Durandal sword design by Kazuma Kamachi

Durandal (デュランダル?) is a magical artifact sword wielded by the Maiden of Versailles and said to be connected to the Royal Families of France and England.


Durandal's blade is red with a gilded edge and guard.


Originally Charlemagne's sword, due to the king inserting a shard of the Spear of Longinus into the hilt, Durandal is similar to the Curtana blades in that it is imbued with Telesma.[1]

It is able to break through the Knight Leader's 'Thororm's Defense Formula', but only because the Knight Leader's spell has a delibrate flaw that allows England's Royalty's attacks to pierce through, as a sign he is loyal to the Royal family and not making a weapon against them.[2][1]


World War III ArcEdit

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The Maiden of Versailles wields Durandal when she enters the Battle of the Dover Strait, bypassing the Knight Leader's defensive spell and clashing with Carissa's Curtana fragment-produced sword.[1] She later uses it when she teams up with Carissa and the Knight Leader against Misha Kreutzev.[3]

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