Glickin (グリッキン Gurikkin?) is a former Russian soldier who eventually becomes an ally to Hamazura Shiage and goes against Russia.


World War III ArcEdit

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Glickin was first introduced as either the unknown soldier remaining on the transport train that Accelerator was riding or was part of the soldiers who got thrown off the train.[1]

He was later seen again with frostbite when he stumbled into the village where Digurv and Shiage are; Digurv decided to save him rather than abandon him. He was nearly recovered to the time when pirates attacked the village with tanks.

After the first skirmish with the pirates, he overheared how the second attack will be by helicopters and that Shiage decided to fight rather than run. When the anti-aircraft tank was in need of three people, he volunteered to become the gunner stating that those pirates weren't part of the Russian army and that he quits.[2]