Highway Cheetah (ハイウェイチーター?) is technology developed by Academy City. It is a Powered Suit used by Freshmen member Silvercross Alpha.


Highway Cheetah is a powered suit that Silvercross used to kidnap Fremea Seivelun and escape as quickly as possible from Accelerator. It is unknown whether Academy City intentionally built it for a purpose, or if it is a completely custom suit used exclusively by Silvercross.


Appears in the the New Testament series by snatching Fremea away and barely escaping the hands of Accelerator.[1] Later, it was chased by Hamazura Shiage in the Dragon Rider and taken out.


The Highway Cheetah is a powered suit with 4 legs and a giant propeller on its back and a thick hatch on the front. It is a model meant to travel at high speeds and it can “slide” with its 4 legs at 800 kph. The end of its legs can emit a liquid known as Slip Oil that lets it travel smoothly, but the highly volatile Slip Oil does not leave any hint that allows it to be tracked. Its movements are very monotonous, but this meant Silvercross can have this personal suit move automatically based on a program.[1]

The suit has lens not only on its front, but also on its back. By folding up and unfolding its legs to match the ground, it can race across areas with large ups and downs and even down extremely narrow passageways, surpassing normal cars.[2]


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