Balbina (バルビナ Barubina?) is a minor character from the Magic Side introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2. A Roman Catholic, she is a vendor who sells dubious wares to people.


Balbina is a short girl with blue eyes, freckles, and blond hair that she cuts short.[1] She is depicted as wearing a purple suit over a white shirt and red bowtie.


As her appearance is that of a child, her personality is that of a child, saying that the things she hates the most are parents, teachers, and missionaries. Judging by Lidvia Lorenzetti's words, Balbina makes a habit of sneaking out of morning sermons and instead go to town in order to set up souvenir shops. Lidvia has described her as "an unintelligent little lamb in the middle of her rebellious age".[1] Despite this, she is quite knowledgeable in Roman Catholic culture and history, lecturing Kamijou Touya regarding the reasons behind the Martedí Grasso (Mardi Gras) festival.[1] Moreover, she is also apparently skilled is selling her wares, as Leivinia Birdway can attest.


Balbina is shown to be acquaintanced with Oriana Thomson and seems to be quite aware of Lidvia's strange antics.[1] She is seen always with her bag, and in there she carries many dolls and dried plants that have magical properties, from her items she is able to identify which magic properties they have, how powerful they are and how they must be properly activated in order to have an actual effect.[1] This is apparently because she can set up her show anyway she wants, as is the case when Touya finds her, with her shop inside a tent spread out on the stone pavement.[1] She describes her activities of "gaining extra cash by ripping off tourist with wrongly advertised products with a big smile on her face" as "there is nothing wrong with a little part time job".[1]


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The Fourth Friday of FebruaryEdit

Escaping Lidvia's sermon, Balbina sets up a shop in the middle of the road and meets a traveling businessman, Kamijou Touya. Touya wonders about the festivities going around him, to which Balbina lectures him about it regarding Lent coming up. Balbina assumes Touya to be a mere tourist but he reveals that he is a businessman who just finished some business negotiations. He then lectures her about how to run a business, much to her apathy. Balbina then asks if he is going to buy something from her or not. Touya reveals that he wants a good luck charm. After rummaging through her pile of goods, Balbina hands him a lucky dollar bill for 100 euros. Touya points out that Italy doesn't even use dollars, though she ignores him as she hands out a receipt, though she stops after his remonstrations. Then, seeing Lidvia coming, hurriedly packs up her things and apologizes to Touya. She says that someone who won't let her sell souvenirs is headed their way, saying that she is strict about ripping people off, then lists three things she hates: parents, teachers, and missionaries. With that she bolts off.[1]

Despite this, Touya chances upon Balbina five times, and five times does she run away from Lidvia whom later meets up with Touya again. After Touya reveals to Lidvia that he is trying to get rid of his son's tremendous fortune, she becomes enamored at the thought of conquering a difficult challenge. She calls out to Balbina, calling her "Magical Plant Master Balbina" as she ran down in alley. In her fervor, she finally finds the wayward blond girl, dragging her by the nape of her neck as the girl pouts. Balbina complains, but is told by Lidvia that she has no time for her complaints and explains the situation to Balbina. Hearing that Lidvia is trying to save someone, Balbina pulls out some strange dolls and dried plants from her bag and then starts writing on a notebook. Balbina has gathered all the items she has that don't need a chant or a ceremony and has an effect even if left alone. Balbina says that if he is to make sure to follow the warnings on storing them that she is writing for him it should all work out. Lidvia says that it would be bad if he was caught by an anti-magician organization where he lives and asks if he is concealing his souvenirs. Balbina says that there is no problem as the items are all below the level of a spiritual item and none of them are only used for magical things, as such they aren't enough to draw attention, making them pass more as odd souvenirs even to professional magicians. They push the items to Touya with their seal of approval, and Lidvia furthermore pushes a Bible into his pocket. Lidvia then says if that it isn't enough then he should see a church in his area, saying that they build them in order to protect the lambs who are suffering from meaningless tragedy. Touya just laughs and says that though he wouldn't say he believes in god, but if there are people as kind as them who believes in a god, perhaps he could too.[1]

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Lidvia's elation and new plan.

After Touya leaves, Lidvia still in ecstasy, followed by Balbina, runs off to tell Oriana Thomson the good news. She bumps into Oriana, making her spill her gelato as she continues to cry out in joy. Ignoring Oriana, she explains to her that today she discovered that she was mistaken about the Japanese. She says that she thought that they were the enemies of society for having Academy City, as such she never though that there was a father in Japan who cared so much for his child. She tells her that they may have to alter their plan in capturing Academy City using a gentler and more peaceful one. Oriana then asks to Balbina why Lidvia is so worked up, to which she explains to Oriana. She sighs upon hearing it after picking herself up again. Suddenly, still in joy, Lidvia yells and then bumps Oriana with her wiggling hips, making her fall to the ground again. Balbina's face can only pale at what had happened to Oriana. However, Lidvia continues to ignore this and speaks. She says that difficulties are called difficulties because they aren't easily solved, and says that they should start solving it from one end for the sake of those who do not know how fun it is. She tells them that they need to prepare the spiritual item, and since it is heavily affected by the stars they need to take measurements for the corresponding coordinates for the location. Balbina runs off again as Lidvia continues her excited rambling. Oriana tries to run off as well, but Lidvia captures her before she could.[1]

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Balbina apparently sold papyrus to Leivinia Birdway which she uses for magical purposes. Leivinia later throws a papyrus after using it, apparently not satisfied with it, remarking on how could Balbina sell her that piece of crap.[2]


Despite not showing any apparent magical abilities, she apparently has or exudes magic power that can be identified by Lidvia as being hers.

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Design evolutionEdit

Balbina's design remains static throughout the series. Haimura states that he had little problem in drawing her, and only focused on making her more adorable than moe.



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