Lidvia Lorenzetti (リドヴィア=ロレンツェッティ Ridovia Rorentsetti?)is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a radical amongst the Roman Catholic Church known as Mardi Gras (告解の火曜 (マルディグラ) Kokkai no Kayō (Marudi Gura)?, lit. "Shrove Tuesday").[1] She is known for evangelizing to people that the Church would normally reject, and has invited converts to further carry out her evangelism.


Lidvia has long, pale blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a white hood and robes, with a red cross on the front of her robes.


She is a Roman Catholic born in the Vatican. She is in a very high position, but never tried to aim higher. Instead, she finds spreading the gospel to the world much more meaningful. She is a person who’ll do anything to spread the Word. As a reward, the Pope himself specially gave her a platinum staff that is decorated with silk, but she immediately sold it without thinking to finance her travels.

Those that were saved by Lidvia, and who want to save even more people, are geniuses who had never seen the light of day, and most of them were people like criminals and cult believers. Lidvia’s talent is in finding these talents that will normally be executed.

Not only does she have the ability to find hidden talent, she’s also able to control and manage problematic people.

Even if it’s the Roman Catholics, who’ll kill any sinner that they meet and burn any non-believer, they can’t formally attack anyone who’s properly recognized as converted. To the higher-ups who hate these problematic people, they view Lidvia as a thorn in their side. And to people like the Archbishop Laura, she’s a formidable opponent.

Her nickname is 'Mardi Gras', which came from her joy of tackling obstacles that appear in her goals.


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Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Daihasei Festival ArcEdit

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During the Daihasei festival in Volumes 9 and 10, she is behind the plan to set up the "Croce di Pietro" in Academy City that would forcibly convert its residents to become members of the Roman Catholic Church.

After the events of Volume 9 and 10, she was captured by the Anglican Church and locked up in the London Clock Tower. In Volume 14 she (next to Biagio Busoni) accepted a deal to give what information she had on the God's Right Seat to the Anglican Church, in exchange for Oriana - who was also a prisoner at the time - to be released so she can help people that was suffering from the worldwide destabilization in political relations between various factions that arose from Vento of the Front's attack on Academy City.

Document of Constantine ArcEdit

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It is not in Lidvia's knowledge that Oriana Thomson, who had also been captured and locked up in the Tower of London, has already negotiated with the Anglican Church to set her free in order to carry out Lidvia's dream of saving the weak who have been under the heels of the recent terrible events.[2]

Index v14 004-005 Textless

Lidvia and Biagio interrogated by Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis.

Lidvia, the evangelist, is locked up in the Tower alongside Biagio Busoni, the elitist, and are visited by Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis for interrogation. After Biagio shows his defiance to Stiyl, and Stiyl shows his arrogance to his regarding the many ways his order can acquire information from them without having them alive, Lidvia speaks. She tells Stiyl that they too do not care for trivial things such as that as well, but asks what is happening outside. To which Stiyl says that she can make a guess on what was happening outside. Lidvia's expression faltered, as she cared for the weak as there were the ones Lidvia reached out to. However, Biagio can only give a harrumph at the situation. Lidvia then says something which shocks and then irritates Biagio, have everyone in the tower released in exchange for what she knows. Stiyl does not yield, and in response to this, Lidvia with simple chanting has the the Roman Catholic Church cross Agnese Sanctis has in her person to allow her to escape from her bonds. With a broken metal of her shackles Lidvia did threaten Stiyl with it, and in turn, he threatened her with his rune card. Agnese having recovered from the shock, took her weapon with her, the Lotus Wand, but Stiyl signed her not to interfere. He asks her if she though that he would allow her to take his life so easily, and Lidvia responds that she has no choice so long as he does not yield. But Stiyl remains firm in not having Lidvia get her way, and here tells her that Oriana has already negotiated with the Anglican Church and that their minds have been preoccupied with the same thoughts, to help the weak in the dark days ahead. Hearing this, Lidvia lays down her attack. Sitting down, she now confides to them the secret of the God's Right Seat.[2]

Regarding them, Lidvia says that they are a group working to obtain victory over original sin, surprising both Agnese and Stiyl. As Lidvia mentions that there is someone who does not have the original, Agnese asks who it is, to which Stiyl glares as a response. It is revealed to be the Holy Virgin Mary.[3] Agnese witnesses Lidvia's explanation on what she deems is God's Right Seat's true goals, which is to completely remove their original sin in order to attain some grand goal.[4]

After Stiyl and Agnese returns from brief sojourn, Lidvia says that the God's Right Seat's goal is to attain the right seat of God, a position that was once of Lucifer before his fall, a position that was equal to God. Lidvia states that God's Right Seat, once attaining the position on being the right side of God they will be able to use that power to evolve into an existence different again from an angel, which is the La Persona Superiore a Dio. This makes both Stiyl and Agnese frown at the thought.[5]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, people from the magic side like nuns are allowed to enter Academy City, and seemingly have no complex against science. Orsola Aquinas, Angelene, Lucia, and Lidvia are first sighted by Touma near a hot-dog truck. Angelene is eager for the expensive hot-dogs, but Lucia ever the prude tells her that Angelene is both being gluttonous and greedy, and that a nun must not eating something like that. She then turns to Lidvia and asks her to say something as well. She however, states that Orsola has already started eating one. Touma later buys a hot-dog from the same truck, apparently serving as a last meal before deciding to kill himself.[6]

Other appearancesEdit

Side StoriesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2Edit

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The Fourth Friday of FebruaryEdit

Lidvia is not fond of Balbina leaving from her morning sermons to sell her wares and flimflam unsuspecting tourist. In one of those days in Italy where she tries to scold her, she comes upon Kamijou Touya, unbeknownst to her the father of Kamijou Touma her later foe, who would trouble her in a later day. She questions Touya if he saw an "unintelligent little lamb in the middle of her rebellious age", to which Touya replies that he only saw a "charming young lady with freckles". This annoys Lidvia however as Touya says his obvious lie with a smile. Touya then says that he was looking at Italian souvenirs, and asks if Lidvia is Balbina's guardian or teacher. Lidvia responds that she isn't, and says that she is a missionary for the Roman Catholic Church, and introduces herself to him. She tells her that if he is interested in God or has any idea where Balbina is then she should contact her. They then go off in their own separate paths.[7]

Despite this, Touya chances upon Balbina five times, and five times does she run away from Lidvia whom later meets up with Touya again. Lidvia questions Touya about being there where Balbina is likely to go, to which he replies that as he is looking for Italian souvenirs, she just happens to be at every place he goes. Lidvia points out to various souvenir shops in the town, saying that he doesn't need to buy from Balbina. Touya however says that he has his reasons, and asks her if she believes in misfortune, confusing Lidvia. Touya tells Lidvia that he is not looking for mere souvenirs but that of good luck charms as is the reason why he keeps trying to find Balbina. Here, Touya tells to Lidvia about his son's misfortune where he laments on how there is none who can cure of him from it, and ever the listener of the plights of the weary and downtrodden she also becomes intrigued of the insolvability of Touma's misfortune. Hearing this, she begins to laugh and enamored by the difficulty of Touya's problem with the fortunes of his son, scaring Touya. She proclaims how wonderful the challenge before is and how she shall conquer it. She calls out to Balbina, calling her "Magical Plant Master Balbina" as she ran down in alley. In her fervor, she finally finds the wayward blond girl, dragging her by the nape of her neck as the girl pouts. Balbina complains, but is told by Lidvia that she has no time for her complaints and explains the situation to Balbina. Hearing that Lidvia is trying to save someone, Balbina pulls out some strange dolls and dried plants from her bag and then starts writing on a notebook. Balbina has gathered all the items she has that don't need a chant or a ceremony and has an effect even if left alone. Balbina says that if he is to make sure to follow the warnings on storing them that she is writing for him it should all work out. Lidvia says that it would be bad if he was caught by an anti-magician organization where he lives and asks if he is concealing his souvenirs. Balbina says that there is no problem as the items are all below the level of a spiritual item and none of them are only used for magical things, as such they aren't enough to draw attention, making them pass more as odd souvenirs even to professional magicians. They push the items to Touya with their seal of approval, and Lidvia furthermore pushes a Bible into his pocket. Lidvia then says if that it isn't enough then he should see a church in his area, saying that they build them in order to protect the lambs who are suffering from meaningless tragedy. Touya just laughs and says that though he wouldn't say he believes in god, but if there are people as kind as them who believes in a god, perhaps he could too.[7]

Index SSv02 047

Lidvia's elation and new plan.

After Touya leaves, Lidvia still in ecstasy, followed by Balbina, runs off to tell Oriana Thomson the good news. She bumps into Oriana, making her spill her gelato as she continues to cry out in joy. Ignoring Oriana, she explains to her that today she discovered that she was mistaken about the Japanese. She says that she thought that they were the enemies of society for having Academy City, as such she never though that there was a father in Japan who cared so much for his child. She tells her that they may have to alter their plan in capturing Academy City using a gentler and more peaceful one. Oriana then asks to Balbina why Lidvia is so worked up, to which she explains to Oriana. She sighs upon hearing it after picking herself up again. Suddenly, still in joy, Lidvia yells and then bumps Oriana with her wiggling hips, making her fall to the ground again. Balbina's face can only pale at what had happened to Oriana. However, Lidvia continues to ignore this and speaks. She says that difficulties are called difficulties because they aren't easily solved, and says that they should start solving it from one end for the sake of those who do not know how fun it is. She tells them that they need to prepare the spiritual item, and since it is heavily affected by the stars they need to take measurements for the corresponding coordinates for the location. Balbina runs off again as Lidvia continues her excited rambling. Oriana tries to run off as well, but Lidvia captures her before she could.[7]


Lidvia is capable of using communication spells as well as a defensive spell which slows things down and can be used like a parachute during free-fall.[8] She was also capable of setting up and activating the Croce di Pietro.

Character Art DesignEdit

Design evolutionEdit

Similar to the theme that Haimura wanted to present in the series, like Sherry Cromwell. Lidovia was designed not to look like a typical moe character that is apparent in the rest of the girl characters.



  • (To Touya, from Volume SS2): "Wonderful!! Such wonderful impossibility! Such wonderful irrationality!! The more difficult the difficulty, the more I want to solve it!! Heh heh heh. So you want to get rid of the misfortune surrounding your son? That speeds things up. Balbina! Magical Plant Master Balbinaaa!!"
  • (To Oriana, from Volume SS2) "T-today!! Today is such a wonderful day!! I may have been mistaken about the Japanese! I had thought they were the enemies of society for having something so uncivilized as Academy City, so I never would have thought there was a father there who cared so much for his child!! We may have to alter our plan for capturing Academy City to a gentler and more peaceful one!!"


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