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Leivinia Birdway


Personal Info
Name (Kanji) レイヴィニア=バードウェイ
Name (Romaji) Reivinia Bādowei
Sorcery Name Regnum771
Age 12
Gender Female
Height Below 140 cm[1]
Classification Magician
Affiliation Dawn-colored Sunlight (Leader)
Family Patricia Birdway (Younger Sister)
Ability Name
  • Symbolic Weapon
  • Major Arcana
  • Golden-style magic
Power Level Saint level

Novel Volume 18
Toaru Majutsu no Index: Stiyl SS

Leivinia Birdway (レイヴィニア=バードウェイ Reivinia Bādowei?) is a character originally introduced in the Toaru Majutsu no Index: Stiyl SS. She appeared sporadically in Toaru Majutsu no Index: Kanzaki SS and in the main Toaru Majutsu no Index novels. It is not until the advent of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index that she gets a much more prominent role.

A haughty and powerful boss of the largest magic cabal in London,[1] Leivinia Birdway is the catalyst to the involvement of several science side characters into the magic side, just so she can contend against GREMLIN. Her involvement with several unfortunate circumstances, leads to estrangement with her relationship with Kamijou Touma and his self-doubt, in spite being saved by her.


She is a 12-year-old girl with short blonde hair, blue eyes and a petite figure who wears a white dress, with black stockings.[2] It is referred to as chic, and her dress gave out a grand piano-like impression.[1]

Still a child, her bosom has yet to develop, much to her chagrin.[3]


Leivinia is a capable leader, able to lead an entire cabal on her own full of adults. To Leivinia everything is about the cabal, according to Mark Space, to Leivinia, her subordinates are nothing more than small gears within a large plan, and their survival is not a necessary part of that plan's success.[4] She would also manipulate people she thinks would be useful, like Kamijou Touma and the rest of his ilk during Hawaii.[5] She exudes confidence, showing no fear when Touma had a drill on her head, knowing that she could escape it if she wished.[6]

However, despite all her haughtiness, there is more to Leivinia than a powerful and confident leader of a magic cabal. She is still a child despite all of this, arguing with someone like Fremea Seivelun, thinks Santa Claus exists, sleeps with a nightlight on, as well as despises being reminded that her bosoms is underdeveloped.[3] She doesn't like panties with a large rabbit on them or anything spicy.[7] For her all manipulativeness, she can dish it out but she herself cannot take it. When she discovers that Touma himself has manipulated events into his favor, she becomes strung up on the subject, and becomes easily irritated when the subject is brought up. According to Touma's observations, Leivinia is a person who loves effort and do not turn away from hard work, charming people who support her large organization with something other than her words.[8] She is also fond and protective of her younger sister, as shown when she orders Mark Space to go and rescue her, despite not wanting to involve herself with Exit of the Evening Dusk's operations.[2]


She was the eldest between her and Patricia Birdway. She is a talented magician who has received various proposals from many organizations to join but flatly rejected them all. It is unknown how she came to be the boss of the Dawn-colored Sunlight, but her magic talents most likely stem from her hardwork.[8]

In the cabal, she investigates the leaders and charismatic people of various organizations in order to search out the best course with which to seize the core of the world.[9]

Chronology (Toaru Majutsu no Index)Edit

English Civil WarEdit

Main article: English Civil War

She first made her cameo appearance during the war as one of the listeners whom Queen Elizard reached using the Union Jack. Despite the war raging outside, Leivinia tells Mark Space not to get involved with it. Mark tells her that this could be their chance to analyze Curtana, but Leivinia replies that if they tried anything, it will only anger the Queen, reiterating that they need to stay out of it and under the radar. Mark Space notifies that Patricia has already left looking quite excited, to which Leivinia orders Mark to get her back.[10]

World War IIIEdit

Main article: World War III

During World War III, she appears again with the Dawn-Colored Sunlight, and helped defend against Fiamma of the Right's golden hands[11].

She later saves Touma from the Arctic Ocean after he defeats Archangel Gabriel.[12]

Chronology (Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index)Edit

Freshmen ArcEdit

Main article: Freshmen Arc

Her name didn't come up until near the end of New Testament volume 1, where she kicks Touma in the groin while he was explaining magic to Accelerator and Hamazura, saying that he needs to go apologize to some girls he made cry, and took over explaining.[12]

Homecoming ArcEdit

Main article: Homecoming Arc

At Touma's house she explains the magic side to Accelerator and Shiage, while picking a fight with Fremea Seivelun. [13]

Hawaii Invasion ArcEdit

Main article: Hawaii Invasion Arc

Knowing that GREMLIN uses a combination of magic and science-side technology ideals in order to further their goals, Leivinia decides to use the 27 Cooperative Institutions of Academy City, as a means to draw out GREMLIN's core members, though the result would weaken Academy City both economically and politically in international affairs. To accomplish this, Touma is used to gather members around him, people from Academy City, in order to form a group influential enough in future events and that would help in marking Academy City into an interfering entity by the world, especially the cooperative institutions.[14] Leivinia may have planned beforehand to make Touma and the others be discovered by the world as entities of Academy City in their involvement in the events in Hawaii.

She is later successful in manipulating into getting a powerful enough group to aid her against GREMLIN, but ignorant enough not to question her motives—the Kamijou Faction. And with Aleister Crowley to preoccupied with the unravelling of his plans after the events of the War, Leivinia is able to get them out of the City, with little trouble.

NT Index v03 053
Leivinia shows her supremacy against Cendrillon.
TheGreatEyeAdded by TheGreatEye

Touma and company arrive in New Honolulu International Airport separately, as so not to draw suspicion from Academy City.[15] While needing to draw information regarding GREMLIN's plans in Hawaii, Leivinia set-up an event that would gain attention to GREMLIN by using the fact that they are sensitive about their ideologies. Leivinia had her cabal set up a suspicious suitcase, which forces the airport's security to announce a fake announcement to force people out of a dangerous area without panic. Touma receives a message from Leivinia, and along with Misaka Mikoto, rendezvous with Hamazura Shiage, Kuroyoru Umidori, and Misaka Worst. A member of GREMLIN has arrived to deal with the incident, Cendrillon, and from there on, Leivinia's cabal tries to attack but is quickly subdued by her magic.[15] Leivinia on the other hand, walks into the airstrip and continues her communication with Touma, here, she is trying to find a jetfuel tanker that should help her defeat their foe.[16]

As Cendrillon begins her final attack to take down the members of the Kamijou Faction, including Accelerator, Leivinia arrives and drives the tanker she have just found and ramming it unto Cendrillon. Despite that, she is still alive then Leivinia ignites the jetfuel carried by the tanker, and with accordance with Idol Theory, the resulting explosion and flames weakens Cendrillon's power, and rendering her defeated.[17] The group, other than Accelerator and Leivinia later evacuate the airport.

With Accelerator, Leivinia tries to interrogate Cendrillon for information, but is cut short by the interference of Saronia, who unbeknownst to the group, made up a ruse with Cendrillon to fool them regarding her real powers and is seriously injured, sensing the inevitability that Leivinia will go after her next.[18]

Saronia seeing the danger of the Kamijou Faction and Leivinia Birdway imposing in their plans, tries to initiate an attack on them, at the same time as assassinating Roberto Katze and Roseline Krackhart.

The Oahu shootings begin just after Leivinia and Accelerator stop Edward Torke from assassinating Roseline Krackhart at Hotel Firefly, as so they can analyze the spell Saronia used and draw her out. The shooting begins with an attack of a hapless family member of one of Saronia's hostages, though, it is unsuccessful and was later incapacitated by Accelerator and Leivinia. Meanwhile, Roberto's would-be assassin is later convinced by Roberto in aiding him in giving him information regarding the one who is manipulating his loved one, from there Roberto would try to go to Coral Street Shopping Mall in order to stop Saronia. Despite these setbacks, Saronia continues with her attack, though also planned for it to fail, and as such using the chaos to escape. Here, she is now using her hostages to attack them. However, she did not anticipate Leivinia and the Kamijou Faction, in convincing the attackers to their side, and there she is attacked by them. Accelerator later arrives and saves the hostages, forcing her to retreat, though is later flanked by the arrival of Touma and Shiage—basically trapped, along with Leivinia's countermeasures.[19]

An explosion later rocks Coral Street Shopping Mall, and signalled the arrival of the first GREMLIN and Trident forces, which Olay Blueshake provided to save Saronia. Accelerator tries to do battle, but is later caught into a trick by them, making him accidentally use magic. It would take Roberto Katze's arrival to save Accelerator, after being overwhelmed by the magic that he used.[19]

Roberto with Accelerator, later tells the rest of the group that through his investigation of the queer nature of the people in government and military, he can determine what GREMLIN is after, Trigger, which the group deduces that GREMLIN would be trying to cause an eruption of Kilauea, the largest active volcano in the Hawaiian Islands.[20] With that, the group set out to Pearl Harbor, with Hamazura Shiage, Kuroyoru Umidori, and Misaka Worst, going to Volcanoes National Park to investigate. As President of the United States of America, Roberto Katze, with Touma, Mikoto, Accelerator, and Leivinia, enter Pearl Harbor with little trouble, and later directed by a mind-controlled Bax Silver that Trigger is in one of the cargo planes in the runway.[21] Meanwhile, Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst discover that GREMLIN agents have already set-up the Trigger in Kilauea. Touma and Mikoto, with Roberto go into one of the cargo planes, while Leivinia and Accelerator investigate another.[22] Leivinia later witnesses the eruption of Kilauea and the invasion of Hawaii by Trident.

Leivinia, Mark Space, and Accelerator, opted to help the surviving American military in Pearl Harbor to retreat, attacking Trident and GREMLIN.[23] Their efforts allow enough military from Pearl Harbor that is still a sizable threat, as well as save Roseline Krackhart, as the battle in Pearl Harbor spreads into Oahu's roads near the bases. Their efforts allow enough military from Pearl Harbor that is still a sizable threat, as well as save Roseline Krackhart, as the battle in Pearl Harbor spreads into Oahu's roads near the bases.[24] In Lanai, Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto discuss the suspicions regarding Saronia's powers, as he and Roseline was able to see that there were people being controlled even though they were not acquainted with magic or the occult.[25] They later discuss the possibility that Saronia was able to control people without magic, as in people willingly followed them, Roberto later states that Olay is the most likely suspect for hiring Trident and leading the invasion, being the media queen.[26]

Touma later relays the information to the others using a conference call, there Roberto further states her Free Compound Eyes, and that since of her illegal activities she is wanted by the authorities, and has gone into hiding. Without knowing of her location, the group plans to meet up with each other again. Shiage's group, which is still stuck in Volcanoes National Park, disguised themselves and steal one of their hovercrafts to get off the island.[27]

At the height of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Olay Blueshake reveals herself to Roseline Krackhart, taunting her that the United States would soon fall before the might of the occult and Trident, and turn the country into a theocracy as a defense against the occult. However, now that Roseline knew of Olay's involvement, she now had a chance against Olay, her daughter, Lindy Blueshake, with that she gathers 200 volunteers that she could trust and begins her search for Lindy Blueshake,[28] who is in Hawaii as protection against her mother and the people who are her enemies.[29] Roberto discovers this through the Imperial Package and with Touma's insistence, opts to save Lindy Blueshake from Roseline Krackhart, in the fear that she might become a scapegoat.[28] Shiage, Umidori, and Misaka Worst, later pick up Touma, Mikoto, and Roberto from Lanai, as well as Leivinia and Accelerator from Oahu in Pearl Harbor, later, Roberto discovers Lindy's home at Napali Coast, Kauai.[30]

The Kamijou Faction is somehow able to land on the southeastern side of the island of Kauai, despite Trident's defensive line on the coasts using anti-ship missiles, though this could be justified since their hovercraft was small. After landing on the island, they formed groups and opted to take different routes towards Napali Coast: Touma with Umidori, and Accelertor with Mikoto, move clockwise, while Shiage, Leivinia, and Roberto move counterclockwise.[30]

As Touma prepares to do battle with Saronia, Leivinia is contacted by him regarding Saronia's powers. Touma states that she should at least be able to figure what Saronia was trying to hide based on the false information she had propagated. Leivinia agrees, and sends out the order to her subordinates to figure it out.[31] Leivinia later contacts Touma, and says that Saronia's power is to turn an area in to an enclave, where she, as the Leshy, rules those who are a part of it, and punishes those who are outsiders, like Touma. Although the exact method is not known, Touma conjectures that Saronia needs at least a few days of preparation. After the call ended, Umidori finishes only one arm, forcing Touma to plan on charging towards Saronia in order to gather information regarding her powers. Umidori later tells Touma that she is not going to use her power, and instead is going to use the violent aftermath of an esper using magic, due to her being a cyborg, she can transfer the effects on any object she chooses. With this, and despite Touma's reluctance, Umidori uses a magic spell using her make-shift arm upon the cliff-side house. The cliffs cruble down, taking out several Trident and GREMLIN forces, though incapacitates her. Saronia arrives inside the building, after ordering backup from the West of Napali Coast.[32]

After Touma defeats Saronia, and the Trident forces surrender, Leivinia disappears into Honolulu International Airport with Mark Space. She is contacted by Touma, furious after discovering that their influence in the events of the invasion of Hawaii, led to the the 27 Cooperative Institutions of Academy City severing its connections with Academy City. He asks him if she is part of GREMLIN, to which Leivinia states that she will leave it to his imagination.[33] Mark Space asks if it was best to leave it like it was, to which Leivinia says that it is only natural for Touma to criticize her. Mark Space comments that she should've told Touma her true intentions. But Leivinia just mocks that scenario, and refers on how her method was very effective. Mark Space tells of the possibility of GREMLIN suspecting, but Leivinia says that GREMLIN would act based on that suspicion, all of which would inevitably draw them towards the institutions regardless if they cooperate or make them enemies. Leivinia tells that their actions were not just, and refers that she has never told Touma that she stood on the side of justice.[14]

Baggage City ArcEdit

Main article: Baggage City Arc

As a great tragedy befalls Baggage City due to the actions of GREMLIN, with many of their core members out in the open. Leivinia has allied herself with Ollerus in taking them down. She is first seen in northern Europe, as GREMLIN's artificial valkyries nearly overwhelm Brunhild Eiktobel, she and Silvia came to her aid. However, the attack was a distraction as the battle allowed a GREMLIN agent outside the hospital to grab the plans for Gungnir from Brunhild's mind with her mental defenses lowered. Silvia assured her that they can track GREMLIN now to their base of operations.[34]

Ichihanaran Festival ArcEdit

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Eve of the FestivalEdit

According to Thor, Ollerus has gathered together a group of powerful magicians for the purpose of opposing GREMLIN in Academy City. Among the people he mentions is Leivinia.[35] This is later proven correctly, as after the fiasco of Fräulein Kreutune escaping the Windowless Building, Touma and Thor, correctly predict that Ollerus' group will require a scout. Here, Leivinia first appears tailing Marian Slingeneyer after she falls for Touma and Thor's trap, and in turn, is tailed by Touma. Part of Touma and Thor's plans require the scout, Leivinia, to believe that he has joined up with GREMLIN, as so to make GREMLIN think that Academy City and Ollerus are attacking them, and Ollerus think that Academy City and GREMLIN are attacking his group, allowing them to buy time to safeguard Fräulein.[36]

NT Index v05 229
Touma threatening Leivinia with a power drill.
TheGreatEyeAdded by TheGreatEye

While following Leivinia, Touma grabs a power drill and aims it at Leivinia's skull. With arms spread out, Leivinia is completely nonchalant regarding Touma's threats. Touma tells Leivinia not to move as he has the advantage, but Leivinia asks if he really expects that he can kill her with the drill. Leivinia then states that she never expected him to act in behalf of GREMLIN. Touma tells Leivinia that he has no idea if what he is doing is right or wrong, but says that it is at least, it is due to him thinking through things for himself. Leivinia says that he might have been tricked into doing it, to which Touma replies that she is the one who specializes in doing that, to which Leivinia falls into silence.[6]

Leivinia is completely ignored during Touma's tirade regarding the hell that happened in Baggage City, her role in keeping damage to a minimum, and the fact that despite all she did, he still deemed it as something that is not the best answer, as Kihara Kagun died, bringing Kumokawa Maria to tears, and that she still used Baggage City to her own end. Touma then asks her how he is supposed to unconditionally trust someone who did all that. For but a moment, there was no reply from Leivinia. When she speaks, however, she coldly tells him to move the "toy" he is carrying out of her way, and that he has created a situation that he no longer has grounds that will not stop her from killing him, as he threw it away before her now.[6]

Just then, as the tension becomes thicker, Anti-Skill arrives, and sees Touma's threatening Leivinia. One of them however, accidentally takes out his rifle and starts shooting at Touma, much to the horror of everyone present. Leivinia cradles the bloodied Touma in her arms, and tries her best to use first aid on him, not allowing the Anti-Skill to interfere anymore. As she begins to leave, she tells Anti-Skill of Touma's condition. With her bloodied clothes and hand, that she is unable to wipe since she used her handkerchief for Touma's first aid. It is shown that she has taken Touma's bait, the student handbook he had where he wrote Marian Slingeneyer's name. She calls her comrades, and tells them that Touma was won over by GREMLIN. She reports to them on how Touma is working with Marian, and the details regarding her name in the student handbook. She also tells the person on the other side of the phone that GREMLIN is based in School District 12, from the notes on Touma's handbook, and says that she wants them to crush GREMLIN using a surprise attack as it is the perfect chance to do so.[6]

Touma however, barely conscious, overhears this as he is carried out by the EMTs, satisfied that she has fallen for the bait, and that he used the unforseen arrival of Anti-Skill as the means to convice Leivinia.[6]

During the FestivalEdit

With Silvia and Brunhild Eiktobel, Leivinia pursues the tip that she obtained from Touma, taking them to a location in in School District 12. Leivinia was tricked by Touma, and she knew it. Here, Silvia mocks the building trying to imitate a Buddhist temple, not having any actual magical symbol, to which Brunhild agrees. As they converse about the queer religious building in the city of science, Leivinia calls for their attention if they had found any signs of Marian Slingeneyer yet. Silvia tells that she should already know the answer when they have not come upon any traps on the way in. Brunhild asks if they were tricked to which Leivinia says that they were most likely have, and states that Touma has indeed grown if he had it in him to plot like this in the situation that he was in. Silvia tells Leivinia not to be upset, saying that after Leivinia tricked him so much, she shouldn't have any right to get mad when her returned the favor just once. However, Silvia adds on how she understands why she is panicking, as what Touma did costed her the perfect chance to apologize to him. Her reply only makes Leivinia angry, threatening her. Brunhild then asks why should they do next. They conclude that since Touma had no reason to make them think that he had connections with Marian, then he must've done so in order for him to distance them from something—something that they would come across naturally had it not been for the efforts of Kamijou Touma.[37]

As the battle between Accelerator and the revived Kakine Teitoku rages in School District 7, it is heard by the group. Leivinia becomes interested by the ruckus, as it could be their only lead even if it is a decoy. Brunhild talks about of who lies behind the fog of war, as a battle against them might become draw out. Leivinia replies that it might Touma, saying that he might be working with someone and that she sometimes can't event predict how his mind works. Silvia smiles and asks if Leivinia is simply a sulking child that was after the older neighborhood boy she relied on moves on and leaves her behind, and asks if she is surprised that she underestimated the person she looked down on. Leivinia deems that Silvia is simply making fun of her, and gets angry. Silvia continues and says that Leivinia's anger is misdirected and childish, and should consider herself lucky that Touma didn't get her back much worse than what she did to him. In that restaurant where they rested, the air had killer intent. Silvia keeps on talking and implies that Leivinia is just manipulating Touma in order for him to safely drop out of this dispute with GREMLIN. However, at that point Leivinia attacks, but is quickly restrained by Brunhild. Silvia is hit, but with only a single drop of blood of trailed down the corner of her mouth, who kept on smiling. Leivinia demands to know where Ollerus is, to which Silvia says that he is preparing. With that, Leivinia stays her hand, and tells them that they should go.[38]

After much searching, she finds Fräulein Kreutune in the Multilevel Overpass, suffering due to both of her instincts and the beliefs that she had come to incur. Leivinia asks her if she wants her to bring her to an end. Leivinia mentions on how the magic side has a different term used to describe Fräulein, though both magic and science sides apparently do not have the ultimate answer. However, she describes Fräulein as a queer existence that has no starting and ending point. She cites a few examples of her probable origins from the magic side point of view, and then tells her that the conclusion is the same no matter what, is that what makes her special is her purity. This piques Fräulein's attention, asking her about it. Leivinia states that pure thing such as her can be changed into making her impure, and her being the boss of a magic cabal that created new ways of valuing seemingly needless additions by taking the knowledge of the past and sublimating it to techniques leading to the future. Fräulein need only to transform into something that can be killed. Leivinia then asks her what she wants to do, as she will be using her as a bait for Othinus, and asks if her if she wants her to kill her afterwards so that she would not suffer anymore. Fräulein seemed to have accepted this proposition by remaining still, and sightly smiled because her desire to die would be fulfilled. Leivinia says that she will blow up her limbs and seal her into a cold coffin to bait Othinus, afterwards will kill her as soon as that characteristic of her being able to be killed shows up. Before doing the fell deed, Leivinia reassures her that the situation will not get any worse. However before Leivinia could take any action, Kamijou Touma appeared with the intention of protecting Fräulein.[39]

Kamijou Touma confronts Fräulein, and tells her that if she can't bear to lose her friend, then she can't seriously want to give that same pain to her friend by having herself get killed. There are people who want to protect her, and do not want so see her get hurt, just as much as she feels those things for them. Touma then tells her not be so ready on dying, as she can find the path to an ending in which everyone is smiling. Leivinia however, advances turning her Symbolic Weapon into a sword and cutting between them, slicing the overpass. She tells Touma that Fräulein is not as human as he thinks, as everything about her is beyond his understanding. Seemingly uncaring about this, Touma states that all he sees is a girl that is struggling, and is on the verge of giving up. He says he made his decision to protect her as he definitely heard her that she wants to want to eat her brain's friend.[40]

Leivinia then tells Touma those words were nothing but an imitation, trying to crush Touma's motivation. Leivinia states that Fräulein is fundamentally different from humans, as she is, always have been, and always will be, a creature that only appears to think, using simplistic decisions, she has come to the conclusion that copying humans was the ideal choice of living a comfortable life— a mimic. But Touma says that he believes in her, for he come upon this situation countless times before. Touma tells Leivinia that it is because she considered her to be human as well as the reason why she did not attack her right away, talked to her, and even reassured her. Leivinia falls into silence, but then had her Symbolic Weapon that had turned into a cup ready. Leivinia too will not yield even if Fräulein does indeed have a heart, for her goal to destroy GREMLIN and stopping the production of Gungnir it at the utmost. And Touma accepts this, seeing the inevitable battle before him. Touma tells Leivinia that even if she defeats Othinus and destroys GREMLIN through sacrificing Fräulein, her taking the easiest path via deception and the harming of others will only change the name of the enemy that she is trying to protect the world and its peoples from. Here, Touma states that he will not allow her to become the ultimate villain.[40]

And thus Leivinia fought against Touma. With her Symbolic Weapon turned into a cup, which symbolizes water, she assailed Touma, knowing full well of his Imagine Breaker, but surely Touma cannot negate them all. So Leivinia bared down on him with countless daggers of water that was packed fully that it left no space for a man to hide. But it did not work, for Touma negated a dagger, a dagger that would specifically cause all others to be thrown out of the way after breaking into pieces. It was Precognition, and yet Leivinia's countenance did not change, for to the left of him Leivinia summoned a telesma explosion. The explosion was great, and Touma twisted his body as so his right hand can meet it. But Leivinia had wanted this to take place, for her Symbolic Weapon was now that of a sword, which symbolizes wind, and swung it down, for she will cut down his arm, even though she was weary of that "Invisible Thing" that manifests whenever his arm is cut. But it did not come, for it was blown away. A great light engulfed the attach for Touma directed the summon explosion towards it. As such Leivinia changed her weapon back into a wand. Touma calls out to her and reminded her that he has fought Fiamma of the Right, and so he knows that there are things that his right hand cannot overcome, like the summoned explosions. Leivinia was not amused, and she spun her wand to create a wall of fire. But Touma could not be tricked, and he swung the fire away with his right arm. And then many stone daggers assailed him, but he twisted his body to avoid a single blade, which he knew was a real dagger. Leivinia's assault continued, and Touma continued to overcome it. He destroyed the stone daggers, and destroyed him so that the water daggers that would fall upon him. Leivinia however finally tires of the cycle, and pulled out a flintlock pistol, and on that moment Touma knew of danger. And so, with a considerable distance between each other, Leivinia drew her gun towards him.[41]

With not much of a choice, Touma charged towards Leivinia as so his hand can divert it. But as soon as Leivinia pulled the trigger, no bullet came, for flintlocks were old weapons and took time to load a bullet. As such, Touma was tricked, and a stone pillar came from below him and knocked into his center. Touma wavered, but he fell as Leivinia whipped the gun at his head. After telling Touma the difference between a flintlock and a modern gun, Leivinia tells him that it was Touma's fear of guns that allowed her to get a decisive blow against him. Then, Leivinia begins the long method of loading her flintlock pistol and aimed it at Touma once more. She says that he must give up on Fräulein Kreutune or she will give him a reason to give up, warning him that she shall shoot him just so that he will give up. But Touma merely scoffs at her, and asks her if what she is doing to compensate for the damage she has done, to which Leivinia asks what of it. Touma says that it would mean that she has admitted that she has done something horrible, and tells her not to go the wrong direction even for the sake of stopping Othinus. Leivinia replies that she tires of his appeals to emotion, but Touma points out that saving people through logic and efficiency alone has no meaning without emotions, since rationally, there shouldn't be a reason to save people in the first place. Touma says that they are the same, they want to save people, but she is going about it the wrong way. But Leivinia then asks what he has managed to do. For Touma knows nothing of GREMLIN, its headquarters, its leader, nor does Touma know how to deal with them, for he only chase after them around the world causing problems. Leivinia says that the only Touma has achieved is getting himself thrown about and increasing the number of victims. Touma admits his own powerlessness. He references on how he stopped Fiamma of the Right in World War III, but it wasn't just because of his power, and that the things he thinks up rarely work in the world. But Touma tells Leivinia that just because his reasoning his childish and wrong, doesn't make hers completely correct. Touma tells her that unlike her, he has given a part of himself for others, and that's the reason why people lent him power. Leivinia asks if Touma is saying that she has no right to get other people involved because she makes decisions while looking down from above, to which Touma agrees.[42]

Touma tells Leivinia that if she needs sacrifice against GREMLIN, then choose him instead. This shocks Leivinia, not being able to reply to him. Touma says that with her power, she could surely make him look like a threat to draw out GREMLIN, but Leivinia says that he is but a mere human who can not contend against GREMLIN like Fräulein Kreutune. Touma references the incident where Othinus defeated him, and tells her that Othinus wanted to look at the right hand that resolved the incident, and says that it might not be the same as for Fräulein Kreutune, but since it was another path, he asks her why she didn't choose it. Leivinia tells Touma that he is insane, and says that she doesn't understand what drives him. Touma tells the reason and that it is because he has no reason to abandon others. Having enough of it, Leivinia had her finger on the trigger, and says that she wonders how Academy City can control a person like Touma, the biggest threat he holds is not his powers, but the way he used his powers. Leivinia warns that what Touma holds is not good or evil, and compares him to Aleister Crowley and Laura Stuart, saying that it will give him great power if he can completely grasp it in his hand, but if he cannot, it will be disastrous for him. Touma doesn't understand, but Leivinia says that she will give him time to think as she tries to pull the trigger.[42]

But just before she could, Mikoto pulls the gun away from her using magnetism, despite the inherent danger as she was battling Brunhild. Then, Thor's Fusion Arc Blades cut up the road between them, despite the danger as he was battling Silvia. With their conversation and the distractions given by Mikoto and Thor, Touma is able to shake off the attack Leivinia did to him previously, and is able to stand up. Touma reminds Leivinia that he often did not fight and solve problems on his own, and that they are unlike her and her comrades who can only end up functioning as individuals, splitting up work between them. Touma tells that nobody truly knows who Fräulein Kreutune is, but a great change has come, many people has gathered in the direction of saving her. He tells Leivinia that he may seem crazy for doing what he does, but he tells her that she is absolutely wrong, for anyone would want to save someone if they saw or heard that they were suffering for no good reason. This enrages Leivinia, who can't seem to make a reply, and thus, Touma concludes that they won't lose to people like her who wouldn't consider something so basic.[42]

Touma tries to analyze Leivinia's magic, and concludes that it is a trick, as her symbolic weapon could easily be destroyed by him despite it being used by her as a means on taking on the world. Leivinia attacks first, with her weapon turned into a sword, to cut down Touma's right arm. But Touma just evaded it instead of negating it, as he thought of all the magicians he fought that amplified their power. Leivinia now had a wand, and from there did come a disk of fire, and then became a wall that moved towards Touma. But Touma destroys it with his right hand. Anticipating this, Leivinia changed her wand into a cup, and water appeared with her at the center, and a large number of daggers grew and rained down upon him. Once again, Touma negated one of them, and made himself a safe zone, allowing him to get in range of Leivinia. With no clue, Touma believes that it is her symbolic weapon that supports Leivinia, to which she just scoffs. Touma attacks it with his fist, but it was knocked to the side. It had gone again from a cup into a sword, and sent the wind sword at his right fist. But Touma just changed its trajectory, for it could not wholly be negated as Leivinia sent powerful magic into it. Trapped, Leivinia shouts that Touma is naive to assume others are as goodhearted as him. She swung her sword down on him but Touma did not fall for the wind blade, for he evaded it. However, her actions confused Touma. Leivinia took steps backwards, and attacks Touma with her summoned explosions, but Touma managed to create a safe zone for himself. As he did so, he thought on how Leivinia chose an attack he knew, despite the information that she can put spells together in many forms. Leivinia could've easily made up a spell to beat him. Wall of flames and a storm of knives assail him, but Touma dealt with them again as well. And there, Touma knew that it wasn't that she could have done something else but didn't, but its just that it was all she could do.[8]

Touma tells of his discovery to an unbelieving Leivinia. He states that what makes Leivinia special is numbers, using the same spells with the same motions. She repeatedly done the same thing for a long time and it has built up, doing so the exact same way, she turns those very motions into magical symbols to support her. Touma praises her, saying that despite her cold demeanor, Leivinia is the most passionate and hardest working of all. Leivinia is enraged, telling him that she is always searching for something new whether it is from science or magic. And thus, Leivinia essayed attacks on Touma, some were something that Touma has yet to see, but it was no match for him, for he knew that was the limit of Leivinia's magic, and all the surprising things he had to contend against, like the hidden knife and flintlock pistol were merely a trick. Again and again, Leivinia essayed attacks of the four elements and others towards him, but it was to no avail. Touma, knowing what kind of person Leivinia is, someone who loves effort and hardwork, someone who did not take the easy way out by targeting the part where he was shot. And thus, Touma tells her that she is a person who has taught so many people that hard work will carry people to the top, and for that reason he cannot let her come to the answer that using Fräulein Kreutune is the best answer. And with that, Touma smote down Leivinia, and the battles for the sake of Fräulein Kreutune comes to an end.[8]

Leivinia with a bruised face, escapes with Silvia and Brunhild from Academy City. Silvia complains on how what they did was a complete waste of time. Leivinia replies that it couldn't be helped, and states that even if they did want to get Fräulein, she can't be used to lure Othinus anymore. Silvia asks her if she is still affected by being forced to fight Touma, saying that even if she cannot accept how it ended and even if it was based on Touma's reasoning she cannot understand, she cannot complain after she lost, infuriating Leivinia. Silvia continues to tease, comparing her to a little sister that got scolded by a big brother whom she thought would always listen to her, and whom tried to talk things out to her after all she did to him. Leivinia threatens to use her full Major Arcana on her, to which Silvia points out on how Leivinia didn't use it against Touma, knowing that it would give her an advantage, showing a big grin all the while. Brunhild then interrupts, asking about Ollerus, whom Silvia said earlier was preparing. Silvia replies that he is dealing with their true purpose, one that has nothing to do with Fräulein Kreutune, and told them that the preparations are complete.[43]

Lance of Gungnir ArcEdit

Main article: Lance of Gungnir Arc

Touma wakes up finding Leivinia and Lessar sleeping with him in the bathtub. As he tries to escape the situation, Index found out and proceeds to bite him[44].

Leivinia ended a conference call with the allied nations and said that the preparations are complete. As they were eating their breakfast, Leivinia explained the reason they came to Japan and that they need Touma's help, to which Touma refuses at first but then agreed after the threats and explanation of Leivinia. She then told them the location of GREMLIN's headquarters.[44].

NT Index v08 063
Leivinia sitting on Touma's lap
TheGreatEyeAdded by TheGreatEye

She then told them that they will be heading to District 23 and that she have spoken with one of the twelve board members to prepare a supersonic passenger plane for them should they know the exact location of Sargasso. Touma then told her that he needs to go to class due to his lots of absences to which Leivinia replied that she must go with him wherever he goes and she will let him go to class only if he will let her sit on his lap. Touma then gave up and went with them[44]. As they were waiting on a bus stop bench where Lessar was clinging to him and Leivinia sitting on his lap, Mikoto saw them and used her ability to make the bench fly over the river. Mikoto then demands an explanation from them[44].

Leivinia and the others are at District 23 and then proceeded to shop for swimsuits so as to prepare to go and hide to a resort after defeating GREMLIN since they would likely be the target by the churches after everything is finished. Leivinia and Lessar insisted on going in "50% Less Skin Covered" swimsuit store to which Touma refused and instead suggested to have voting to which store to go. Leivinia then used her large personnel network connection (Dawn-Colored Sunlight) to gather votes to which she just recieved a short displeasing message from her subordinate Mark Space. Touma won and they proceeded to the other swimsuit store (Tropical Bright Girl)[45].

Leivinia then received a word that Sargasso has already been located then suddenly there was a low rumbling in the earth. She then told the group that Sargasso is located in Tokyo Bay near Academy City. Leivinia and the others then quickly proceeded to board the supersonic passenger plane en route to Sargasso. As the plane left Academy City, it was sliced in half by a giant dragon. Leivinia and the others were mercilessly thrown out into empty air[45].

Leivinia along with Lessar and Kumokawa Maria landed on a certain shopping district in Tokyo. They then sense a low rumbling sound and proceeded to a nearby buliding. Immediately afterwards, two waves of people suddenly met up in the narrow intersection as if colliding. Leivinia then realized that GREMLIN just made a human wall so as to clog the streets and sidewalks to hold back a much larger framework[46]. Leivinia, Lessar and Maria decided to use the riviers so they enetered a random manhole and went through the sewers. They are then attacked by the Muspell but Leivinia and Lessar countered them with their spells[46].

As Leivinia, Lessar, and Kumokawa Maria travelled through the sewer to reach the river, they were forced to walk through the sewer all the way from Shinjuku to the Takadanobaba area. After exiting into a river, they had stolen a small military rubber boat as planned. They then sense an odd presence and Leivinia then told them that the people in Tokyo then turned their anger toward Academy City due to the fact that they started to attack. She then explained that it was part of GREMLIN's plan to "distribute what people stand to gain."[47].

They then met up with Touma and the others and found that he brought a pregnant girl with him. There was again a misunderstanding in Touma's part to which he explained everything that happened. Leivinia then started the boat and the group along with Touma proceeded to GREMLIN's base. As they approach the base, they were suddenly attacked by the giant dragon summoned by Freyja. As Leivinia and Lessar are preparing a counter-attack, the dragon was suddenly defeated by Kihara Kagun. Maria then told the others that she will accompany Kagun until he finally dies to which the others agreed.

Leivinia and the others then continued to approach the base. A giant mountain-like shadow suddenly appeared in the gray fog surrounding them and then proceeds to attack them but it was defeated by Thor (Ollerus in disguise)[48].

They later bear witness to Othinus becoming a perfect Magic God, due in part to the efforts of Ollerus and Fiamma of the Right not knowing that she need only to fail or succeed 100% to unify her infinite possibilities to become a magic god. Moreover, they later see the result of their failure, Othinus summoning Gungnir from her eye socket. They are left behind by Touma as he desperately tries to charge towards her, but all is in vain and the world is later destroyed.[48]

After Othinus concedes the world to Touma, she recreates his original world using the Imagine Breaker. The group that went to Sargasso with Touma are back as well, unaware of what had transpired, and are about to face Othinus immediately after her confrontation with Touma in the Black World. With Othinus having lost Gungnir to Touma, she faces her fate in Touma's world. Index calls out to her, telling her that they won't let her get away with what she had done. Mikoto then speaks up, saying she won't hold back after Othinus got her mother involved. Lessar speaks as well, complaining about her and GREMLIN causing chaos. Finally, Leivinia says that she should be crushed right away otherwise she would go hide somewhere and cause problems later. The group later attacks Othinus with Touma still dumbfounded with Othinus' decision to bring him and his world back, causing her to be knocked backwards. Finally, after Touma asks Othinus if she knew of her fate when she saved him, the girls with him are surprised by his outburst. Touma later runs toward Othinus, all the while they try to call towards him. The group later witness Touma defending Othinus from the attack of the Anti-GREMLIN Alliance using magic missiles.[49]

Other appearancesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Stiyl SSEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Stiyl SS

She encounters Touma in a random discovery of a certain organization's meeting and which involves him in a misunderstanding which makes her group to think of him to be a spy from a rival organization. She is later revealed to be the leader of the said organization, called the Dawn-colored Sunlight, despite her age.[50]

Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Norse MythologyEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Kanzaki SS

Leivinia has gathered her forces to attack Orlentz Trice's vaults containing his assets and the plantation for his magical plants. He was a person who was researching on immortality. Here, Leivinia and Mark Space travelled in a ship that is carried by a "passage" towards where he is. She meets Kanzaki Kaori, and they obviously don't get along, both at their necks, and itching to fight. Mark Space doesn't follow Leivinia's orders and shows them the folly of fighting, as they are currently in space.[1]

While still traveling, Leivinia passes the time by playing videogames with Mark Space, which she remarks that he is terrible at it. She then asks Kaori if she can play it, but Kaori states that she has no interest with those kind of things. This inadvertently leads Leivinia to insult her by calling her an old woman, irritating Kaori. But Mark Space calms them down by threatening to vomit in zero gravity. Leivinia opts to play games while explaining their job to Mark Space, to which Kaori also joins in with the conversation.[51] They discussed about Orlentz's experiments. Kaori was originally not told how Orlentz plans to achieve immortality, but Leivinia explains that he plans to make use of the protection on original grimoires, and put it on humans. This, of course is dangerous for Orlentz too, but it appears that he doesn't care. It also appears that he's not doing this for any particular reason, he's just crazy.

INDEX Norse Mythology 06 0131440650995
Leivinia getting on the nerves of Kanzaki
BossLBAdded by BossLB

During their trip, Kaori and Birdway kept on wanting to fight each other because even though they share the same objective right now, the Church and Leivinia's "organization" have always been enemies of each other. Also, Birdway kept on referring to Kaori as an old lady and one who only knows how to shake her boobs during battle. Kaori also implicitly makes fun of her for being a kid. Much of the trip is spent by Leivinia to annoy Kaori.[52]

When they finally arrived, Orlentz was waiting outside with a guard plate enforced with the protection used in grimoires that he plans to use as protection against Kaori and Leivinia. However, as soon as they arrived, Kaori and Leivinia started fighting each other. The force blew up the container from the inside and knocked down Orlentz. While injured, Orlentz asked "Didn't you guys come here to defeat me?", then Kanzaki and Birdway both replied the same thing, telling him to shut up and will deal with him later, as Kaori and Leivinia reached the limit of their tolerance towards each other.[53]


As a leader of Golden-style she should be able to create a temple following set laws and the quality, element, and directionality of the power being used is decided on. Once that is done, Hebrew letters are used to provide imaginative power and a temporary guardian that possesses Telesma is prepared.[4]

She seems to personally cast aside such processes for her magic. However, Leivinia's magic is apparently spontaneous or does not rely on the strict techniques of spells or ceremonies, and instead she uses shortened and simplified techniques. However, these are all calculated actions, where Leivinia Birdway accurately repeats the proper technique, arranged to cover her weaknessess and limits. Using precise movements that are actually magic symbols and repeatedly training, Leivinia can boost her magic through those movements.[8]

Her sorcery name is Regnum771 which means "kingdom" in Latin. With this, it seems to fit in quite well with the philosophy of her cabal, which is to analyze the leaders and charismatic people in order to search out the best course with which to seize the core of world.[9]

Symbolic WeaponEdit

Her Symbolic Weapon (象徴武器(シンボリックウェポン) Shōchō Buki?, lit. "Symbol Weapon") known as the Wand of Swords and Cups (剣と杯の杖 Ken to Hai no Tsue?) is a wooden wand that Leivinia Birdway uses to cast magic based on the four elements.

It initially looks like a wooden wand that opens up like a flower (continuing with Haimura's theme of plant-like wands), and can change from a wand into a cup, a sword, and a disc, to use elemental magic of fire, water, wind, and earth respectively. It also seems to work even when it is broken.[54]


  • Wand: It is the initial form of her symbolic weapon. Spinning the wand once allows for flames to be shot out along a path, which will then grow into a giant wall of fire.[41] It was in this form, as well as having a pocketwatch coiled around it that allowed Leivinia to defeat Cendrillon using fire to represent dawn.[16]
  • Cup: Leivinia can change the weapon into a cup in order to use water magic. Also representing one of the suits in the minor arcana of tarot, Leivinia can summon a wall of swirling water that stretches upward. Once it reaches a set height, it stretches out in an even disk, which can look like an umbrella or a tree. There, it then shoots out water daggers that fall in every direction around Leivinia.[41]
  • Sword: Leivinia can transform her weapon into a sword, which represents wind. When swung down, a wind sword appears and can apparently even sever a human arm from the body.[41] If needs be, Leivinia can amplify the wind sword with powerful magic.[8] Also, she was able to compress the blazing wind created by the Muspell around her sword and neutralize it by using the following chant: "The color is yellow, the shape is a dagger. With the action of defense and the symbol of flow and change, one of the five great internal symbols of my temple shall be contained in my hand!!"[55].
  • Disc: Leivinia can presumably change her weapon into a disc, as she was able to summon a stone pillar from the ground,[42] as well as stone daggers, an attack where only one of the blades are real, in order to catch her opponent off guard.[41]

Major Arcana Tarot CardsEdit

Leivinia Birdway is apparently able to use the full set of Major Arcana Tarot. A combo of all 22 cards starting from the Fool up to the World can apparently temporarily boost her paramaters and allow her to make supersonic movements.[43]


  • Hanged Man: Currently the only known card that Leivinia has shown to use. Through the use of Aleister Crowley's version of the card, it is the symbol of the death of the Son of God, who represented an age. It was originally not a symbol of execution, but Leivinia can intentionally misinterpret it, thus making it compatible with things like piercing the body, such as bullets. It is used by Leivinia to divert the damage done to her by guns towards the tarot card instead.[19] Presumably, any piercing damage that is dealt on her if she chooses to use the misinterpretation of the card is diverted towards it.

Other magicEdit

  • Summoned Explosion: using accurate intuition and measurements made by eye rather than relying on accurate theories and calculations, she is able to accurately use the right amount of Telesma without giving it form to create a series of dome-shaped explosion attacks.[56] It is said that without the proper knowledge, a magician using this kind of magic will probably be swallowed by their own attack.[41]
  • Steel Blade: Leivinia summons a steel blade that rotates a like a giant electric fan to attack the opponent.[8]
  • Electric attack: Leivinia summons an electric attack that bounces like a pinball in an area.[8]


  • Flintlock pistol: Disliking modern guns from the science side, Leivinia prefers to use a Flintlock pistol, apprently liking its contours,[4] and the time she spends loading the bullet.[57]

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design evolutionEdit

Leivinia's design remains the same since her appearance in the sidestory. Despite being twins with Patricia, Leivinia has a stark difference of design from Patricia. Haimura also designed Leivinia wearing high-heels to mark her as the elder sister.



  • According to the interview on Kazuma Kamachi featured in "Toaru Majutsu no Index no Subete", he states that his favorite character is Birdway.


  • (Index SS: Styl) “Oh, do you know him? He kept going on about misfortune, so I decided to show him a thing or two about real misfortune. He turned out to be pretty tough and he’s fun to play with.”--- To Styl as she refers about a certain "hot-headed idiot"
  • (Index SS: Mark Space) “Agh, shut up! I told you it wasn’t me. If you’re going to make so much noise, at least make it due to your screams. …Oh, I just can’t wait. Just imagining how the fool who defied me will twitch around is enough to get me excited.”--- To Mark whom she is about to punish for insubordination
  • (Index SS: Norse Mythology [Kanzaki SS]) “Don’t tell me you think I would be defeated by some woman with huge tits? All she can do in battle is please men as they bounce around.”--- Referring to Kanzaki in front of her
  • (Volume 22) "Now, the time has come for a bombardment of the people, by the people, and for the people!! Let’s make this flashy, baby!"--- To the people as she helps in destroying Fiamma's golden arms
  • (NT Volume 1) "You’ve just keep prattling on, don't you? Before you start speaking so self-importantly, don’t you have the important job of bowing your head to those you need to bow down to? Really, how many people do you think you’ve made cry?"--- To Touma after she just kicked him between his legs
  • (NT Volume 1) "I am Birdway... I am Leivinia Birdway of the Dawn-Colored Sunlight. As you can see, I'm the boss of a magic cabal... Welcome to the entrance to a new world, children who have been made ignorant by science."--- To Hamazura and Accelerator
  • (NT Volume 3) "I don’t recall ever saying I stood on the side of justice, boy."--- To Touma after all that happened in Hawaii
  • (NT Volume 6) "I have always wondered how Academy City is able to control someone like you. The biggest threat you hold is not the power of your right hand or even that which is hidden within. Nor is it the precognition you have gained from your past experiences. Even with a right hand that can negate supernatural abilities, a normal person would not be able to accomplish much. The hand itself cannot burn anything or gather any information. And yet you have left accomplishments behind. You did not join in because of that right hand. It was you who made use of the power residing in your right hand."--- To Touma during their battle
  • (NT Volume 6) "...You need to be careful from now on. What you hold is not good or evil. You hold the seeds to a great wave that cannot be described in those terms. Perhaps it is the same thing that was once brought to bloom by the man who built up a city of steel and electricity or the woman who smiles thinly in the depths of an old cathedral. Or perhaps it is something that will swallow up even that giant flower. If you can completely grasp it in your hand, it will give you great power, but if you cannot, it will be indescribably disastrous for you."--- To a Touma lying on the ground
  • (NT Volume 8) “Don’t be shy, boy. You actually want to head in the direction of more skin, but you’re hesitant to boldly suggest it yourself, aren’t you? Don’t worry. We will give you the justification you need. Okay?”---To Touma in a state of panic
  • (NT Volume 8) "The color is yellow, the shape is a dagger. With the action of defense and the symbol of flow and change, one of the five great internal symbols of my temple shall be contained in my hand!!"---As she changed her wand to a sword and countered the Muspell


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