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Kanzaki Kaori


Personal Info
Name (Kanji) 神裂 火織
Name (Romaji) Kanzaki Kaori
Sorcery Name Salvare000 - Be the salvation of those who cannot be saved.
  • The Breaker of God
  • Fallen Angel Ero Maid
Age 18[1]
Gender Female
Height 170 cm[2]
Ability Name
  • Stigma
  • Amakusa Style Combat
Voiced By Shizuka Itou (Japanese)

Morgan Garrett (English)


Novel Volume 1

Manga Index Chapter 2

Anime Index Episode 2

Kanzaki Kaori (神裂 火織 Kanzaki Kaori?) is an eighteen-year old character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. Originally a magician affiliated with the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, she rejected them and eventually joined Necessarius where she met Index and Stiyl Magnus and became friends with them. She is also a Saint and is currently one of the most formidable magicians in the series.

Though she rejected the Amakusa Christians, she still feels a sort of longing for them, and eventually returns to them (they are now a part of Necessarius) to become their leader once again.


In Volume 4, Kaori's family name 'Kanzaki' can be translated as The Breaker of God which makes reference to her developed ability to even kill gods from the Amakusa Church Style Remix of Church.


She's a rather tall woman, up to 170 centimeters in height,[2] with long black hair tied up in a ponytail that reaches her hips and has a very attractive body along with large breasts. One can easily associate her white skin with that of a princess. She wears a short white T-shirt tied into a knot at the bottom, revealing her navel; a pair of jeans below with one side sawed off, revealing her thigh. Because the T-shirt is tied down, her breasts are much more noticeable. One can see her snowy white leg, from the thigh all the way down. She uses a two-meter-long nodachi called "Seven Heavens Seven Swords" as her weapon, it has been stated that her outfit follows the rules of asymmetry, which reinforces a small spell that allows her to balance herself and move herself more freely [3]. She wears a flower patterned yukata when she is at Necessarius' dormitories. She sports a denim jacket over her usual attire in later novels.


Due to the events in her life as the Supreme Pontiff, and later as a friend of Index, she turned into a cold and taciturn woman, always serious, and not in the mood for jokes, the proverbial ice queen. Back then in the fight for Index, Touma asked why didn't she kill him, and the answer is that is not that she won't but she can't.[4] This extends to divine beings, such as Archangel Gabriel, despite the danger he posed to the world, Kaori could only distract him, and wished for Touma to end the Angel Fall, as she could never kill Gabriel.[5]

Her personality gradually changes, as with all the members of Necessarius that have met Touma, showing a kinder side to herself and others after Touma saves Index and helps to confront her past with the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, feeling more comfortable and grateful to Touma becoming more prone to showing emotion and sometimes showing a little embarrassment with other people, having awkward interactions from her trying to thank Touma for saving the members of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church on various occasions and Tsuchimikado Motoharu's attempts to encourage Kaori into various cosplay gear for Touma. Outside combat situations she pursues the behavior of a Yamato Nadeshiko [6] , however her manner of speech and demeanor when serious resemble that of a Samurai. She has also been described as innocent when it comes to sexuality, and this is further supported by the fact that she can't really get most of Tsuchimikado's "make it up to Touma" daring suggestions [7]. Due to her demeanor and long time of residence, she is usually referenced as "the representative of Necessarius dorms" [8] when one is needed. By the statement of "Yamato Nadeshiko", it should be pointed that the phrase is a Japanese term meaning "personification of an idealized Japanese woman".

Furthermore, as an apparent attribute of magicians, she is very weak with machines as shown in when Academy City sends a washing machine which she complains about.[9] This later lead into a comical situation where the Washing Machine goes haywire after Kaori punched in random buttons, after she put one of her pieces of cloth into it without proper judgment. In another opportunity she displayed tender tears of happiness when finally said washing machine worked perfectly as instructed, even going as far as hugging the object. This later leads to a running gag with the washing machine when Necessarius had to abandon their dorms and only take with them what was essential, Kaori noted that her most prized material possessions were her pet tropical fish and "her friend" a certain washing machine. She made absolutely sure that those two items would be saved even in that dire situation [10].


She was tremendously blessed as a child. She was born as a Saint, and was chosen to be the Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church since birth. She has the uncanny ability to succeed in no matter what she does,[11] though she realizes that when something fortunate happens to her, something misfortunate happens to others in turn. However, those people who are misfortunate, still admired her regardless, and through hither, Kaori became disillusioned with her sect, blaming herself for their misfortune. This led her to despise the concept of luck and fortune as her fortune in turn only bring misery to those around her from what she can see, as it has been mentioned in the novels she no longer wants to see innocent people rushing to protect her, dying in the process, and saying with their last breath that it's alright as long as she's fine.

Three years before the start of the series, Kaori defects from the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church to the Anglican Church, and became a part of the Church of Necessary Evil. There, she meets Tsuchimikado Motoharu,[12] who teaches her proper English, as well as Stiyl Magnus, and Index, where they become good friends.[13]

She is later told by the church that Index needed her memories erased once a year, since her mind has been overloaded by too much information since she only has 15% of the brain left for the rest of it's functions. Having found no way to have Index preserve her memories, she opted to take pictures of them together one last time. Both Kaori and Stiyl are later persuaded by Laura Stuart to erase Index's memories, weeping by her side and giving her the pictures that they took in memory of the time they spent together. Even then, both of them tried to create new memories with Index, but later grew weary of the process of trying to make new memories with her and the fact that Index was often pained when she realized that she would forget them again, because of this they gave up, and allowed Index to believe that they were enemies of hers and were after the Grimoires.[13]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Index ArcEdit

Main article:Index Arc
Toaru Majutsu no Index E04 09m 09s
Kaori introduces herself to Touma.
SxerksAdded by Sxerks
She is referred by Stiyl to Touma, that Kaori was the one who slashed Index in attempt to stop to her, though she believed Index would be unharmed by her attack because she was wearing the Walking Church - which was destroyed by Touma earlier. She realizes her mistake too late, and severely injures Index.

She first appears alongside Stiyl, observing Index and Touma's condition. Here, it is revealed that she has investigated Touma, and confirmed to Stiyl that he is a level 0 esper - someone with no powers. She later comments on how the Board of Directors are currently alright with people disappearing (indicating that they have permission to kill Touma), and later replies to Stiyl on how he was in the same position as Touma right now with Index, as he bemoaned the fate of erasing her memories. They later prepare a trap for Touma, and successfully catch him in it.

Here, Kaori introduces herself to him, and explains to Touma that they set up a rune to remove people in an area, allowing only Kaori and Touma to be in that area. During this time, Kaori asks Touma to hand over Index and attacks him every time he shows defiance, however, Touma refuses to give-up regardless and questions her on why she hadn't killed him yet even with so much power. Touma confronts Kaori on what she is using that power for, which forces Kaori to reveal her past with Index and why she thinks of them as enemies. Touma, defiantly tells her on how they were selfish and chose the current misunderstanding with Index as it was convenient for them, and never thought about Index at all. He continues that they should have assured her that even if the memories of her friends were being erased, she will always have new memories of them in the next. Eventually, Touma succumbs to the attacks he sustained after being overwhelmed by Kaori and collapses. She stops her attacks, though it is quite apparent that Touma's rebuttal to her explanations has affected her.

In the light novel version of the series, Touma manages to send Kaori flying together with her sword with just a single punch just before he collapsed. At the time Touma could barely stand and his fist didn't even have the physical strength to push away anything. Thus is likely that Kaori got blown backwards due to her own indecision, and being overwhelmed due to the difference in their conviction. After Touma collapsed she didn't deal the finishing blow.

Three days later, they arrive at Tsukuyomi Residence to pick-up Index, but is repelled by the pleadings of Index to leave Touma alone. Because of this, they allowed Index to stay with Touma for a while, and waited to arrive at midnight to erase her memories and collect her. She later becomes sympathetic to Touma's despair over not being capable of saving Index, and allows Touma some time alone with Index to say his farewells to Index. They later return however, after hearing an explosion from the apartment and discovers that Index can actually do magic. This contradicts the information given to them by the church.

Touma explains to them – while blocking Index's attack - that the church was lying to them all along about Index's condition, that she will die if her memories are not erased once a year. Kaori is then forced to aid Touma in returning Index to normal, and recites her Magic Name for the first time. Her actions caused Index to lose balance misdirecting her attack towards space - destroying a satellite in the process. When Stiyl and his Innocentius also provided with help, Touma could see an opening which allowed him to cancel the effects of Necklace on Index, restoring her to normal from being John's Pen Mode. Kaori and Stiyl however, realize that one of the feathers of the after-effects of Index's attack hits Touma on the head, causing him to collapse.

Kaori is later seen with Stiyl outside the hospital where Touma is staying. It is revealed by the Heaven Canceler that, they were the ones that gave the explanation to him on why Touma is currently in this condition – though apparently they were unaware that Touma has lost his memories at the cost of preserving Index's.

Angel Fall ArcEdit

Main article:Angel Fall Arc
Light Novel versionEdit

Convinced that Touma is the culprit behind Angel Fall, Kaori arrives where Touma is and proceeds to shake some answers out of him. However, Touma tells her that he’s an esper and has no knowledge of magic; as such he cannot possibly cast any sort magic. Tsuchimikado Motoharu – who arrived earlier – however states that Touma has the Index Librorum Prohibitorum with him, which doesn’t clear Touma of Kaori’s suspicions just yet. Touma glared at Motoharu for this, and hastily brought up the notion that espers will be injured if they use magic. This force Kaori to strip search Touma for any injuries related to magic use, touching him in various places and making Touma react badly to it (since Kaori – an attractive woman – is the one searching him) which Kaori mistakes as Touma hiding his injuries from her. Kaori backs down from searching Touma ‘completely’ after noticing Touma was on the verge of tears. Touma later crouches down on the sand and starts writing 'I'll sue you people' due to his embarrassment.

Touma is then conscripted into handling this incident by Tsuchimikado, saying he'll be protected by him and Kaori from other magicians thinking Touma is the real culprit, in exchange for helping them finding the real culprit behind the grand magic.

Since the beginning of the Angel Fall, Kaori’s form has been that of Stiyl Magnus, which consequently gives an air towards people. Because of this, people call the authorities whenever she tries to go to the girl’s bathroom or when she gets on a train, which causes her a large amount grief. Touma’s family is no exception, as they have remarked Kaori as someone who speaks fluent Japanese surpisingly well, but with ‘a bit’ of a feminine tone to it and her movements. This shocks Kaori, feeling a blow to her self-esteem as a woman after hearing that she was only feminine ‘a bit’. Touma tries to intervene, thinking that they may notice that something is off with her, but didn’t chose his words carefully, saying that she is not at all feminine at the least. Hearing this, Kaori drags him away, where he fears that he will be subjected to waterboarding torture similar to what prisoners of the United States have been said to be subjected to. Kaori later asks Touma to stand guard while she takes a bath; however, he is accidentally pushed into the baths by his mother and cousin, just when Kaori is coming out of her bath. Because of this, Kaori attacks Touma with her sword sheath after giving him time to explain himself, which he fails on doing.

Kaori is later seen talking with Motoharu, where she rules out Touma as the mastermind behind Angel Fall. Motoharu later taunts Kaori about how she’s considering not to repay Touma for saving Index after he saw her naked, much to her chagrin. Touma later gets attacked by an escaped prisoner, but is rescued by Sasha Kreutzev of Annihilatus who plans to torture Touma for information, but is saved by Kaori and Motoharu. They later assume that the escaped prisoner as a suspect for the Angel Fall, as ordinary people – in this case a shop employee with Misaka 10032’s form – see the prisoner see the same way they do.

The following day, they discover that they prisoner has barricaded himself in one of the houses in the nearby suburbs – which coincidentally turns out to be the residence of Touma’s parents. They sneak into the neighbourhood, while Kaori setup a magical spell where the police to mistake someone else’s house instead of the intended house. While going through, Touma says a few times on how unlucky he is, which forces Motoharu to talk about Kaori’s background.

Touma and company successfully brake into the house and finds that the prisoner has released a gas that would cause an explosion if a spark where to occur. The prisoner uses this to his advantage, as so other people will not use any metallic weapons when they confront him. After being subdued, they discover that the prisoner isn’t the culprit, and Angel Fall is still affecting him; they only seem him as the same person because Angel Fall simply swapped a split personality within him. It is later revealed that Touya was the cause of the Angel Fall, which makes Sasha pursue him and everybody else to get into a taxi to get to the hotel where Kamijou Touya is.

It is later revealed that Sasha holds within her the angel that has fallen from due to Angel Fall. Kaori then fights the 'Power of God' in order to buy time for Touma and Motoharu to stop Angel Fall before Archangel Gabriel unleash ‘The Sweep’ that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Kaori took this role since there’s a 99% chance for Touma to be killed – where the remaining 1% is Gabriel being utterly destroyed by Imagine Breaker – and she refuse to let anyone unable to be saved. It's revealed here she chose her sorcery name as she wants to save everyone – even those who are not chosen by God to be saved when the end of days come. Later, Motoharu visits Touma in his hospital room and tells him that Kaori is tired but unharmed as a whole, then left to allow Index to bite Touma’s head intensively for ignoring her throughout their trip.

Anime versionEdit
In the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime, Kaori has already determined that Touma is not the culprit behind Angel Fall. She and Motoharu arrive just in time to stop Misha Kruezhev of Annihilatus from attacking Touma who thought that he was the culprit behind Angel Fall. During their meeting, Kaori is completely oblivious to the fact that Touma has already lost his memories, due in part to Touma playing dumb.
Kaori vs. Misha
Kaori faces-off against Misha.
TheGreatEyeAdded by TheGreatEye

Kaori explains that someone has activated a spell that switches appearances around the world, though more importantly the spell forced an angel into the same class like those humans, a literal Angel Fall. Motoharu goes on to say that the center of this distortion is Touma, and Kaori adds that he is the number one suspect Angel Fall incident, indicating that he escaped the effects of the magic. Because of this, magicians – like Misha – who are trying to stop the spell are targeting him. However, Kaori states that there is no reason for Misha to suspect Touma as the culprit, as he has no knowledge of magic and that he also does not have the injuries obtained by espers using magic. Misha rebuts her statement saying that Touma is not affected by the spell, which prompts Motoharu to say that Touma has the Imagine Breaker with him, as such he is unaffected by it. Misha proves his claim by attacking Touma with a spell which he promptly negates with his right hand. Motoharu goes on to say that the spell is still centered on Touma, though he postulates that the culprit behind it might be someone near him.

Later during the evening, Touma and Motoharu discuss Kaori’s history as a member of the Amakusa Christians, while Kaori is with Touma’s family and Index – probably investigating them – where she is irritated at their amusement on how Touma has such an unusual friend (since she took the form of Stiyl Magnus).

After much frustration, Kaori asks Touma to guard the men’s bathing room while she takes a bath, however, due to complications with his father they enter the bathroom just as Kaori is finishing up, she attacks them with her Seven Flashes, which prompts them to leave quickly. Motoharu later shows up outside to remind her to treat the one who saved Index better.

The next day Touma gathers the two of them to investigate Misha, whom he suspects to be a culprit as the other night she refused to touch his right hand in the least, when he offered a piece of candy to her. Kaori agrees with this and is left behind the resort, while Touma and Motoharu go to Touma’s parent’s house.

Meanwhile, Kaori discovers that there is no Misha Kruezhev in the ranks of the Annihilatus, only Sasha Kruezhev. When Touma returns to ask where his father is, Kaori directs him to the beach. Kaori later follows after him after finding Misha, and states that Misha is just a form taken by the angel that fell from the heavens, Gabriel, who has taken the form of Sasha Kruezhev.

Kaori protects Touma and Touya from Misha, and states that they need to find a way to break the spell quickly, as Misha has prepared 'The Sweep' – a world destroying spell; she as a saint is the only one that can stand against the Power of God, however, she will be unable do it for a prolonged period, even then, she does battle against Misha.

After Motoharu destroys Touma’s parent’s house – as it was the temple for the Angel Fall spell, Misha’s form crumbles and the fighting ends, Kaori tells herself that she owes another one to Touma.

Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

Main article:Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

She appears in this volume to try to help her friends, the Amakusa Christians, but since she is no longer their leader she decides to defeat the English knights who were sent as backup and stayed out of the fight to see how her old followers would turn out to be. The English Knights were planning on just erasing the Amakusa Church along with the Roman Catholics to solve the problem, and leave the fall-out for Laura to deal with as that's what the Anglican Church was supposed to do when it was first established - deal with the Roman Catholic Church while the rest of England runs things. This is one of the first signs in the Light Novels that the Anglican Church and the Knights in England does not get along well.

Tsuchimikado Motoharu also asked her just what is she trying to achieve coming to Japan, and after hesitating while thinking about it, she replies she doesn't really know.

As the Amakusa church fought with the Agnese forces Kanzaki looked on from a farther building, glad that her
An embarrassed Kanzaki visits Touma in the hospital after the rescue of Orsola
DPXJubeAdded by DPXJube
previous followers did not stray from their original path. Motoharu then shows up and informs Kanzaki the Book of Law was never in Japan to begin with, it was all a elaborate hoax set up by the Roman Catholic Church to get rid of anyone that can decipher the Book of Law. Motoharu then makes fun of Kanzaki that deep down she still care about her old group, since otherwise why would she be holding those bandages? She must be planning to go down there after everything is over and just bandage them all up while they are unconscious and then leave. Motoharu then quickly interjected it was just a joke and he can't handle being pummeled by the sword sheath as Kanzaki is waving it menacingly and stepping towards him.

In the hospital after Touma fought Agnese she tries to thank Touma leaving a note but when she notices he is awake already gets embarrassed flushing red, as she gazes around, sweating all over, as she quickly crushes the small note, saying there is no need for the note now he is awake and because saying the contents of a note to the writer who’s leaving is very embarrassing. Then she tells Touma that Orsola is now working with Necessarius along with the Amakusa sect now as branch of Necessarius showing herself still worried for them, next when was about to return to the original topic of the talk of the contents of the note is interrupted by Tsuchimikado Motoharu, as she is unable to say what she wanted to say first now Tsuchmikado is there so sensing that the atmosphere tries to encourage to tell her message but at the same trying to twist her sincerity into fanservice for Touma. Touma loudly denies he has such (indecent) thoughts about Kanzaki, but Kanzaki didn't understand what exactly Motoharu was trying to tell her to do. In the end she got her message of 'thank you for helping, when you're not even a magician and just a normal civilian' across, to which Touma replies all he did was helped people on 'his' side - ie his friends who were in trouble and those that needed help. And if the next time Agnese was the one in trouble he would help her out as well, she's just unluckily the villain for this time. Kanzaki's amazed by this outlook that completely disregards the intricate politicking between the many factions on both the Science side and the Magic side.

Daihasei Festival ArcEdit

Main article:Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)

Kaori does not appear during this arc but her name is used by Motaharu during his battle with Oriana Thompson. Here, he bluffs that he used a spell to call Kaori – a saint – to aid him. Oriana knowing full well that she could not take a saint head on, and the knowledge that Kaori operated in Academy City a few days, and the fact that she really doesn't have the Stab Sword with her to ward off saints (and the fact that Kaori will come to do battle with her even if she had the Stab Sword with her), chose to flee the grounds where she and Motoharu fought instead of taking any chances.

La Regina del Mare Adriatico ArcEdit

Main article:La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E16 21m 39s
Kanzaki asking for a report of the situation
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Kaori appeared at the end of the arc talking to Motoharu on the phone about the recent events. Motoharu was trying to convince her to cosplay in the erotic fallen angel outfit for a certain academy city student as a thank you for all that he had done for her, though she quickly rebukes him. However, after she hung up she started imagining herself cosplaying for Touma with a weird "it can't be" grin on her face. Then the door of her room was knocked which was her new roommates, Orsola and Agnese.

Academy City Invasion ArcEdit

Main article:Academy City Invasion Arc
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E18 03m 27s
Washing Machine's debut
TheGreatEyeAdded by TheGreatEye

Kanzaki Kaori has her first run in with a certain washing machine. It should be noted that Kaori argued that the machine was too intricate and that they shouldn't bother with - the rest of the dorm residents were quietly amazed by the fact that Kaori described an automatic machine that can be used with a single button as something that was hard to use.

Kaori's obi is added to the clothes that are to be used in the washing machine's debut. However, Sherry Cromwell notices that dyed clothing should be separated from normal clothing - as this was not the case, color was leached from the obi, prompting Kaori to forcefully attempt to stop the washing machine. Hilarity ensues.

Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar ConferenceEdit

Main article:Anglican Church–Russian Orthodox Church Prewar Conference

Sasha Kreutzev came to the Anglican Church Women's dormitory to scout out where would the people here support if war breaks out, and Orsola replies they will take no sides and help any that is in danger from the warfare, giving Sasha no definite answer. Just about every resident in this dormitory have been saved by Kamijou Touma, and wish to emulate him in what's seen as his 'selfless deeds'.

After Sasha left Kaori sighed and thought about her own hubris that her power gives her, not thinking of Orsola's idea until she brought it up. Orsola joked Kanzaki is thinking about her crush, Touma, quoting Tatemiya Saiji's reply to the Knight Leader's invitation to a ball. Kaori fell off her chair in exasperation and fervently denied that is the truth, annoyed that the Amakusa have been reduced to playing pranks like these.

Acqua of the Back ArcEdit

Main article:Acqua of the Back Arc
Kanzaki arrives in the middle of the Amakusa's fight with Acqua of the Back and takes their places, ordering them to get away. In her fight against Acqua, she learns they are both arrogant when it comes to people the below them. She brushed off Amakusas thinking they're weaker than her, that they need to be u
Index v16 225
Kanzaki vs Acqua
Tuning01Added by Tuning01
nder her care at all time and so, for the first time, she asks Amakusas to help her fight Acqua. While Acqua scoffs at Kanzaki asking if she values her life that much, Kanzaki replies she'll only hurt the Amakusa by leaving them because she was looking down on them and now she will believe in them instead of blaming them. Kanzaki, together with the Amakusa and Kamijou Touma, were able to fend off Acqua's attack and temporarily make him lose his power as a member of God's Right Seat.

At the end of light novel, Kanzaki is confused about how she thank Touma. Tsuchimikado says to her that the only way to pay her debt back to Touma is by wearing a fallen-angel maid costume (Erotic version). Kanzaki in state of confusion told Tsuchimikado to bring the costume and ten minutes later she enters Touma's room where the "fallen angel accident" happens.

British Royal Family ArcEdit

Main article:British Royal Family Arc

Kanzaki is first seen meeting Knight Leader en route to Buckinghim Palace while attempting to collect documents from the Ministry of Home Afffairs. She notes that she has trouble dealing with him, and is later flustered when she realizes that he also knows of the infamous Eroic Maid Fallen Angel incident and teasingly chastises her un-ladylike behaviour as a result.[14] She later appears to greet Kamijou Touma and Index at Edinburgh, only to be immediately addressed by Touma as the "Fallen Angel Ero Maid" the moment they meet. She quickly adds that he's late seven hours due to taking a slower plane, and ushers him and Index onto a helicopter to meet the British Royal Family.[15] She later attends Touma's meeting with the Queen Regnant and her daughters, discussing the recent Eurotunnel bombing and the possible aggressors.[16]Kanzaki is later seen co-ordinating with Agnese Sanctis and her forces in regards to their investigating of magic cabals in Scotland, the latte revealing the existence of New Light and its activities. She tells Agnese to continue her investigation of New Light's headquarters and to attempt to uncover their objectives while the Amakusas attempt to intercept them outside of London, at the same time warning her of oncoming battle.[17]Kanzaki is later seen incapacitating Floris, another member of New Light.[18]

English Civil WarEdit
Kanzaki is the first person to attempt to end Carissa's coup d'état, attempting to go straight for the princess herself while surrounded by countless Knights and their leader. Knight Leader himself blocks Kanzaki's approach, the Saint stating that he was insistent on his invitation due to knowing that the situation would come t
Index v17 345
Kaori Kanzaki is the first to confront Carissa and her forces, intent on ending the coup d'état in its infancy.
o this, while Knight Leader says that he really did wish for her to be a lady and that now, regrettably, she is his enemy and he will show her no mercy.[19]

Kanzaki knows not to underestimate Knight Leader, deciding to use her full strength while hopefully refraining from any lethal damage. Confident in her abilities as a Saint, she resolves to knock him out with the scabbard of her sword and capture Carissa quickly. However, the moment their fight begins she notices something invisible seeping from Knight Leader's body, and is subsequently baffled by her opponent's speed which even she cannot follow -- Kanzaki compares him almost instantly to her previous foe, Acqua of the Back. Due to the powerful influence and blessing of the Curtana Original, Knight Leader brutalizes Kanzaki despite being unarmed, rendering even Kanzaki's Nanasen useless. Bloodied and driven into a corner by the fight's climax, she attempts to use Shichiten Shichitou and Yuisen but neither manage to even harm Knight Leader. She is rendered speechless by Knight Leader's incomprehensible strength, which to Kanzaki far outstrips any of her previous opponents. She is further astounded by the lack of pride invested in his own power. Knight Leader ends the fight by grabbing her sword and kicking her away, sparing barely a glance towards the unconscious Kanzaki and quipping that the power of a Saint is overrated.[20]

Kanzaki is later seen on a rescue plane recovering from her brutally one-sided battle against Knight Leader, who had been recently defeated by her erstwhile foe William Orwell. She meets Kamijou Touma and Index once again, lamenting her defeat and her inability to assist the other English Puritans (such as the Agnese Forces and Sherry Cromwell) against the Knights.She requests that Touma, Index and Villian attempt to destroy a magically-powered barrier in a secret tunnel in London via a subway station as it will allow for an opening for the joint efforts of the Anglican Church and the Coven Compass to destroy or substantially weaken Curtana Original. However, Tatemiya explains that the new security measures in London make the tunnel barrier especially sensitive to magic-users, forcing Index and Touma to step up to the task, as well as Villian due to her royal blood which is necessary for the activation of the tunnel barrier and the special railway car which leads directly under Buckingham Palace.[21]

She is then present for the 'last supper' involving the Anglican Church's subdenominations, recovering their strength for the assault on Carissa. There, Kanzaki believes that the "Fallen Angel Ero Maid" has been "sent back to the darkness where it belongs" after her baggage was unable to make it out of the women's dormitory, taking solace in the fact that she was able to bring both her tropical fish and her friend the washing machine with her. Unfortunately she is too late to realize that she is muttering her thoughts aloud, prompting Tatemiya to re-assure her that he kept both the Fallen Angel Maid and the Fallen Angel Ero Maid (he was earlier presenting the so-called "Final Weapon" against Kamijou Touma to Itsuwa, the Great Spirit Revealing Maid outfit) just for this occasion. Many Amakusa members take woe in being unable to see the Fallen Angel Ero Maid or the showdown between the Great Spirit Revealing Maid outfit and the Fallen Angel Ero Maid, with others commenting that Kanzaki had seemingly taken advantage of the hospitalized state of the Amakusa members after the confrontation with Acqua to wear the outfit. Faced with such reactions, Kanzaki believes that her departure from the Amakusa Church had twisted them towards a perverted direction. The effects of the Amakusa's breast-ridden 'discussions' eventually spread to other members of Necessarius, drawing the ire of not only the Agnese Forces but also Orsola Aquinas and Sherry Cromwell, culminating in the former attempting to wear a maid outfit herself.[10]

En route to Buckingham Palace by truck, Kanzaki proposes that the destruction of Curtana Original will end the coup, electing to use Kamijou as a slow-moving "special weapon" of sorts due to his inability to keep up with opponents capable of Saint-level speed and strength. To compensate for this, Kanzaki states that she will be attempting to use her and the Amakusa members' speed to direct Touma towards Carissa while over five hundred of their allies will be using long-range or supporting magic.[22]

In the midst of the assault following the destruction of many of the large trucks used to transport the assaulting troops, Touma is overwhelmed by Carissa's enhanced speed and strength, barely able to put up a fight. Just before he is sliced apart by the dimension-warping power of Curtana Original, Kanzaki and the Amakusas are able to whisk him away from certain death. Kanzaki -- along with her Amakusa subordinates and the support of Index -- move to engage Carissa. When called simple 'rank-and-file soldiers' by Carissa, the Saint responds that she was busy saving civilians from a certain ignorant princess who deigned to cause a mess in the city.[23]

Kanzaki's superhuman abilities and her Shichiten Shichitou are able to keep up with Carissa and Curtana Original, trading blow for blow with the second princess until further aid arrives in form of other Amakusa members, the Agnese Forces, Orsola Aquinas and Sherry Cromwell as well as others who had been separated when the assault began. When twenty Griffin Skies appear in defense of the second princess, the Necessarius forces split up into a Carissa group and a Griffin group, working together to bring down their respective foes as the dimensional debris created by Curtana Original rains down on Carissa's attackers. Kanzaki, using her Saint's strength manipulates one of the lances fired by the mobile fortresses and entangles four others, smashing them into Carissa like a makeshift morning star. This fails as the second princess simply slices through them with her weapon. Now convinced that she must rely on Touma's right hand, Kanzaki instructs him to wait for the most opportune moment, telling him that he has 1.25 seconds between each tremendous sweep of Curtana Original to negate Carissa's attacks, an analysis she made in the heat of her high-speed clash with the princess. Eventually, Carissa calls in a salvo of bunker cluster missiles directly on the palace. Kanzaki prepares a massive defensive spell using her wires to deflect the barrage, but Carissa takes advantage of her lowered guard and attacks, forcing Kanzaki to prematurely end the spell -- the missiles strike the area, and the Necessarius forces including Touma are devastated. However, the damage does not spread past the localized area and Touma survives, which he believes is due to Kanzaki's spell, noting that two hundred of the missiles detonated mid-air while only several had passed through the ruptured barrier.[24]

Despite having sustained significant injuries from the first bunker cluster, Kanzaki is the first of the Necessarius forces to return to the battle, as both Knight Leader and Acqua of the Back begin a renewed assault on Carissa having disabled the next bunker cluster and Carissa's ability to call more strikes. Kanzaki blindsides the second princess with Yuisen, deadly enough to harm an angel in itself, forcing Carissa to defend against her attack. This leaves her open to both Acqua and Knight Leader, both of whom unleash frenzied attacks that are later joined by Kanzaki. Carissa, despite the strength of Archangel Michael acknowledges the difficulty in fighting three "Saint-level monsters", having focused all of her efforts in evading. Kanzaki tells her the importance of the many others supporting them, as they are limiting Carissa's options heavily. The second princess agrees, opting instead to begin targetting the weaker members of the assaulting troops. This proves to be highly successful as Carissa is able to isolate the three Saint-level combatants and damage them heavily.[25]

After Carissa has been defeated by the combined efforts of just about everybody else and Touma's fist, Kanzaki and the Amakusas treat the wounded and transport the seriously injured. When they are finished, Tatemiya continues to tease her about her supposedly continuing debt to Touma, suggesting that she wear the Fallen Angel Maid due to her not having worn it in the past. The other male Amakusas join in on the spectacle, united in their desires due to never having seen the Fallen Angel Ero Maid before. Laura Stuart arrives (late) due to being on horseback and also due to the horse's dislike of her. The archbishop requests that Kanzaki help her off the horse and the animal begins eating her ponytail. Stuart also joins in on the teasing of Kanzaki, to which the Saint hurtfully counters that Stuart herself should be wearing the Fallen Angel Ero Maid outfit due to how indebted she must be to Touma.[26]

World War III ArcEdit

Main article:World War III Arc

Kanzaki, along with many other denominations of the English Puritan Church are present in the Battle of Dover Strait against the French forces led by the Maiden of Versailles.[27] The English forces are heavily outnumbered and French magicians harden the battleground with salt to eliminate the maneuverability of the English ships, allowing the French troops to greater utilize their numbers. Kanzaki and her Amakusa subordinates help to equalize the battlefield with their proficiency in close combat, as well as the speed and strength of the Saint herself. They are eventually joined by Second Princess Carissa.[28]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Homecoming ArcEdit

Main article:Homecoming Arc

Kanzaki will make her appearance in volume 2, where she and the Anglican Church investigate the appearance of a giant floating fortress known as Radiosonde Castle. She once recall about Touma and his involvements in the Magic Side and felt a bit depressed thinking of living in a world where he was not around, while the other members of the Amakusa Church shares the same thoughts without showing their expressions. Itsuwa then informs her about his survival and his current location (Academy City), which causes Kanzaki to rejoice.

She later infiltrates the castle in order to take it down, but while doing so runs into Mjolnir. At first she struggles, but eventually wins when she casts an anti-flight spell on her opponent, then finishes the job of taking down the castle.[29]

Lance of Gungnir ArcEdit

Main article:Lance of Gungnir Arc

Elizard tasks Kanzaki Kaori as her bodyguard in place of the Knight Leader who has been sent out with William Orwell and Princess Carissa to the northernmost edge of Scotland, waiting for her order to mobilize against Sargasso.[30] She is with the Queen when they arrive before the United Nations Building in New York City for the conference President Roberto Katze.[31] Her arrival with the Queen, arouses Roberto, who says that he wants Elizard to tell him where she hired Kaori as he wants to add some beauty to his security team. There, Elizard tells him that she is a Saint despie her appearance, though Roberto already knows this and wishe he already has one, much to Roseline's chagrin. Kaori herself grimaces at the scene.[32]

As the meeting takes place, the bodyguards stand guard outside the conference room. There, Kaori notes a board Vasilisa and starts a conversation with her. Vasilisa asks about her opinion regarding GREMLIN and Othinus, to which Kaori says that though she finds it hard to believe the Magic God Othinus exists, she believes that this is no longer a situation she can judge with her common sense, recollecting her battle with Mjölnir. She summarizes the actions GREMLIN took in order to construct Gungnir, which she deems impossible and hard to verify. Regardless, she can't ignore the power of Gungnir, as she remembers her battle with Brunhild Eiktobel with a prototype Gungnir. Vasilisa agrees but tells her that most information they have gotten comes from the illegals, like the Dawn-Colored Sunlight. Vasilisa states not just them but of Ollerus' ilk as well, and that one of them has infiltrated GREMLIN, though she doubts they can trust them. Bu Kaori says that she doubts the Dawn-Colored Sunlight and the others will betray them as a world with GREMLIN in control is a riskier than one with Christianity in power. Kaori explains on how the Dawn-Colored Sunlight benefits from the world with Christianity in power and that it would be a fatal blow for them if GREMLIN replaced it with their own. Vasilisa finally agrees just to put her mind in ease so she could gain a peace of mind she depended on. With all that GREMLIN has done to get where they are, they hope that the plans of the leaders come together in time.[33]

GREMLIN invasion of TokyoEdit
Main article: GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo

When Vasilisa reads the people in the conference room's lips that an invasion of Tokyo by GREMLIN has begun, Kaori believes that being left behind as a bodyguard was part of GREMLIN's manipulations to prevent them from being in the front lines by having an unofficial international conference held. Vasilisa tells Kaori that she shouldn't worry yet as they don't know anything yet, commenting on how Anglicans are surprisingly weak to information warfare. She then says that what matters in an emergency is to do everything as you always would, as it is better than panicking and falling into confusion. With that in mind, she then uses a small charm made of parchment to communicate to her subordinates. There, she blatantly ignores the chain of command and others them to crush every member of GREMLIN hiding in Russia, allow the normal military to head to Japan, and protect their citizens. This surprises Kaori and infuriates Sasha. Vasilisa comments on how she is doing this for the Patriarch as she doesn't want his purity to be tarnished by telling him of the dirty jobs behind the scenes. The infuriated Sasha does not take this lightly, believing it to be treachery, she hits Vasilisa with her crowbar with enough force to bend her in a 50 degree angle. However, Vasilisa remains alive, even smiling, and quickly tuns back to normal. She then tell her subordinates to go all out on crushing GREMLIN's diversion team, and teach them that they are the only magicians allowed to use the name of a fairy. Hearing this, Kaori can only mutter that they are perverts. Sasha overhears and asks Kaori to at least refer to her as monster instead.[34]

Shifting and Fluctuating WorldEdit
NT Index v09 006-008
Omega World: Paradise for all but one.

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, the cruel fate that made Index forget Stiyl Magnus and Kanzaki Kaori and forced them to pretend to be her enemies have apparently not transpired. Index, Stiyl, and Kaori, along with other priests and nuns presumably from the Anglican Church, first appears in the park where Othinus puts Touma after recreating the world. Touma, already at the precipice of despair after seeing the "perfect world" and his continued conversation with his tormenter, is stunned by what he sees. Stiyl, Kaori, and the rest of the priests and nuns apparently wait for Index to retrieve her soccer ball after she loses it, likely unaware of Touma's presence.[35]

Stiyl and Kaori are in the festival where they decide that Index should only have three things she could choose from for food, which Index naturally protested against as she feels it inadequate. All three of them are unaware that Touma passed by and saw Index, now determined to take his life to protect the perfect world.[36]

Other appearancesEdit


Toaru Majutsu no Index: Kanzaki SSEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Kanzaki SS

Kanzaki Kaori goes to different missions which involve her with magical organizations and magic-related conflicts, which in the end turns out to be a collaborative effort to assist a powerful magician to complete a certain magical relic.[37]

Anime appearancesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of EndymionEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Kaori continues her surveillance of Meigo Arisa, a girl from the science side suspected to be a Saint, to judge whether she is a Saint or not. For the most part of the movie, she takes no part in any of Stiyl's attempts to abduct her for the Church. Her appearance has her order Stiyl to retreat as Shutaura Sequenzia and her Black Crow Unit has overwhelmed them, saving Stiyl from a fatal attack, and later distracts Shutaura's mobile weapon.

Kaori later reappears before Touma and Motoharu, aiding in the latter's explanation to Touma on why the Church wants her. Kaori later asks Motoharu on his opinion whether or not Arisa is a Saint, but he simply teases her with lewd words, much to her chagrin.

Motoharu later has her put inside the Ballistic Slider as a protection for Touma and Index as they fly towards the Endymion. Irritated by her treatment, Kaori swears that Motoharu will pay. In space, Kaori easily dispatches the anti-debris defense system missiles, and later falls down back to Earth into the ocean after her task is done.


Her sorcery name is Salvare000, "Be the salvation of those who cannot be saved" (救われぬ者に救いの手を Sukuwarenu Mono ni Sukui no Te o?). Unlike her partner Stiyl, she uses magic to magically strengthen her body, and is proficient in non-magical combat. Her ability has been stated to be within one of the 10 best magicians of England. [38]

As a magician who immigrated to England and transferred to the Anglican Church, Kanzaki Kaori, has knowledge of both Western and Eastern magic styles. Basically, in a fight with her, she can overwhelm the enemy from 360 degrees. The wires, the magic from the wires and then herself. Other skills in the Amakusa Style include excluding civilians from being involved from magician's combat like Stiyl's 'Opila' runes and enchant water to heal all external wounds and scars, Kanzaki mentioned that they can even enchant food as to give it a healing effect that would be applied just by eating [39].

Christianity derivedEdit

  • Stigma (聖痕 (スティグマ) Seikon (Sutiguma)?), the ability to call upon God's power as a saint who has bodily characteristics similar to the Son of God, she is endowed with super-human capabilities. Kaori uses this in combination with the Amakusa Style to perform magic that can stand up to Christian Angels.[40]
  • Like Stiyl she can use the Opila Rune () to create an area that no one enters outside intended targets.[41]
  • St. Peter's Interception Spell: Kanzaki is capable of using this common anti-flight spell against targets using Magic to fly without wings.[29]

Mixed-religion derivedEdit

Amakusa's Style Combat: She uses the spells of an organization that belonged to the Kakure Kirishitan who were persecuted during the Edo period in Japan. Due to their use of Shinto and Buddhism as a front for their Christian church, they ended up constructing a unique style that fused those religions to the point of it being unclear what parts are camouflage and what parts are real. Kanzaki could use Christian, Buddhist, and Shinto magic. Of course, that also means she can use each separate type of magic power that is the source of their spells and switch them for the best outcome of the situation. By wielding her nodachi known as Shichiten Shichitou (七天七刀 Shichiten Shichitō?, lit. "Seven Heaven Seven Swords"), she can use the following attacks:

Sword and Wires TechniquesEdit

  • Seven Flashes (七閃 Nanasen?), is her main attack. It uses 7 wires which can 'split' into thousands to surround and cut
    Kanzaki using her Seven Flashes
    DPXJubeAdded by DPXJube
    the enemy, though only Kanzaki can go that far due to her attributes as a Saint.
  • Single Flash (唯閃 Yuisen?), is an attack which infuses Kanzaki's sword with magic, giving her the capability to harm even Christian angels.
  • Boundary of Forbidden Wires (禁糸結界 Kinshi Kekkai?), originates from South East Asia, Kaori creates a magic array using her wires. It summons a god to protect an area. Just like Stiyl's Opila runes, this spell creates a people clearing field and addition to that changes their perception about the areas where the people is in.[11]
  • Battoujutsu (抜刀術 Battōjutsu?) is a swordstyle that focuses on powerful strikes that "start in a split second" and "end in a split second", meaning that energy isn't miss-used outside the attack while the sword is sheathed). Kaori is not particularly fond of the style.[5]
  • Red Lotus Flames By using Nanasen she is also able to cast spells by constructing various 3-dimensional magic circles. Using this principle, Kaori summons a strong red flame to surround the target, creating three explosions upon the target, and finally, Kaori can choose to slash the target with her sword.[42]

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Breaker of God (神を裂く者 Kami wo Saku Mono?, lit. "He who cleaves God") is basically a magic mode which Kanzaki can enter by regulating her breathing and requires from her nodachi to use it, while in this "mode" Kanzaki abilities will increase tremendously to the point where her performance can only be described as "super human"; her blood vessels, muscles, nerves, organs and bones all obtain the ability of the God Breaker under the spell. The spell puts great strain to Kaori, and during her battle with Archangel Gabriel, she is forced to use her Battoujutsu style to conserve energy.[5]
  • Communication Spells: In her own sidestory, Kanzaki used two different methods of Communication Spells, one was a charm which she gave to the Ymir's Ocean Girl which activated after receiving blood upon itself [43] and the other one was in her phone which allowed her to speak with the Jeans Shop Owner in her battle against Brunhild Eiktobel.[44]


  • Shichiten Shichitou (七天七刀 Shichiten Shichitō?, lit. "Seven Heaven Seven Swords"): A two metres long nodachi Kanzaki uses for various very powerful spells, one of them is her Yuisen which can even harm Christian angels. It is her primary weapon since she is still an Amakusa-Church member, which use Magic primary with their favorite weapon.
  • Steel Wires: Seven steel wires of global historical value, drop-forged by a swordsmith named Hidarimoji[5], which Kanzaki uses to perform her main attack, Nanasen.
  • Kanzaki's Clothes: Kanzaki's get-up is also special. Wearing asymmetrical clothes she can create a spell of unknown effect, most likely it would be a defensive spell. The clothes are deliberately made in that way to allow the balance on both sides to be used more effectively.[3]



Kanzaki and Index were close friends before Index had her memories erased. After Index had her memories erased Kanzaki tried to make more memories with her again, but after a while she gave up on more memories with Index and allowed Index to think that they were enemies. Even though Index no longer remembers her, she is still very important to Kanzaki.

Kamijou ToumaEdit

Touma is someone that Kanzaki feels a lot of debt to. This started after he saved Index, something Kanzaki was unable to do. Then he helped out the Amakusa's and she felt her debt to him continue to grow. She was once persuaded by Tsuchimikado to try and pay off her debt to Touma by wearing a fallen angel ero maid costume for him. It is unknown what exactly happened but when they saw each other again Touma could only call her the "Fallen Angel Ero Maid", which made her angry. This led to some people believing that she is in love with him, although whether or not she is has yet to be seen. As a side effect, she became overly conscious toward Touma. When he disappeared after World War 3, she showed signs of depression about living in a world where he was not around. She would sometimes think about all Touma has done and what he said to her when they first meet about protecting people.

Stiyl MagnusEdit

Stiyl is a partner. She shares and understands Stiyl's love and devotion toward Index.

Tsuchimikado MotoharuEdit

Motoharu is some who gets under her skin. Kanzaki shows definite concern towards Motoharu in his self-destructive magic use in the Angel Fall arc, stating to Touma that "Kanzaki's too kind," and that "If I were to use this method, I would definitely be stopped by her. She's just like that."[45]Motoharu never lets her know that he was the one who cast the Red Spell to destroy Touma's house, giving her the illusion of being completely in Touma's debt for saving her life. He later encouraged her to wear "Fallen Angel Ero Maid" costume to tease her.

Character Art DesignsEdit

Design evolutionEdit

Kiyotaka Haimura states that Kaori's design had the most in it, and as such gave him the most trouble. Despite this, she has the least number of revisions in the characters introduced with designs in volume 1, second only to Komoe, easily matching the deformed style that was required with the light novel format.

A common theme that Haimura went for Stiyl and Kaori is that ever since their introduction in Volume 1, the gap between age and appearance in the magic side characters has been much greater than in the science side characters. When he read the first draft of Volume 1, he came with the impression that it was the story of children rebelling against the reasoning of adults. Stating that:"...I thought Kamijou would have seen Stiyl and Kanzaki as adults that used reasonings and principles that a child would refuse to accept." Haimura believed that the Index novels would go on for so long, as such he went with the designs that did not match their age, and by volume 7 Haimura began regretting his decision.

By volume 12, Kaori becomes affected by Haimura's deformed artstyle, and to which Haimura even references. Kaori's autumn look, apart from adding a denim jacket, Haimura also had her hair tie look more like a ribbon, as well as her pants low rise.


Other AppearancesEdit

Video game appearancesEdit

Dengeki Gakuen RPG: Cross of VenusEdit

Kanzaki Cross
Kaori as shown in the game's website
Kaori is one of the characters from the Index series that appear in the game, and can be battled as a special boss character. She is also featured in the game's opening.

Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)Edit

Main article:Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)
KanzakiKaori finisher
Kaori using her finisher against Acqua of the Back.
TheGreatEyeAdded by TheGreatEye

Kanzaki Kaori is featured as a playable character in the Toaru Majutsu no Index video game. Her attacks are slow, and require a bit of set-up. To compensate for this, she can attack from a distance using her Nanasen, which has varies depending on button input, like fire magic coming out after a successful Nanasen. It is not known to be very accurate. Moreover, if the opponent is too close to Kaori then it will miss completely, as such, it is better utilized if the opponent is cornered. From there, the player can use another Nanasen attack that draws the player in, which would then allow the player to have Kaori give light attacks to the opponent, or use her Overdrive.

Kaori's Overdrive is a Yuisen, and her finishing move is a combination of a Nanasen that traps her opponent, and then a Yuisen.

In her route she has Itsuwa as her partner. Kaori is appointed to a "search and destroy" mission were they need to find and stop a magician who has infiltrated into Academy City; after several incidents (such as being accused of being a large breasted terrorist by an army of middle schooler girls who have the same face) Kaori finally runs into her target, Acqua of the Back.


  • She has been shown as being able to calm herself down by putting together a tower of tiles and then break them with a Karate chop while she is regaining her serenity; this is even played out comically as Kanzaki "pull outs the tiles seemingly from nowhere". So far the only character that has stressed her enough so that she is forced to use that soothing method has been Tsuchimikado [46]
  • Some of the 'cosplays' Motoharu suggested are maids, angels, fallen angels and/or ero versions of one or mixes of them, which later on making "fallen angel accident" at the end of the Volume 16.
  • From the SS light novel(also known as volume 13.5), from what Tatemiya Saiji said to decline the Knight Leader's invitation to a ball "You can go home. Our priestess likes to lead a young man rather than being led by an older gentleman", it's now became a rumour that spread across half of London that Kaori has a crush on Kamijou Touma, which from their various interactions between the two leads to many people thinking Kanzaki has a crush on Touma. Even people like Laura Stuart makes fun of Kaori using this rumour on many occasions.
  • Though no one knows what really happened at the end of volume 16 when Kanzaki decided to wear "Fallen Angel Ero Maid" costume that Tsuchimikado give to her, the event left Touma traumatized enough to fear the "third angelic shadow that differed from Misha Kreutzev and Kazakiri Hyouka". This even affected his attitude toward Kanzaki in volume 17 as he started to call her Fallen Angel Ero Maid after their first meeting in volume 17.


  • (Speaking to Kamijou Touma, Vol. 1) : “The speed of my slash woven by my Shichiten Shichitou, Nanasen, can kill a person seven times in the period known as ‘an instant’. People call this an instant kill. Calling it a certain-kill would not be incorrect either
  • (While sending off Touma, before Misha, Vol. 4) : "Yeah. Though it's a little disrespectful for me to say this, I decide to trust you for now. Just like the time when you saved that child in front of me, this time, please save me"
  • (Speaking of the Amakusa, during Vol. 7) : “I have no right to stand in front of them now, and they don’t need my power now. I’m like an auxiliary wheel of a bicycle
  • (To a certain washing machine, Vol. 12) : "That Archbishop... why did she have to get such a complex and bothersome thing?"
  • (Speaking to Laura Stuart, during Vol. 16) : "Shut up, you big amateur! I decided, after seeing that bastard Tsuchimikado laughing perversely at me while we were at the seaside house, I realized that this was all of because of you, stupid woman! If not for his stupid woman, I wouldn't need to show any gratitude, and I wouldn't need to show any more respect to this stupid woman!"
  • (Internal monologue, during Vol. 16) : " Erotic fallen angel costume, how could that sort of object be used to judge a woman!? "
  • (After greeting Touma, during Vol. 17) : “I am not a fallen angel, I am not erotic, and I am not a maid!! I-it’s true that…after the battle with Acqua, I…did v-v-various things. I admit that. But ‘Fallen Angel Ero Maid’ should not be the first words out of your mouth when you see me!!
  • (Speaking to Laura Stuart, during Vol. 18) : “And given all the magical incidents you’ve gotten that boy wrapped up in, aren’t you the one who should be wearing the Fallen Angel Ero Maid!?


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