The HsB series are supersonic stealth bombing planes that are developed by Academy City. All currently known iterations have a top speed of 7000 kilometers per hour.



Specifications and CapabilitiesEdit

HsB-02 is apparently the 2nd iteration in the HsB series of supersonic bombers, and is the first one seen chronologically being used by Academy City. The HsB-02, though it is unknown of the previous HsB, the HsB-02 was created using technology the Supersonic Passenger Plane that Kamijou Touma and Tsuchimikado Motoharu had taken to Avignon. The bombers are so fast that they can shake off a missile just by flying straight through the use of pure speed alone (as it cannot make sharp turns), as well as go from Japan to France in just under an hour.[1]

It's length varies but it is considered to be around, most often,[2] as at least 80 meters long to 100 meters.[1] Due to its large size and the incredible speed it takes, which approaches 1000 degrees on full speed, the HsB-02 has a built in cooling system, using liquid oxygen and hydrogen, which are also used as fuel, coolants that are flowed through pipes in the entire plane.[3] Its frame is the basis for HsF-00 planes.[2]

Although used as a bomber, the plane is large and capable enough of transporting large objects, such as Powered Suits like the HsPS-15,[1] goods, and people. The aircraft is operated and maintained by a conventional crew.[3]


As it is a stealth bomber, it is equipped conventional bombs. However, it has some other weapons:

  • Earth Blade (地殻破断(アースブレード) Āsu Burēdo?, lit. "Crust Fracture"): An elongated black blade mixed with iron sand slices through the air at supersonic speeds, it was so designed as so it can easily contract via electricity. The blade slicing through the air at that speed creates a destructive power from the wind currents, however, with the iron sand being accelerated to a speed over 10,000 kilometers per hour, the plane can create a blade of molten metal and heated gas that is is around 8,000 degrees Celsius. The Earth blade's pattern can be precisely controlled by electricity, and can form curves and straight lines, as well as targeting single spots. It is accurate enough that it is described at being able to make a jigsaw puzzle piece. Multiple lines can be used by the bombers if need be.[3] The effects of the blade can cause the earth to be superheated to resemble like magma. According to Accelerator, if it had 3 kilograms of iron and an hour, it could cut the entire Eurasian continent in two.[3]


Specifications and CapabilitiesEdit

HsB-07 is the updated version of the HsB-02s that were used in World War III. The most notable change in the design of the bomber is its borrowing the operating mechanism of the HsF-00, where most of the pilot's body is frozen to protect the pilot from the massive Gs the aircraft is subjected to. With this, the pilot need not use their fingers to operate the aircraft and need not use their mouths to communicate with their allies. The distribution of blood in the pilot's brain, the amount of chemicals secreted, the flow of electronic signals, and monitoring of the active regions of his brain with sonar were some of the methods of directly gathering information from his brain. The accuracy of each method was low, but that could be overcome by using multiple methods. The technology had also begun to be used experimentally in intelligence and criminal investigations.[4]


It is unknown if they still retained Earth Blade, but since they're bombers, their primary function was to drop bombs upon their targets. They can use conventional guided bombs as well as chemical warheads.[4]


Academy City has broken agreements with the Japanese government regarding the manufacturing of bombers at the time of the Avignon incident.[3] It is unknown if this agreement has been reestablished or if Academy City had to answer for it breaking the agreement.


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Document of Constantine ArcEdit

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The HsB-02 is first deployed during the suppression of Avignon, carrying HsPS-15. Here, they use the Earth Blade, destroying several structures in the city, and later would've bombed it if not for Accelerator's vote to change the plans.

World War III ArcEdit

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As part of the Academy City military, the bombers are sent to war, bombing several targets in Russia as well as deploying Powered Suits into the battlefield. Mugino Shizuri is later taken into one of the bombers to be dropped off into Russia, as well as Misaka Mikoto who hijacks one of them. She would later have it try to use it to save Touma from the collapsing Star of Bethlehem after his battle with Fiamma of the Right.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Baggage City ArcEdit

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HsB-07s are deployed during Academy City's supression of Baggage City, using it to cripple the city through bombing of important locations. Several of them, most notably one being piloted by Rokudou Ryuuichi, are later destroyed by Marian Slingeneyer's magical artifact, Loki's Net.

Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

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Supersonic bombers are deployed by Academy City during GREMLIN invasion of Tokyo to Academy City directly toward Sargasso, GREMLIN's base, but are intercepted and supposedly swept away by Mokkerkalfe waiting for them and under the control of Ollerus, who is forced to keep on the ruse of being Thor.[5]