Disciplinary Action (ディシプナリ・アクション Dishipunari Akushon?), known mostly as DA, is a rogue group within Anti-Skill that is obsessed with bringing justice to Academy City to the point of extremism and zealotry.

An organization within the Dark Side of Academy City, they are currently the primary antagonistic organization in Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator.


On paper, the DA is referred to as a cooperative organization within Anti-Skill. The organization began originally as a group of those who received disciplinary action for going overboard in their law enforcement.[1] In reality however, it is a secret society that will use any means necessary to carry out what they call "justice".[1]

Much about the group is currently unknown, though they have extreme beliefs against the "evils" plaguing Academy City[2] are apparently willing to kill and use secretive methods to do it, like the Coffins.[3]

Despite their actions, the organization apparently gathers many sympathizers, allowing it to grow. From these sympathizers, the organization receives information, funding, and technology, enough for them to even boast that they can oppose the Board of Directors.[1] These people range from current and former Anti-Skill members to the highest echelons of Academy City such as Nakimoto Rizou.[4]

However, due to their zealotry and extreme actions, it is not uncommon for higher-ups to oppose them after growing fed up with their actions. Indeed, Nakimoto Rizou, who finances the organization, eventually decides that they are trouble and hires Scavenger against them.[4]


Nishio states that the organization's "mission statement" is to mercilessly crush evil.[2] According to Estelle Rosenthal they are apparently trying to add a new layer to the world using Last Order, endangering not only the city but the entire world.[3]


The organization is composed mostly of members of Anti-Skill that have been given "disciplinary action" for going overboard in their law enforcement duties.[1] They are the ones that carry out the missions for the organization. As stated above, the organization draws in sympathizers, from which they get the other members of the organization, such as influential people, rejected defense contractors, and even dangerous neuroscientists.[1]

Members of the organization are apparently very zealous in bringing justice, and shows no reservations on purging other members who are deemed as cowardly.[1]

Aiho succinctly states that DA is like all of Anti-Skill's "darkness" has been gathered all in one place.[1]



On top of their standard Anti-Skill equipment, the organization is supplied by technology by their sympathizers. Their technology is enough for them to boast that they can oppose the Board of Directors with them. Even Yomikawa Aiho admits that their technology far surpasses the Anti-Skills own top technology.[1]

Below are a list of technology that is unique to the organization: