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FIVE_Over (ファイブオーバー?) is a series of experiments and technologies formed by Academy City to replicate and exceed, hence the name, the powers of the 7 Level 5s. Its principles are based off macro engineering technology instead of micro quantum mechanics, Personal Reality, which gives birth to an esper's powers.[1]

Experiments and developmentsEdit



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FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" in action.
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The FIVE_Over Modelcase_"RAILGUN" powered suit is the most well-known example of the technology. Its appearance is described to be like a five-meter-long praying mantis. It has two arms, two legs, and two sickles that can fold if needed to help it stand up. Translucent wings spread out from the armor. A large cylinder-like thing used to store lots of cannons rests on its back. There is also a shield on the front side of each of its front legs, with an artificial weapon placed between those shields.[2]


With its name referring to the third strongest of Academy City, its main weapon is a gatling railgun. It’s an armored suit with the replicated power of the third Level 5, and is completely based on the philosophy of "using only technology to create one that exceeds the original". FIVE_Over can use its wings to move so fast that it can leave afterimages.[2]

The Powered Suit, can operate without any person inside to control it. It can fly, though could only sweep over ground enemies from above like an attack helicopter, as they were not intended to be used to shoot down mult-purpose fighters flying at supersonic speeds at high altitude. Most importantly, they were created into target objects on the surface.[3]

According to the author, the FIVE_Over has a lot more powerful gun than Mikoto, but if the two were to fight, Mikoto would win due to application. However, the author also states that it isn’t an absolute, because science and technology will continue to advance.[4]

Mental OutEdit

Although unknown as to what extent the experiment has progressed, according to Kihara Ransuu there have been experiments to create chemicals secreted in the brain and scatter them on mold to replicate the illusionary powers of Shokuhou Misaki the 5th Level 5, and is how he based his mold-induced illusions. Chemicals such as the Red Fury 03 and Blue Fear 07 have been used for the replication.[5]


Freshmen ArcEdit

Main article:Freshmen Arc

Kuroyoru Umidori has the dying Silvercross Alpha placed in it in order to dispatch and automatically pilot the power suit [6]; thanks to this, the FIVE_Over's performance becomes greater than a simple AI-controlled suit. It later pursues Hamazura Shiage, Hattori Hanzou, Kuruwa, and Fremea Seivelun into a building in a coordination attack with other suits from Silvercross's collection.[2]

After creating an elaborate trap and using various objects, Shiage and the others manage to take down the FIVE_Over by damaging the suit to the point where its AI no longer becomes functional. When Kuroyoru attempts to kill Accelerator with thousands of artificial arms, the hijacked FIVE_Over fires at her and destroys practically all of her equipment; Shiage had removed and replaced its control system with the Dragon Rider's suit, which allows him control of the FIVE_Over.[7]

Baggage City ArcEdit

Main article:Baggage City Arc

Hints of another FIVE_Over being under development is referenced during this arc, most specifically, Shokuhou Misaki's powers.

During Academy City's supression of Baggage City, unmanned Modelcase_"RAILGUN"s are deployed en masse and are used as the main ground units against Science Guardians unmanned powered suits and tanks. With the HsB-07, they show the technological superiority of Academy City.

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