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The Echo Filter (立体反響 (エコーフィルタ) Rittai Hankyō (Ekō Firuta)?, lit. Solid Echo") is a technology used to see beyond obstacles using ultrasonic waves.


It is similar to a the ultrasound that is used on pregnant women to look on the fetus inside a womb, however, the output was stronger.

Originally, the idea of using ultrasound to scan beyond obstacles was derived from research in applications dealing with counter-terrorist operations. However, since the images often end up vague as a result (making it difficult to tell who the person that the ultrasound revealed), it had gone for many years without becoming widely used.[1]

The device can apparently be used in a smart phone.[1]


Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Main article:Baggage City Arc

The Echo Filter is first used by Kihara Enshuu in order to figure out what's behind a certain room's contents. Here, she discovers that Ayles Bigant is behind the door, and later uses a remotely controlled crane to smash down on his hiding place, crushing him, though not killing him.


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