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Golden Dawn (黄金夜明 (S∴M∴) Ōgon Yoake (Stella Matutina)?) or the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was once the largest magic cabal in the United Kingdom, supposedly founded by a woman named Anna Sprengel, though exact details are not known.[1] This magic cabal was known as the world's most powerful magic cabal 50 years ago when Aleister Crowley faked his death and escaped from England and the forces of Christianity, and was involved in hunting him down.[2]

The initials pinpoint that the proper way to pronounce the name of the golden cabal is "Stella Matutina".


One of the roles within the Golden Dawn was that of the Secret Chief, a role supposedly carried out by Anna Sprengel.[1]

As a group from Europe, the Golden Dawn was affected by a common thinking among European magicians, who after running into dead ends in their research and exhausting the resources available to them in Europe, believed the answers lay elsewhere and sought them in foreign parts, such as the large, diverse and geographically convenient 'Dark Continent', Africa.[3]

Within the cabal, one's stock of knowledge was directly linked to their power.[4]

Golden-style MagicEdit

The Golden Dawn and Golden-style cabals specialize in constructing sanctuaries and harnessing large amounts of Telesma to conduct large-scale powerful magic.[5]

The Golden-style has a variation of Tarot associated with it which are used in ceremonies. In the standard Golden-style Tarot, the Major Arcana tells the story of the Son of God, from birth to execution and resurrection, in order to draw on a portion of his power. Connected to the 22 paths on the Sephirot tree, they are meant to acquire a technique of entering the realm of god with a human body, miracles which can be explained by Christianity.[3] The four suits of the Minor Arcana are associated with the four elements and the cards can activate a spell associated with their suit's element, though they are generally intended to be used in large-scale ceremonies rather than battle.[6]

Another part of Golden-style magic involves the observation and use of stars and mysterious lights in the night sky. As well as reading the future from the stars, magicians can seal their light into talismans and amulets, and draw their power out when they see fit.[7]


One of the figures who supposedly helped in the foundation of the Golden Dawn was a woman called Anna Sprengel, who was said to have had the role of Secret Chief and as a point of contact, an existence of the type that Aleister Crowley would become. However, it is dubious as to whether she actually existed.[1]

Once the world’s largest magic cabal, the Golden Dawn attracted many powerful magicians. With so many gathered, as a result, its actual activities ended in just a few years, then it destroyed itself with infighting. After its destruction, the splinter groups had developed on their own from the Golden Dawn's legacy and progressed, still existing to this day while continuing to chaotically break apart. The cabals produced by that were known as Golden-style cabals (黄金系結社 Ōgon-kei Kessha?).[8]

Among the magicians who joined the Golden Dawn was Aleister Crowley, who developed countless spells and spiritual items during his time in the cabal. Some of his ideas, such as the Aeons, were extreme even within the cabal and as such there were a number of people who didn't support them.[3][9] He ended up becoming one of the sparks which set off a great internal conflict with the cabal and during the conflict, he apparently dirtied his hands quite a bit.[4] He later severed his ties with the cabal.

Despite the fall of the cabal, the Golden-style of magic, which had its heyday at the start of the 20th century, continued and is standard in the present day.[7]

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