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Knights of England
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E01 21m 54s

The Knights of England on the march.

Background information
Active Tenth century - Present
Side Magic side
Allegiance British Royal Family
Religion Anglicanism
Type Political/Military Organization
Role To maintain the status quo between the three main powers in UK
Headquarters London, England

Leaders Knight Leader

The Knights of England are one of the three main powers of United Kingdom alongside the Royalty and the Anglican Church, led by the Knight Leader.


Their mission is to maintain the status quo between the three main powers. The Knights and the Church, however, bear some grudge towards each other. The Knights do not like or accept that the Church has gained as much power as them when they were originally created and used as a political tool to defy the Roman Catholic Church.

The techniques of the Knights are said to be inherited from the crusaders of the tenth century which attacked the middle east. These techniques have defeated a large amount of believers of other religions since ancient times. Their power is considered even great enough to cause an island to disappear from the map.

The knights make use of an official model of armour, which passes the wearer's magic power from the wearer into the armour in order to greatly increase their mobility. A set using the opposite concept to enhance the wearer's magic power was devised, however it was considered too dangerous for use, even by the combat-obsessed knights, and subsequently not adopted as standard equipment.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Deep Blood ArcEdit

Main article: Deep Blood Arc

Years ago one of the 13 Knight Squads of England, the 1st Lancer Squadron, was tasked with gathering information in a mountain village located in Kyoto. They were trying to decipher why the mana flow had become abnormally large and eliminate any threats. Though the last call from a survivor were along that the lines of "that’s not human", the higher ups didn't believe it and only provided the knights with the most basic equipment. When they reached the village, they found the area covered in a layer of ash, with Himegami Aisa in the middle of it all. It is not revealed what became of them afterwords.[2]

Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

When Necessarius decided to assist the Roman Catholic Church in retrieving Orsola Aquinas and The Book of the Law back from the Amakusa Christians the Archbishop Laura requested the knights assistance in dealing with the Amakusa. Due to their history the knights did not wish to take orders from the church and thought of how simple it would be for them to wipe out the Amakusa. Twenty-one knights, using a sea current manipulation magic spell handed down by St. Blaise, swam from England to Japan. As soon as the Knights arrived to Japan and began walking up on one of its beaches they were quickly attacked and defeated by Kanzaki Kaori, former leader of the Amakusa Christians.[3]

English Civil War ArcEdit

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