Nature Park is a recreational park located in district 21 of Academy City. It has large enough area to hold a variety of recreational objects such as a playground and a small lake, where one can rent a boat for use, and also animals
Nature Park

A small view of the park.

like ducks. It is also the site where the last reported Poltergeist event occured, during the string of simultaneous Poltergeist occurences happening in the city.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no RailgunEdit

Poltergeist ArcEdit

Main article:Poltergeist Arc

After the previous poltergeist incident occurred, Uiharu Kazari decided to take Haruue Erii to the park, to take her mind off-of the poltergeist incident they were involved in previously, and for a day of rest and relaxation. They take a ride on a boat and later enjoy a small meal, Erii then tells Kazari that she is looking for a friend that she parted ways with, before suddenly coming into a daze and a large scale Poltergeist incident occurs. The park is left with substantial damage afterwards, and injuring 72 people, 8 of which are in critical condition, but with the quick efforts of MAR, they were able to lessen the casualties and damage to the park. Many of the patients were sent to the nearby 5th Emergency Treatment Center by MAR, including Kazari.[1]


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