christians, they thwart Bishop Biagio Busoni's plans of destroying Academy City using the Queen of the Adriatic Sea spell.

Toaru Majutsu no Index II E16 22m 29s

Orsola brings Agnese back to England.

Later, Orsola takes Sisters Agnese, Lucia and Angelene, along with the rest of the Agnese Forces to the Necessarius dorm, where they would stay as members of the Roman Catholic division of Necessarius.

Academy City Invasion ArcEdit

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Despite being a member of Necessarius, the 0th Parish of the Anglican Church, Orsola maintains her practice of Roman Catholic doctrines, though it is unknown if she joined Agnese's newly established Roman Catholic London branch.[5]

Toaru Majutsu no Index II E18 03m 53s

Orsola along with the other girls of Necessarius, inspects a certain washing machine.

She appears with the other ladies of Necessarius at the Anglican Church Women's Dormitory checking out the new washing machine sent by Academy City. Orsola is enthusiastic in trying out the new washing machine, despite Kanzaki Kaori's protests and fears. She is joined by Angelene, who is has a strong "pro adopting washing machine" voice since whenever the day for her turn of washing the clothes comes her small body is pushed to the limits, while both Agnese and Lucia are silent. Orsola wants to test the washing machine, and does so through the use of the clothes on her back, as there are no laundry needing a wash, the other Catholic nuns soon follow, much to Kanzaki's dismay. She is later surprised by Kanzaki not wearing any underwear under her yukata, after she takes off her obi to test the washing machine's waters, to which she responds that is the way yukatas are supposed to be worn. After using the clothes that they are currently wearing to test the washing machine, Sherry Cromwell notes that Kanzaki's obi's colors may become faded if washed there, to which Kanzaki frantically tries to stop the machine, despite her being technologically impaired by it. Orsola finally comments that the "stains" on Kanzaki's obi is being washed off, much to her consternation. After the machine malfunctions and spouts water on the befuddled Kanzaki, Angelene is amazed to know that Kanzaki really doesn't wear any underwear, as she tears up from the embarrassment in front of them.[5]

Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar ConferenceEdit

Main article: Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference

As two great Churches discuss their position in the War that is about to come. She, and the rest of her group stay in the women's dormitory. Here, it was Orsola's turn to make the meals, which she skillfully done en masse, with a little help from other nuns.[15]

Orsola first appears in the changing room, notifying Agnese Sanctis and Kanzaki Kaori that breakfast is ready. As Agnese excitedly leaves after much trouble with the washing machine, Orsola talks with Kanzaki about the queer package has come from Tsuchimikado Motoharu regarding the Fallen Angel Maid Costume to her, to which Kanzaki states that it is nothing. Orsola then asks about Kanzaki's katana being too long, to which she replies that having a little weight allows for her to wield it easier. Orsola then says that she thought the sword had religious meaning, to which Kanzaki adds that it does so from Japanese legend. As Kanzaki explains to Orsola, she discovers that her mind was wandered off and replies that she is sleepy, much to Kanzaki's annoyance, and later leaves her for the dining hall. For the most part of the breakfast, Orsola is sleepy and is unaware of the arguments among the fellow nuns regarding her and their breasts, as well as about food.[15]

Kanzaki later instructs a late Sherry to go to Orsola and ask for food as breakfast was over, to which obliges after a short chat.[16]

Index SS 006-007 Clean

Orsola walks off in the background sleepily, while the rest of the girls make a fuss about Sasha's outfit.

When Kanzaki introduces Sasha Kreutzev to the rest of them, Orsola can be found still sleepy, and apparently affecting her ability to prepare a meal for Sherry, which was hastily put together. Her sleepiness later waned and offered Sasha a cup of coffee, and here, she joined the others to hear of Sasha's question regarding the upcoming War,[17] though, it looked like she was nodding off.[10]

As Kanzaki and the others ponder hearts what their answer is, Orsola surprises everyone by replying. She tells Sasha that she need not worry of what side they should choose, as what they will do remains the same. They will always help out those who are in need of help, and arbitrate for those who do not seek conflict. And just because a war has started does not mean it should be a reason to deny those who are asking for help, and not a reason to force others to bear the sword and fight. Sasha is stayed by Orsola's words, who continues by saying that it would be unbecoming of them to not use the small power they have to save the future of their allies, and deprive their enemies of their own future, and have them gather in a single building, before Touma, who had no power, but was able to save many. As if he can save many on his own, how many others can they save together. Sasha asks what they are doing here, to which Orsola states that decision does not place on her alone, as everyone has their own things that they must do. Orsola concludes that it is not up to the whole to decide which path to take, but it is up to the individual members, and states that there should be a third option where there is a happy ending where no one is defeated, for the sake of Touma's expectations.[10]

Sasha later leaves, saying she is unable to grasp the situation, with Kanzaki shaken as well. Kanzaki confides to her that she is embarrassed of her own lack of discipline, and that she is immature. Orsola says that the road to maturity is not an easy one, and that she too felt that she has said something immature before. However, Orsola then giggles, to which she reveals to Kanzaki, that Tatemiya Saiji and the others have been spreading rumors that Kanzaki has someone she loves in Academy City. Kanzaki is shocked to hear it, to which Orsola relates on how the Knight Leader came to Japantown to where the Amakusa Christians are, trying to court Kanzaki, but is turned away by Saiji, telling him that Kanzaki prefers younger men, and mentions that Kanzaki has someone she loves in Academy City. The rumor apparently becoming a legend among them. Kanzaki however, completely denies this. Orsola then adds that Itsuwa was heard commenting that she will do her best. Orsola later leaves for the kitchen again with a smile on her face.[18]

Acqua of the Back ArcEdit

Main article: Acqua of the Back Arc

Orsola is in the British Library hoping to find some clues regarding Acqua of the Back of God's Right Seat. She calls Sherry, who is performing a lecture in the Royal Arts Academy. Orsola mentions that Acqua has been witnessed as someone worked that previously in England, and is referred to as a Knight, which worries Sherry as it would mean Academy City might have to question the Anglican Church's role with regards to a Knight of England. Orsola notes however, that there is no record of him in the Buckingham Palace, to which Sherry guessed that the information might be false. Orsola however says that it is true that he is not in the list of knights, but she tells Sherry that for someone to be a knight there should be some shield heraldry that symbolizes their family background. Orsola then says that there has been a cancelled order from a heraldry manufacturer outside of London from an unknown person. Sherry is intrigued, as that means that she could extrapolate information regarding the mysterious Acqua of the Back using the heraldry. Orsola sends a fax copy of the heraldry pattern to Sherry. With a simple look, Sherry recognizes the meaning of the symbolic animals and legendary creatures in the heraldry, and says that the person was unhappy at being chosen as a knight.[19]

She states to Orsola on how the Royal Family has invited him, tried to reject the offer but failed, and simply accepted the title begrudgingly. She tells Orsola that the man must've been an active fighter as a free man before becoming a Knight. He was a mercenary that was later appointed as a Knight. Sherry then discovers that the order was cancelled ten years ago. Sherry says to Orsola that the person was born in England, was mercenary that greatly contributed to Great Britain, and was primed to be nominated into being a Knight, and orders her to search for information on English mercenaries.[19]

Index v16 146

Orsola interrupted the somber mood to give vital information.

Orsola later calls Tatemiya Saiji, who begins preparations to assault Acqua of the Back anew after his attack on Touma and Itsuwa. Saiji is relieved as Orsola's call manages to lighten up the tension that Itsuwa's preparation has brought. Here, Orsola tells them the latest information about Acqua of the Back. She tells them that Acqua of the Back's real name is William Orwell, his past religious affiliation, and his magic name, Flere210. She also tells of his accomplishments as a mercenary, which is countless as their time is short, as well as the kind things he does in the battlefields when not fighting. However, she tells them that no information about him can be called a weakness. Orsola continues, saying that Acqua disappeared a week before he was to become a knight, leaving the heraldry prepared for him, as well as the fact that he is self-taught, making his own fighting style, and the weapon that he uses, a 5 meter long iron rod that looks like a lance. Finally, Orsola tells Saiji that Acqua does not run in battle, but seems to glide on the floor, using a water spell. With this, their conversation ends, and the Amakusa once again prepares for the storm that they shall meet head on.[20]

British Royal Family ArcEdit

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Before the start of the attempted coup d'état, Orsola is first mentioned by Sherry and Itsuwa, relating to her airheadedness, but as well as her skill in analysis work. Sherry states that she did not call her as she would like to avoid difficult situations, such as a suitcase suddenly turning into a boat.[8]

English Civil WarEdit

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War then covers Great Britain. When the members of the Anglican women’s dorm began to evacuate during Carissa's coup d’état, she claimed that she couldn't keep up with the others so she stayed behind. When Touma arrives with Lessar wounded in his arms, she begins medical treatment for her. She then asks Touma what he would like to do in return, to which he says that he will help the escape as a member of the rear guard. Orsola tells that other than the back entrance he came in through, the Knights of England have fortified the escape routes. Their escape plan is to shake the knights off with a long distance bombardment, and scatter to sow confusion among the knights.[21]

Touma then discuss with Orsola the state of the war on the people of Great Britain, with regards to food and resources. Orsola then changes the topic, saying that after they break through the knights surrounding the dormitory, they will head to the designated rendezvous point, but tells Touma that he should head to Waterloo Station so that the Eurostar line can take him to Folkestone, where Index is. Touma counters that the battle has taken down the power lines, making trains moving impossible. Orsola however, states that Carissa is wide open in Folkestone and is unable to get a special fortress, and that, to deal with combined forces of them and the Church, the knights have to transport personnel and materials to quickly fortify a defensive position, which means they need to use the diesel trains in case of power issues. With that, they begin to try to escape the dorm.[21]

Later Orsola reappears with the remaining forces of the Anglican Church before they begin their attack on Carissa. During the last supper, she joins the lonesome Sherry Cromwell and offers her sandwiches, much to Sherry's chagrin as Orsola tries to shove some into her mouth. She questions on how Orsola left their dorms in a later time, to which she says that she was busy when everyone just left, and she also carried an incredible amount after being told to only carry necessities. Sherry laughs, saying that it is just like Orsola to do so. Sherry then discovers that Orsola carried and risked her life for the bust of Ellis, Sherry left back in her workshop. She berates Orsola for risking her life for the bust, and tells her that it would have been refreshing to her if it disappeared. Orsola replies by saying that she shouldn't force herself to change, and tells her that there is a big difference between removing regrets and denying the dead. She tells Sherry that she thinks it is not right to cut herself from her past, and states that there should be no reason why people who treasure the memories of the dead cannot also start their own lives anew. Sherry voices her complaint, saying that Orsola wouldn't understand, though she doesn't add any further protests. Orsola then says that since Sherry's clothes have been incredibly worn, she has brought a change of clothes for her. Sherry explains that she likes the clothes she is wearing and that there is no need to change, but then discovers what Orsola is implying, a Goddess Goth Maid Outfit. Sherry airs her extreme dissatisfaction with the clothes, and states that it has no connection to gothic outfits other than being kind of Western-looking and old-looking, which disappoints Orsola. Sherry then says that Orsola's fashion is that of an old grandmother, as such she is no help to her. Orsola says that it would be a waste if someone were to throw it and then concludes that she would just have to be the one would wear it. Sherry then frantically tries to stop Orsola from wearing the maid outfit, since she has a considerable bust size.[4]

During the battle between Kamijou Touma and Kanzaki Kaori against Princess Carissa, Orsola and Sherry, with her golem, arrive as reinforcements. Here, she and the rest assist each Kanzaki in trying to take down Carissa, but is unable to penetrate her defenses. The Griffin Sky mobile fortresses however arrive as her reinforcements, and rain lances upon Sherry's golem, knocking her out of the fight.[22]After a bunker cluster missile was shot towards London, Touma tries to call out to his Anglican Church comrades, Orsola being one of them, but cannot find any trace of them. It is unknown what possible help Orsola could have done during the battle as she is not known to have offensive spells.

World War III ArcEdit

Main article: World War III Arc

There is no record of Orsola being involved in any battle in the War, though it can presumed she stayed back in the Church of England.

She is mentioned in passing in the narration, chronicling to the triumphs of Kamijou Touma as he dives into the oblivion of the Arctic Sea to defeat Archangel Gabriel.[23]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Homecoming ArcEdit

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Sherry references Orsola in passing, apparently surviving the War, stating that she is trying to investigate with the others which side the Radiosonde Castle belongs.[24]

In the third part of Leivinia Birdway's lectures to Touma and the others, she cites the conflict with Orsola trying to decipher the Book of the Law as the trigger that heightened the tensions between the various forms of Christianity.[25]

Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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Orsola Aquinas and Sherry Cromwell are mentioned briefly. The two of them are in London's national library providing support with information organization and analysis for either the group sent out for the assault on the Sargasso of the North Sea or the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance itself. When Orsola receives a report of either the disastrous attack of the Sargasso of the North Sea or the GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo, she glances towards Sherry.[26]

Shifting and Fluctuating WorldEdit

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, people from the magic side like nuns are allowed to enter Academy City, and seemingly have no complex against science. Orsola Aquinas, Angelene, Lucia, and Lidvia Lorenzetti are first sighted by Touma near a hot-dog truck. Angelene is eager for the expensive hot-dogs, but Lucia ever the prude tells her that Angelene is both being gluttonous and greedy, and that a nun must not eating something like that. She then turns to Lidvia and asks her to say something as well. She however, states that Orsola has already started eating one. Touma later buys a hot-dog from the same truck, apparently serving as a last meal before deciding to kill himself.[27]

Return to England ArcEdit

Orsola was in London during the Crowley's Hazard invasion of the United Kingdom and was present when Kamijou Touma was briefly incarcerated in the Tower of London.[28] Despite trying to support her allies, such as the Agnese Forces who had been fighting on the frontlines, in her usual way, she found herself overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness and lost her way, leading her to offer herself as a host for the Divine Mixture Isis-Demeter.[29][30]

Other appearancesEdit

Side StoriesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission TestEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test

Orsola is mentioned by Freadia Strikers as having passed the test. This shows the apparent magical capability of Orsola, who is able to pass the dangerous Necessarius test.[31]

Orsola later attempted to contact Freadia Strikers when the Amakusas were being by Necessarius due to imposters making off with the free pass from the test, but Freadia decided to ignore her, knowing about her past history with the Amakusas.[32]

Anime appearancesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index-tanEdit

Orsola's static picture is part of the false ending in the third episode, where it details the obscurity and suffering of Yamisaka Ouma.

In the fourth episode, Touma's final lines to Index-tan as he carries her upon his head is that he would like to talk about Orsola instead, which enrages Index-tan.


She is an expert decoder of written codes, and many times, have been called alongside with Sherry to help Touma and the others in missions.

Orsola is also an expert in spreading Christianity in pagan lands and despite being subjected to countless hostility and violence from all sides, she carried no weapon. Her experience as a preacher allows her to negotiate or deceive enemies, and of course, help those who are in need.

Although she is not known to have any offensive capabilities, she was forced to carry the Lotus Wand for her own protection, though she was not very good at it, focusing too much on casting and tires out when using the staff.[33] Orsola is not an expert in Healing Magic, she can at least carry out emergency aid by reconnecting torn blood vessels, as what she did for Lessar.[21]


During the invasion of London by the Crowley's Hazards, Orsola temporarily acted as the host of Isis-Demeter (イシス=デメーテル Ishisu Demēteru?), a Divine Mixture based on the combination of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of life and resurrection, and Demeter, Greek goddess of spring and agriculture.[34][6] When inactive, the Isis-Demeter took the form of a rose made of gold and diamond.[35] When active and possessing Orsola, she was clothed in a revealing silk and gold outfit - what Europeans might imagine an Egyptian priestess to wear. The tool itself took the form of a giant flowery ring of gold and diamond behind the host, resembling a halo.[6]

Having Orsola as a host enabled Isis-Demeter to display the true power of the Divine Mixtures, which the others were unable to due to not being used in the proper way.[36][35] This power was rooted in the Divine Mixture's origins, the twisted interpretations of ancient Egypt by the ancient Greeks who forcibly applied their own culture, knowledge and preconceptions to the unfamiliar culture they saw when they first crossed the Mediterranean and their matching of Egyptian deities to their own equivalents with similar roles to feel as though they understood them.[37][38][35][6][39] With a host's viewpoint and the capacity for biases and prejudices which a mere tool doesn't have, the Divine Mixture was capable of utilizing the aspects of bias and preconception, derived from the Greeks' refusal to accept the new gods they had discovered and making comparisons with no concern for the original Egyptian myths. Isis-Demeter took the intolerance, malice and refusal of individuals to understand one another, and converted it into offensive power. It functioned in a similar way to an electrical transformer, with the life force circulating with two bodies (Orsola and her adversary) in place of two connected coils of different sizes, and stabilized its power the greater the rift between the two.[39] In order to maintain the values required for this power, Isis-Demeter distorted Orsola's perception to counteract attempts to sway her and created a noticeable disconnect between her manner and actions to discourage such attempts.[6][39] With this power in play, Isis-Demeter was able to decimate numerous Crowley's Hazards and seriously injure the prime Aleister, whose mentality was poorly suited for dealing it.[6][39]

Isis-Demeter's physical attacks took the form of plants, with actions directed through the host. The ring wove an extremely thin gold thread which was looped around Orsola's fingertips, with the symbolism of a grapevine (the thread) wrapped around an olive tree (the host).[6] The thread was looped around a hand's fingers a specific number of times to perform specific actions, with rainbow-colored tropical-looking vines being produced in the vicinity which could form other giant plants to attack with:[6]

The leaves of the plants also acted as Isis-Demeter's eyes and ears, sensing sound when they vibrate, like an eardrum, sensing light through photosynthesis, and sensing breathing from oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air.[43]

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design evolutionEdit

Apart from her clothes that are due to the storyline, Orsola's overall design has remained fairly static. Orsola was designed by Haimura with the intention of making a somewhat normal-looking nun, since both Index and Sasha Kreutzev look nothing like a real nun.

In her appearance for the 11th light novel volume, Haimura had to decide what hairstyle she would wear if she did not wear her hood and wimple.


Trivia Edit

  • According to the interview on Kazuma Kamachi featured in "Toaru Majutsu no Index no Subete", Orsola is the one whom he want to choose as his wife among all Index characters.
  • Orsola's seiyuu, Endou Aya, also voices Tessou Tsuzuri in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.


  • (To Touma, Volume 7): "The power of the grimoires has never brought forth any happiness to anyone."
  • (To Agnese, ibid): "...I can no longer run away from you people. According to your plan... I’ll be sentenced for a false crime... and buried in darkness... but I don’t care... I can’t lie to myself any longer... and can’t even lie to those friends of mine who never asked for anything in return… I don’t want to... be seen as one of you."
  • (To Touma, Volume 11): "It’s not about eliminating who’s bad; everyone has their own characteristics. You have a bad impression of the Roman Catholics, and actually, I also had…I didn’t believe in my Amakusa friends in the past, thus I caused quite a lot of trouble for everyone."
  • (To Agnese, ibid): "In actual conclusion, I don’t know the answer. I’m still undergoing nun training. I have no confidence about myself, always thinking that I know what’s right and what’s wrong, or have wisdom and conscience to decide this for others, and for myself."
  • (To Sasha, Volume SS1): "Do you understand the meaning of the small power we have? That small power allows us to continue forward without giving in when faced with a dispute that seems inescapable or it seems inevitable a life will be taken. That power gives us the opportunity to save the future of our allies, to not have to deprive our enemy of their future, and to all gather here in a single building afterwards. ...He had no power and ‘he’ did not have the proper background, but he was able to do it. So why are we not able to? If he can save so many people on his own, just think how many more we can save if we work together. There is no meaning in giving up. If you want to find meaning, it is crucial that you never give up."
  • (To Sasha, ibid): "Do not place the decision on me alone. Everyone has their own things that they must do. But... I personally do not at all see this in black and white terms of winning and losing. There is a third option. If we do not prepare the kind of happy ending where no one is defeated, we will not be living up to what ‘he’ would want."
  • (To Kanzaki, ibid): "The road to maturity is not an easy one. It’s simple enough to want to understand the teachings of the Lord, but truly understanding that path is extremely difficult. In fact, I feel that I said something rather immature before."
  • (To Sherry, Volume 18): "Wiping away your regrets and denying the dead are not the same thing. I do not think it is right to cut yourself off from your past. There is no reason that people who treasure their memories of the dead have no right to have a new life and construct a new house."


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