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  • Perhaps this is just my OCD speaking but I'll ask anyway.

    I uploaded File:Toaru_Majutsu_no_Virtual_On_cover.jpg twice by accident.

    Is it possible to delete one of the versions as they are exactly the same?

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  • I think you've heard of this phrase before. I think it'd be a good idea to finally have an article to clear up all the misconceptions and ignorance about touma not getting shot and how people who are actually after him have no use or need for guns

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    • To be fair, it's difficult to explain why the Toaru universe seems to be conspiring to prevent Touma from being exposed to the danger of a gun. But in any case, it won't need an article for it. Just a blog post would do. However, it would be better if someone else does that since I'm still in the middle of writing synopses for Old Testament Index.

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  • User:Don akbar johnnystein is making spam comments. Needs to be banned; coments deleted.

    User:Phillip Marx Heo is making rabbid Misaka fan comments on Index's character page; again.

    In past two days:

    I'll leave you to decide on how to deal with this.

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    • And one more:

      User:Simon10 seems to have a thing against Agnese (1)

      He's done this a few times now so maybe consider banning him.

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    • Simon10 seems to be a repeat case, so I'll block him for another month. If he returns, the next block against him will be permanent.

      Only one of Don akbar's comments is deleted. The other is actually "on-topic" to the post he responded to.

      As for the last guy. Holy cow. Dat intensity. I'll scour through his comment activity and may have to block him against for being overly aggressive against Index.

      EDIT: I'll make another reminder to the Index comment section. Should I do the same on Mikoto's article?

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    • I get where I screwed up on Don akbar's comments; I agree.

      I checked Mikoto's article comments and aside from User:Otaku4469 making his redundant and repeated spam comments about Misaka (which I'm trying my hardest to ignore) everything is still kinda civil. No need to remind commenters there.

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  • Pardon the intrusion. My name is Viz and I'm an active contributor/admin on the Date A Live wikia. I'm currently trying to expand the wikia and need help. Any feedback would be most appreciated, thank you taking up your time.

    Best, Viz

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  • I was on 67/100 for the Addicted badge, and today I'm back at 1/100. Problem is that I've been contributing everyday without fail. Help... if possible at all.

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  • So one of my last major tasks to complete is to tweak some of the infobox templates used throughout this wiki. I've been holding off on doing so due to a lack of motivation but come February next year, my time to work on the wiki will be drastically cut short due to work. So I wanted to finish off the task beforehand.

    But before I could continue, I noticed this message regarding a new infobox code.

    I immediately see that this can only be used for infoboxes of short column width like those used for anime episodes, novel/manga chapters/volumes, etc.

    I have done a test implementation for Tsuchimikado's Character Infobox as an example of how it would look. It is in my sandbox.

    My question/request: is there anyone here who can read this article and modify the CSS code of this wiki so that the colours of the generated infobox match the current style that we have on any character page?

    And when the colours match, is the style of the new infobox acceptable for general use throught the wiki?

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    • Just to be sure, are you classing the exiled as deceased?

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    • Right now I've got them all as deceased. But my choice of status shouldn't be taken as the final word on the matter.

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  • Hello Herald

    This isn't particularly important at the moment, but there are a few minor things relating to things I was thinking about doing a some point that I thought I should ask about:

    • Should the Puzzdex/Struggle Battle articles have or not have an event list?
    • Regarding the yet-to-be-made Mini-Misaki SS article, do you have any preference regarding choice of title?
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    • Herald, if it's OK, could you take a quick look at Index & Mikoto?

      P.S. Still haven't found anything new regarding 01/04. Sorry.

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    • Can't say much about the comments. For some reason I can't properly gauge which comments to delete or not. That aside, there is some strong loyalty between the fans of Index and Mikoto that they are trying to one-up each other in getting more trivia added to their respective character's article.

      I've pruned the Trivia section from biased and unverifiable trivia, so it's fine now.

      April Fool's Trivia: It's fine. We're way past the point of posting it anyway. There doesn't seem to be an April Fools for 2016 in Index and Railgun.

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  • I've been mucking around with a few things recently and have done a touch up on the anime sections of this wiki. The Episode Lists look nice and neat, all episode titles have been standardized and I have created Home Video Releases page.

    Now for some cleaning up that only an admin can do:

    Delete Images (all files have been replaced):

    • File:Characters Slider Image.jpg
    • File:Kamijou Portal.jpg
    • File:978-4-04-865507-1-200x277.jpg

    Rename Category (for consistency):

    • Toaru Majutsu no Index Season 2 Episodes --> Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episodes

    Delete pages and categories (all obsolete):

    • Category: Blu-ray and all of the 8 pages listed in it
    • Category: DVD and all of the 8 pages listed in it
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  • So I figured now would be a good time to update the Latest News section. October 27th had A LOT of releases on that day. 2 Japanese volumes, 2 English volumes, new chapters for Railgun and Accelerator, and the double chapter start for the new Toaru Idol no Accelerator-sama 4-koma.

    Since November will also have quite a few releases, I reckon now is a good time clean the news posts on the front page and just have the October 27th News post as it is the most relevant. Novemer will then have news posts for NT14 on November 10th and the triple manga release on November 21st with mention of Crossover Volume 2 December release date as well.

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  • I'm pretty much knew here and haven't been active for more than a month, but if it is alright with you, I would just like to request if you could give me administrative permission on Oreimo, I mostly focus on pictures, galleries, grammar, puncutaion, and spelling at the moment. I'm very experience Moderator. I'm currently Moderator for two Twitch TV streamer's.  Thanks in advance.

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