Archangel Michael (神の如き者 (ミカエル) Kami no Gotokisha (Mikaeru)?, lit. "The Likeness of God") is an angel who is known as "The Likeness of God". Fiamma of the Right, the leader of God's Right Seat, is aligned with Michael. It is said that the sword Curtana has power equaling the powers of Archangel Michael and that the wielder, the queen, acts as the leader of the angels while the knights themselves act as angels.[1]


Archangel Michael was created by God to defeat the malfunctioning Lucifer.[2] Michael defeated the legions of fallen angels and Lucifer himself, casting them down with the power of his right hand.[3] He then assumed the position that Lucifer formally held, that of leader of the angels.[2]



Though Archangel Michael himself has yet to appear, the extent of his power is suggested by his background,[3] the immense powers of fellow Archangel Gabriel and the power displayed by the Curtana, which was drawn from him.[4]


  • In the Abrahamic tradition, the archangel Michael is commonly perceived as one of the highest-ranking angels and ranked as the commander of the army of God.

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