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Oriana Thomson
Oriana Thomson
Personal Info
Name (Kanji) オリアナ=トムソン
Name (Romaji) Oriana Tomuson
Magic Name Basis104 - The one who carries the basis
Epithet Route Disturb (追跡封じ (ルートディスターブ) Tsuiseki Fūji (Rūto Disutābu)?, lit. "Tracking Sealer")
Age 18-19
Gender Female
Classification Magician
Voiced By Ryouka Yuzuki (Japanese)

Jennifer Green (English)


Novel Index Volume 9

Manga Index Chapter 69

Anime Index II Episode 8

Oriana Thomson (オリアナ=トムソン Oriana Tomuson?) is character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a magician that was born in England and works as a mercenary. A woman who truly wants to help people, she originally, served as antagonistic character during the Daihaseisai. After her capture, she brokers a deal with Necessarius and works for them in order to help people during the chaos created by the increasing tensions between Academy City and the Roman Catholic Church.


She appears as a young adult and has blonde hair with blue eyes. Her hair usually covers her right eye, however, it is occasionally shown. In her first appearance, she wore gray work clothes with a shirt buttoned in only one area, covering her bust, and unzipped pants. A little bit later into the series, she changes from her work clothes to a gypsy skirt and a small article of clothing used to cover her chest.


Oriana does not hesitate to use her attractive looks to make others vulnerable and is an escape master able to use a "human wall" formed by a crowd to slip inside. She is shown to have no intention of involving civilians purposely; when she was chased by Necessarius and normal citizens with no link to magic and claimed to be her "best friend". She shows regret for hurting Aisa Himegami and stated that she would finish her mission especially if it guaranteed the happiness of others. She is shown to be flirtatious when she teasingly asks Kamijou Touma if he wanted a kiss and is considered a mature, older sister.[citation needed]


Oriana Thomson has been a Christian all through her whole life, and her entire family as well.[1] In the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga adaptation, prior to becoming a mercenary, she was apparently a very devout nun, and her uniform resembles that of a Roman Catholic.[2]

After becoming a mercenary, she becomes known as the Route Disturb (追跡封じ (ルートディスターブ) Tsuiseki Fūji (Rūto Disutābu)?, lit. "Tracking Sealer"), a top-notch courier in the magical world. Her ability is that she’s able to run and hide, and that she’s able to get away from pursuers even if they ever found her.[citation needed]

More accurately, Oriana is a woman who will do anything to get away from her pursuers. Also, nobody is able to keep track of her actions. Even when they are prepared, she'll still be able to get away. She is a magician with many spells at her disposal, and she'll destroy bridges, create fires and set up many talismans to get her pursuers off her back. Due to her immense versatility, she has been known never to use the same spell twice.[citation needed]

It is shown that Oriana is extremely talented in tracking people as well, almost as good as she is in evading and escaping from them. This is due to her own prowess in escaping from pursuers; in order to achieve that feat she needs to know the current mindset of who is searching for her as well as being knowledgeable in any magic that might be used to trace a target; in other words in order to accurately lose track of an enemy, she indirectly learned the necessary skills for pursuing at its finest.[citation needed]


To Aru Majutsu No IndexEdit

Daihasei Festival ArcEdit

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc

She first appears during the Daihasei Festival, for which she was hired by Lidvia Lorenzetti for the transportation of Croce di Pietro to Academy City. During this, she meets Touma who dispels her Silent Coin spell after she shakes hands with him thus forcing her to retreat as she is pursued by Touma and then by Stiyl and Motoharu. During the chasing, she attacked Himegami Aisa out of fear and her trap hurt Fukiyose inadvertently, severely injuring both of them to the point of near death. She's also laid traps to hurt Stiyl and defeated Motoharu in battle.

Eventually she fought Stiyl and Touma in District 23 at the best location to set up the Croce di Pietro in Academy City, and was defeated after a prolonged battle.

Document of Constantine ArcEdit

Main article: Document of Constantine Arc

When Lidvia was exchanging information with Stiyl it is mentioned by him that Oriana had accepted a deal to work for the Anglican Church in order to help the weak in the dark days ahead, as the shadow of war looms forth before them. Stiyl notes that both Oriana and Lidvia have been preoccupied with the same thoughts. Hearing that the Anglican Church is letting Oriana achieve her desire in helping the weak, Lidvia ends her opposition of Stiyl and Agnese Sanctis' interrogation, and divulges information regarding God's Right Seat.[3]

English Civil WarEdit

Main article: English Civil War Arc

She is hired by Necessarius to help them investigate the source of the Euro Tunnel explosion. She along with Touma investigates New Light, and both end up chasing the magician girl Lessar, consequently defeating her. When Lessar told them their job as convoys and was about to reveal the identity of her employer, Lessar is shot from a long distance weapon which she recognizes as a sniper from the English Knighthood. At the end of the 18th novel, she helps Sherry who lost her control fighting English Knights, and after that was hired by Villian to track down William Orwell before they face off against Carissa.

Shinyaku To Aru Majutsu No IndexEdit

Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc
GREMLIN invasion of TokyoEdit
Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

She was seen battling Fenrir on the snowy plains of Alaska. By incorporating the same symbols as a river into a location, Fenrir created a large “ditch” that swallowed up the massive power of the ley lines. It forcibly swallowed up the magic power that constructed magic and swept it away. Oriana Thomson lightly spun the set of flashcards in her hand and proceeded to counter his attack[4].

Shifting and Fluctuating WorldEdit

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, Oriana does not work as a magical courier. Touma sees her in the park where Othinus put Touma in after recreating the world. Oriana smiles in the park with a few different children and old women.[5]

Other appearancesEdit

Side StoriesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2Edit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2
The Fourth Friday of FebruaryEdit
Index SSv02 047

Lidvia's elation and new plan.

Oriana is enjoying her gelato when she is bumped by an extremely giddy Lidvia after having helped Kamijou Touya, falling to the ground. Ignoring Oriana, she explains to her that today she discovered that she was mistaken about the Japanese. She says that she thought that they were the enemies of society for having Academy City, as such she never though that there was a father in Japan who cared so much for his child. She tells her that they may have to alter their plan in capturing Academy City using a gentler and more peaceful one. Oriana then asks to Balbina why Lidvia is so worked up, to which she explains to Oriana. She sighs upon hearing it after picking herself up again. Suddenly, still in joy, Lidvia yells and then bumps Oriana with her wiggling hips, making her fall to the ground again. Balbina's face can only pale at what had happened to Oriana. However, Lidvia continues to ignore this and speaks. She says that difficulties are called difficulties because they aren't easily solved, and says that they should start solving it from one end for the sake of those who do not know how fun it is. She tells them that they need to prepare the spiritual item, and since it is heavily affected by the stars they need to take measurements for the corresponding coordinates for the location. Balbina runs off again as Lidvia continues her excited rambling. Oriana tries to run off as well, but Lidvia captures her before she could.[6]




Oriana with a Shorthand grimoire page in her mouth.

Oriana Thomson uses a technique called a Shorthand (速記原典 (ショートハンド) Sokki Genten (Shōtohando)?, lit. "Shorthand Original"), in which she mixes the symbols and the colors of the four elements in Western magic.[7] The use of the incompatible colors allows for a reaction that Oriana can use as an attack,[8] though not only that, but complex spells such a Counter Spell as well. This is because she used a "shorthand" (her cursive writing on the flashcard) of instructions on the flashcard along with the incompatible colors and symbols, like a mini original grimoire. However, it is imperfect and unlike an original grimoire is destroyed when the spell activates. According to Tsuchimikado Motoharu, unlike grimoires, Oriana's Shorthands' purpose is not to pass on the techniques and knowledge for future generations, but to destroy the Shorthand instantly when needed.[9] Moreover, unlike original grimoires that corrupt its readers, because of the scribbled writing of Oriana, no knowledge can be passed on.[10]

Oriana used her Shorthand instead of focusing on a particular element in order to circumvent enemies from reading her magic and making a defensive spell to counter it. Her various combinations are made through the use of the incompatible colors and names as well as the usage of angles which have laws for each of them based on Western Astrology, where there each relationship between the planets and the constellations have different functions due to different angles. Because Oriana uses page numbers on each flashcard to identify them, she cannot reuse the same spell again. This is to take advantage of the fact that her Shorthand grimoires will lose control and self-destruct because it won't stabilize. Each new "grimoire" creates a new spell. However, because of their imperfection, the most each "grimoire" can last is one hour, if it's fast, it will self-destruct in a few seconds.[7]

Known combinationsEdit

  • Silent Coin (表裏の騒静 (サイレントコイン) Hyōri no Sōsei (Sairento Koin)?, lit. "Two Sides of Chaos and Calm"): It is a spell that absorbed the mentality "to chase after her" from her pursuers. It is useless when one is facing her in a conversation, but by turning her back on the party, the other party would feel that "there's no reason to call her; I'll talk to her next time," and not call out to her. It was a spell that use the Repel bystander spell and expanded on it. While the spell is working, even if Oriana was holding a fireball or anything in her hand, nobody would want to "call her".[11]
  • Water Symbol: Communication spell: It is an unnamed communication spell used by Oriana to communicate with Lidvia Lorenzetti for the first time since infiltrating Academy City. The flash card transmits a voice that was so soft it didn't seem to vibrate at all.[11]
  • Soil symbol: Allows for a 5 meter wall of earth to move like a tsunami towards the target. It is apparently made out of provisional material made like ectoplasm, and can be destroyed by the Imagine Breaker. When negated by Touma, The wall seemed to have dissolved in the air, and there didn't seem to be any changes. The asphalt ground returned to its original state as well.[8]
  • Wind Symbol: Counter Spell: Using her Shorthand Original in an area, she can analyze a target's magic and is able to use it against them. Another Shorthand Original is required for her as a magic array that automatically counterattacks the target when they try to use magic, which causes great pain to the target.[9] The spell also reacts to touch, and counterattacks whoever touches the magic array, or in this case, the Shorthand Original where it is written, as what happened to Fukiyose Seiri.[12]
  • Wind Symbol: Summons a misty tornado filled with moisture. The moisture, when used on flames, will not evaporate but takes away anything flammable, and prevent the flames from spreading.[13]
  • Fire Symbol: Using the color of blue on the word "fire," it removes the fire element that signifies rebirth and regeneration. It uses the medium of sound to enter a person's ears, and render a person unconscious if he's injured enough. When triggered, the already injured target will come upon severe pain, and is able to regenerate even if it is negated by the Imagine Breaker as long as the target remains injured.[13] The spell wears off after 20 minutes.[14]
  • Wind Symbol: 50 centimeter thick 3 meter tall walls of ice appear between Oriana and the target. It is used not only as a barrier but as well as to refract light, allowing Orian to confuse the target from her proper distance.[7]
  • Shadow Sword (影剣 Kage Tsurugi?): Produces a dark sword in Oriana's hand. It can be reshaped to any length. It is used to stab the opponent's shadow, which makes an exploding effect, most likely propelling the owner of the shadow.[7]
BladeCrater anime

A multi colored Blade Crater as depicted in the anime adaptation.

  • Wind Symbol: Blade Crater (明色の切断斧 (ブレードクレーター) Meishoku no Setsudan Ono (Burēdo Kurētā)?, lit. "Bright-colored Severing Axe"): Angling the 577th piece of paper out of the total number of papers of at 0 degree conjunction using the Wind Symbol colored red, she is able to create a circle on the ground a meter in radius with her in the middle. Outside of the circle, there are patterns similar to those of tree branches or capillaries, and apparently extends in all directions. The spell is set up the moment Oriana bites on the paper, and activates after she lets go of it.[7]
    With Oriana at the center, the power is transferred to the patterns, and vacuum blades start swinging from them. The vacuum blades sway from down to up, and the total number of strikes is 208. Things that are in the way of the patterns are cut down. There are safety zones that Oriana can set up when she uses it.[14]
  • Drop Rest (昏睡の風 (ドロップレスト) Konsui no Kaze (Doroppu Resuto)?, lit. "Lethargic Wind"): Written in yellow color, the spell looks like a compressed air gun, and when it hits the target directly, turns their consciousness inside out. The attack intends to knock out the target with hurting them.[15] In the anime adaptation, the spell looks like a dark purple cyclone.[16]
  • Earth Symbol: A powerful spell that apparently explodes the target's blood from their veins, affecting the person from the collarbone to the top of the navel. Himegami Aisa becomes the unlucky recipient of this attack after a case of mistaken identity.[17]
  • All of Symbol: Oriana uses up all of her Shorthand Original flashcards. Here, the word All of Symbol appears on the flashcard and Oriana chants a spell:
    "Using all my talents—
    —release all the souls and destroy the enemy ahead!"

    The flashcards then creates a pure white explosion, which then forms onto Oriana's right arm. As she finishes her chant, Oriana pulls her right arm back, and swings it down, throwing the white explosion towards its target. There’s no definite shape, and this contraption will often change into random shapes. With its movements, the air that touches the light is sucked in at an extremely fast speed. It is unknown which one is distorted, the light or the gravity, as the scene in front suddenly changes. It is like a black hole, all the matter that touches the light is sucked in and crushed by the pressure.
    When it was negated by the Imagine Breaker, the pure white light breaks apart, and the compressed objects that were in the light are released explosively.[18]

Other abilitiesEdit

Oriana has experience when it comes to melee combat, utilizing seductive and suggestive "stances", which, coupled with her already distractingly attractive appearance, results in a strike-grapple-and-counter style that robs her male opponents of any and all concentration. This, in combination with her magical prowess allowed her to defeat Tsuchimikado Motoharu— a vicious hand-to-hand combatant in his own right (though weakened at the time due to using magic)— in a one-on-one fight, as well as simultaneously fighting Kamijou Touma and Stiyl Magnus to a standstill.

Touma himself recalls in the seventeenth novel that she had astounding combat capabilities and was able to retain the upper hand in fighting him and his two allies depite ultimately failing in her objective.[19]

When Oriana parts ways with Touma to assist Sherry Cromwell in defeating the Knights of England, it is noted that while she is an excellent courier and escape artist she is not suited in fighting long, drawn-out battles -- specifically against the eight fully equipped knights that were battling Cromwell.[20]

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design evolutionEdit

The overall design of Oriana Thomson remains the same throughout the series. Early drafts of her character had her wear clothes much more moderately, in comparison to her finish design, and had a smaller bust. This is completely redone in her last design for the 9th and 10th light novel volume, with her wearing much more daring garments and her breast size increasing to the point of physical impossibility (a point that Haimura noted and quickly disregarded). She was apparently designed to look like a wife instead of an Onee-san, making her look much older despite her age.

By SS2, Oriana's design is affected by the deformed artstyle change that Haimura had. She is drawn, and had a coat added to her for the volume.



  • "It doesn’t matter whether it’s the king, pope, president, ministers, no matter the title, no matter who’s on the throne, I’ll fight for others. Whether it’s science or magic, these things don’t matter".
  • "I beg you, decide on a rule. Please grant my wish, allow me to have a clear benchmark and make everyone happy. A world that runs on this best rule that won’t let anyone get involved in any discord that may lead to tragedy".
  • (To Fenrir from NT volume 8) “This is not my first time doing it with an enemy of magic. I have yet to use them on that boy, but I have simulated some countermeasures.”


  • Oriana is considered by Kamachi Kazuma as "the person whom he wants to avoid altogether".[21]
  • Oriana's seiyuu, Ryouka Yuzuki, also voices Yanagisako Aomi in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun.


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