The Six Wings carrying out an attack

The HsAFH-11, also known as Six Wings (六枚羽 Rokumai Hane?) is an unmanned attack helicopter that is used by Academy City's air defense unit, the Air Superiority Preservation Control Center. It is the predecessor of the similar-looking Four Wings.


It is a state-of-the-art weapon manufactured by Academy City, costing about 24 billion to 25 billion Japanese Yen.[1] Similar to the AH-64 Apache it had one "wing" one either side that had guns and equipment on them. With a top speed of Mach 2.5 or 3,000 kilometers per hour,[2] its wings have two rockets engines installed on them for auxiliary power. They are called Six Wings because of the wings on each side of the aircraft split into three. The thin wings even have joints and can move like human arms, allowing them to maneuver their weapons in difficult angles.[1] However, only when the Six Wings are not deployed can the aircraft use its rocket engines, as doing so would damage its joints due to the wind pressure damage exterted on them. As such it can only fly at about 300 to 400 kilometers per hour.[2] Due to its unique design, people like Hamazura Shiage doubt that the HsAFH-11 can still be called a helicopter.[2] However, since it still an aircraft that created lift with the rotor on its vertical axis and moved using the angle of that rotor, it is still technically qualifies.[1]


The Six Wings preparing to launch

As they are unmanned, the Six Wings use their AI to confirm the presence of their enemies. Only when they are on automatic attack mode will they deploy their "six wings".[1]

The vehicle has a visible air intake for its engine as it needs air to react with the fuel to create energy. If a foreign object was brought in there, the engine would stall causing the helicopter to crash, because of this however, countermeasures such as the downward wind created by the rotor and a wire mesh that was installed over it prevent debris from being sucked in.[2]


Other than the machine guns they carry as a conventional weaponry, the aircraft can also fire other projectiles. The helicopters use surface attack missiles,[1] as well as short ranged anti-armored vehicle missiles called SRM-21s that use an infrared sensor to lock on targets.[2] Moreover, it can also use a softball-like projectile, apparently intedended as a counter against anti-aircraft missiles. These projectiles then spray out iron sand which is the followed by a high-voltage electric current. This is electrified field extends 20 meters in every direction, any missiles coming into contact with it will explode.[1]

Flame CrashEdit

The HsAFH-11 aircraft can also use a unique bullet known as Flame Crash (摩擦弾頭 (フレイムクラッシュ) Masatsu Dantō (Fureimu Kurasshu)?, lit. "Friction Warhead"). The bullets are made of extremely heat resistant metal and have special grooves carved in them so that air friction heats them up to 2,500 degrees. When the bullets pierce armor, they burn away the electrical circuits and the fuel tank inside. When fired in a large amount the bullets can envelope large areas in flames.[1]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Battle Royale ArcEdit

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The Air Superiority Preservation Control Center deploys the helicopters after it detected a disturbance in School District 11 caused by Etzali deliberately as mercenaries hired by BLOCK were entering the city over the outer wall. Using its Flame Crash bullets among other of its weapons, it was easilly able to slaughter at least 4,500 mercenaries, leaving only about a hundred of them for BLOCK to use after they retreated.[1]

Etzali - Spear and Six Wings

Etzali using his Spear of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli on one of the Six Wings

Etzali himself was found by one of them, and though he used his Spear of Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli to destroy one of them, two others detected his presence and gave him chase. He was later saved by the intervention of the Accelerator destroying them easily.[1] After determining that the operation was done, the remaining aircraft left School District 11 though leaving a few survivors, allowing GROUP to interrogate one of them to reveal BLOCK's plans using the mercenaries.[3]


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Hamazura Shiage and Kinuhata Saiai are chased by one after stealing a family car. Although they are perplexed on who would go out of their way to use a state-of-the-art weapon on them, they set aside their suspicions and try to find a way to survive against it. After lecturing Shiage of its capabilities, the helicopter fires a short ranged missile on them that uses infrared sensors to lock on target. Due to Saiai quick thinking in using a smoke grenade as a dummy, like a flare, for its infrared sensors, allowing it to hit it instead of the car. With no options left and the likelihood of the helicopter using machineguns, Saiai orders Shiage to drive a straight as she leans outside of the car enough to show her entire panties to Shiage. Although worried of her decision, as well as her brazen display, Saiai assures him of her plan. She uses a bullet made of a papier-mâché-like material to shoot on the helicopters air intake. Despite the machine's countermeasures for debris entering the air intake, the bullet enters after breaking into dust. With that, the helicopter begins losing lift, and the engine explodes. The helicopter later explodes after crashing.[2]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Magic God Invasion ArcEdit

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During the High Priest's rampage through Academy City in pursuit of Kamijou Touma, a unit comprised of Six Wings and Ten Legs are dispatched to fight against him but are soon decimated. After Misaka Mikoto prevented one of the downed Six Wings from hitting members of Anti-Skill, Touma briefly made use of its rotors and a cable from another destroyed vehicle against the High Priest, in a manner similar to the method of torture known as 'The Helicopter', before resuming his escape.[4]


  • Going by the patterns for Academy City's weapon naming schemes, HsAFH likely stands for a full designation including Hard Science, an unknown abbreviation (AF) and Helicopter.