The Beta World or Version_Beta is a phase-shifted version of the world appearing in the "second" Chapter 6 of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 9. It is the second recreation of the world by Magic God Othinus, serving the purpose of breaking Kamijou Touma's spirit.


This world is eerily similar to the original world where Touma came from. It's most notable aspect is "Kamijou Touma" a person who is living the real Kamijou Touma's life in this world. He seemingly has a similar personality to Touma, but is described as having a different height, weight, facial features, and hair color.[1] He however is describe as having spiky-hair, similar to the real Touma.[2]

It can be assumed that the events that have transpired in Touma's original world also transpired here, as exemplified with Kumokawa Maria referencing "Touma" saving her in Baggage City.[2] It is likely that only the events that began on 8th Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index volume, where Touma is called up by Leivinia Birdway and Lessar to aid in stopping Othinus is not included, and through "Kamijou Touma's" actions after Othinus allows Tsukuyomi Komoe to kill Touma in the Alpha World,[3] it is seemingly a nightmare to him.[4] It is unknown how "Kamijou Touma" is able to resolve the various incidents that Touma faced without Imagine Breaker as there can only be one of it, and Touma existed within it when Othinus recreated the world.

This is a world where Othinus attempts to break Touma's spirit by proving to him that it doesn't matter who saves the people Touma saves, and that anyone could be "Kamijou Touma" for those people, and making him doubt who he truly is.[1]


Magic God Othinus ArcEdit

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

Touma briefly witnesses "Kamijou Touma's" life unfold as if it was his own, while he sits at the very back of their classroom, apparently unnoticed and ignored. As he trembles at what has transpired, Othinus appears before him, explaining that anyone could be "Kamijou Touma" and that for those people, it did not matter who Kamijou Touma was, as people will only look upon someone's deeds and not the person doing them.[1]

She then asks him if he can still continue on to which Touma replied that he won't deny this world he protected and it's valuable for him. Despite Othinus trying to break his will him, Touma still decided that it is alright if everyone abandon him and that he will just rebuild his connections with them. Othinus then asked him who he is, then Touma realizes that he no longer knew who he was.[1] While Touma is contemplating about his identity,[5] Othinus asked his name, what kind of person he is originally, the kind of people he is surrounded with, as well as the person he wanted to protect. She told him that as thanks for letting her kill some time, she will return him to his former position as long as he tells her his proper name. She showed him his own class photo and told him that if he chose correctly who he is in that photo then she will return his world, life and existence. Despite the fact that Othinus is trying to break his sense of identity, he insisted that he is Kamijou Touma. Othinus utterly displeased asked how did he catch on to which Touma replies that she gave him a hint.[6]

He tells her if that if her goal was nothing more than to make him suffer, he would never have given him his class photo, showing that she had a reason for showing it to him. Touma says that Othinus that though she said that he was in the class photo, she never warned him it was someone other than Kamijou Touma. He says that she was hoping to see him choose wrong when he could easily choose correctly. Touma then references Othinus saying a bit earlier on how she said that she saw no meaning in setting up someone else as "Kamijou Touma", a doll she had total control over and tormenting him. Othinus is disappointed in being unable to destroy Touma's identity. Touma says though he doesn't know how she was able to set up those tricks to make him doubt himself, if she had given him another name she could've simply applauded and praise him. He says that she could've create as much false evidence as she needed to prove he had chosen correctly. Failing at breaking Touma once more, Othinus once again erases the world, returning it to the Black World. Thus ends the Beta World.[6]

Othinus says that what she had set up was too high a level for an idiot like him, and references on how having no worries could be called a talent when it reaches the extreme on how Touma sees himself. She tells him on how she is impressed on how he feels little unease about himself. Although exasperated with Touma's stubborness, she asks him how many cards he thinks is in her deck, and asks him if it would stop in the mere tens of thousands. With that, Othinus recreates the world once more, and Kamijou Touma faces an uncounted number of realities full of his suffering.[6]


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