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This lists down the different news articles (excluding blog posts) related to the Toaru Majutsu no Index franchise. Only Hot News is displayed. Visit the Yearly News Archives for more.

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  • (March 10, 2015) The Magic gods have began their move, their first stop Academy City. The 12th Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index has been released a new force appears to cause chaos in Academy City, to stop this Touma, Index, and Othinus must work with the members of ITEM, Hamazura Shiage and the Number 6?
  • (February 10, 2015) The large gathering of Kamachi's characters for a crossover special has arrived. The Toaru Majutsu no Hevi na Zashiki-warashi ga Kantan na Satsujinhi no Konkatsu Jijou special has been released, featuring characters of all of Kamachi Kazuma's novel series gathering together.
  • (November 8, 2014) The Story begins again for a new audience. The first Toaru Majutsu no Index volume has now been released in English by Yen Press as part of their Yen On imprint program with more volumes to follow in the coming months.
  • (October 10, 2014) A new chapter begins with a look into the past. The 11th Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index has been released with a look into the past of Touma and the level 5 Queen of Tokiwadai, though events in the present continue to move forward onwards.
  • (October 05, 2014) Dengeki Autumn Festival 2014 Final Project Announcement. As previously announced, an event was held at the Dengeki Autumn Festival 2014 at Akihabara UDX, where they announced the final project at the event for the Kamachi Kazuma 'Toaru Majutsu no Index' 10th Anniversary. The event featured Abe Atsushi, Iguchi Yuka and Satou Rina (voice actors for Kamijou Touma, Index and Misaka Mikoto respectively) as guests. After much anticipation, they announced an anime adaptation of Kamachi's Heavy Object series was revealed as the final announcement.

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