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An Involuntary Movement, better known as AIM (無自覚 (AIM) Mujikaku (AIM)?, lit. "No Awareness"), is a term used to refer to the phenomenon in which an esper involuntarily produces an invisible energy field around the esper.[1] While the AIM Diffusion Field (AIM拡散力場 AIM Kakusan Rikiba?) is the energy field that surrounds the esper that is made up of the aggregation of that energy.

It is only detectable through the use of machines,[1] and is unique to the esper.[Notes 1]


AIMDispersionField IndexManga

An illustration on how AIM diffusion fields work, as depicted in the Toaru Majutsu no Index manga adaptation.

AIM is a weak energy that is unconsciously emitted by espers. It cannot be detected by the five senses, and can only be detected through the use of machines, barring espers who can actually sense them,[1] or people like Takitsubo Rikou who can detect and even track the AIM of an esper.[2]

AIM diffusion fields are apparently unique to the type of esper ability, as well as to the individual themselves. A few examples: Pyrokinesis espers heat up their surroundings, telekinesis espers create pressure, and electromasters release electromagnetic fields.[1] Those with the same AIM diffusion field can cause an AIM Diffusion Field Resonance, making the effects of their AIM diffusion field seem stronger.[3]

As they are supernatural in origin, the Imagine Breaker dispels AIM diffusion fields, making its owner the only esper without one.

Relation to Personal RealityEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index E11 21m 13s

It is the AIM diffusion field that is released by Misaka Mikoto in the form of an electromagnetic wave, that allows the movement of electronic machinery such as wind turbines.

Personal Reality is irreconcilably connected to AIM, as Personal Reality is the source of all esper abilities and phenomena that are brought into the real world.[4] One can analyze a person's AIM diffusion field in order to figure out their Personal Reality, and in turn, one can investigate someone's personality and behavioral tendencies.[5] Personal Reality can apparently be abused through the AIM diffusion fields,[6] and can apparently be modified through the AIM fields.[4] It would be apt then, to refer to the AIM diffusion fields as the conduit to which an esper's Personal Reality affects the real world, which is the manifestation of their abilities. Furthermore, since each AIM diffusion field is unique to the esper,[2] it can be assumed that is due to the esper's Personal Reality. AIM diffusion fields are what is released by Himegami Aisa to attract vampires,[7] it is what creates electromagnetic waves that moves the wind turbines when it is not moving when Misaka Mikoto is nearby,[8][3] and it is the thin field that surrounds Accelerator.[9]

When there is interference on the AIM diffusion fields, it can cause a simultaneous outbreak of RSPK Syndrome.[10] Moreover, if an esper becomes traumatized or incredibly stressed, they may lose control of themselves and are then unable to view reality properly,[11]which would lead to the RSPK Syndrome, the AIM diffusion fields of the esper would affect their surroundings similar to that of an earthquake.[10]

Relation to magicEdit

AIM diffusion field is not harmful to magicians, and despite the massive diffusion field that is aggregated in Academy City, magicians are not harmed when they enter the city and are unharmed when they use magic. Moreover, even if they are a hybrid, the presence of AIM will not harm the user. However, if a magician were to use an esper ability or an esper were to use magic, they would suffer grievous injuries due to the fact that magic and esper powers operate through different laws. This is extended if ever an aggregation of AIM diffusion is "brought out" into the world, specifically, the Imaginary Number District, which creates pressure in the area wherein it is located, making any magician overload and injure themselves.[12]

AIM diffusion field technologyEdit


Scientists and researchers, such as the likes of Kiyama Harumi, devote their time to research AIM,[13] and have facilities such as the AIM Analytic Research Center dedicated to it.[14] It is also very important in the Academy City curriculum and is taught to students as early as a student's first year of middle school.[13] AIM diffusion fields, as stated above, is also used to investigate the personal reality of an esper.[5]

AIM diffusion fields is the common demoninator in all espers, allowing for brainwave networks to exist if the espers have the same brainwave patterns.[14]


There has been plans to develop a restraining device to restrict the use of powers by taking advantage of the AIM diffusion fields of espers, though Shirai Kuroko states that the restraining device would be too dangerous since esper powers originate deep within the brain.[15]

Technology such as the AIM Jammer is set up to diffusely reflect an esper's AIM diffusion field causing the esper to interfere with his own power,[16] and the level of danger that an esper faces when confronted with an AIM Jammer is dependent on the fact that the esper uses complex calculations with their powers, though depends on the individual to what extent they need these calculations.[17]

Aggregation of AIM diffusion fieldsEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index E23 15m 42s

The "City of Shimmers" is another dimension that exists due to the aggregation of the esper's AIM diffusion fields.

One of the most important aspects of AIM diffusion fields aggregating. AIM Diffusion Field Resonance occurs when espers with the same type of AIM diffusion field resonate with each other, causing effects of the AIM diffusion fields more prominent. Moreover, if they are overloaded espers, it could cause a massive RSPK Syndrome outbreak.[3]

However, the prime example of an aggregation of AIM diffusion fields is the Imaginary Number District–Five Elements Institution, a separate realm that exists in the same location as Academy City, and is formed through the millions of AIM diffusion fields of the espers that reside in the city,[18] which is one of the core tenants of Aleister Crowley's plans.

Artificial AngelsEdit

Main article: Artificial Heaven

So far shown, artificial angels, or more precisely, artificial beings, since they do not follow the laws of any religion,[19] are formed through the AIM diffusion fields of espers. The likes of Kazakiri Hyouka, which is molded by Aleister Crowley,[19] and the AIM Burst, which is an aggregation of the AIM diffusion fields of the espers of the Level Upper Network, afer Kiyama Harumi lost control of it, can be referred to as Artificial Angels.[20]

Artificial angels have queer powers. For example, the AIM Burst have the ability to use all the powers of the espers that are connected to the Level Upper network,[20] whilst Kazakiri Hyouka exhibit tremendous self-regeneration and strength,[21] among others.

As they are merely an aggregation of AIM diffusion fields, they are most likely be able to be dispelled by the Imagine Breaker. In fact, Kazakiri Hyouka's consciousness was born out of the fear of the Imagine Breaker.[19]

Similarly, espers such as Accelerator and Kakine Teitoku, whose powers are unique and have divine properties, can Awaken and gain greater control of their AIM fields, allowing them to update the very laws of reality themselves. In Accelerator's case, his wings are an expression of his AIM diffusion field.[22]

Likewise, being the purpose of Fuse KAZAKIRI, is to have it take shape, Aiwass also requires a field with vast amounts of AIM to manifest himself.[23]

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  1. Takitsubo Rikou's AIM Stalker allow her to memorize the AIM diffusion field of an esper. One can extrapolate that all AIM diffusion fields are unique to the esper.


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