Digurv (ディグルヴ Diguruvu?) is a villager from Russia who eventually became an ally to Hamazura Shiage.


He was described as a large man.


He is considered to be a honorable and reasonable person throughout the story. In a conversion with Shiage, he reveals that he doesn't hold any contempt for Japan or Academy City; as he stated that the villages were all being targeted by Russia before the war even started. When a frostbitten Russian soldier is found, Digurv helps him as leaving him to die won't change anything.


World War III ArcEdit

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Digurv was first introduced in volume 20 offering Shiage medical treatment from the village doctor for Takitsubo Rikou in exchange for the gas in the car.[1]

In the first attack by privateers, Digurv carries and protected Rikou from the raid and told Shiage about the privateers' reasons and methods of attacking. Later he and the Russian soldier, Glickin, helped Shiage drive a tank in order to fight the attack helicopters.

He, Glickin and the other villagers later saved the reunited ITEM from its handler and pursuers from Academy City.[2]


As a tourist guide, Digurv can speak Japanese.