Gangan Comics (ガンガンコミックス Gangan Comics?) is a manga imprint of Square Enix. It publishes manga in several magazines aimed at different reader demographic groups in the Japanese market, including Monthly Shōnen Gangan. The comics are later collected in paperback volumes under brand names such as Gangan Comics, Gangan Comics Joker (ガンガンコミックスJOKER Gangan Komikkusu Jōkā?) and Young Gangan Comics (ヤングガンガンコミックス Yangu Gangan Komikkusu?), which identify the magazine of serialisation. These paperback brand names are formed by deleting any (月刊 Gekkan?, monthly publication) or (少年 Shōnen?, boy) in the magazine name and inserting Comics (コミックス Komikkusu?) directly after the word "Gangan".


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