Aleister Crowley, the greatest magician in history.

Aleister's Plan is the goal of which Aleister Crowley has for the entire world. The full extent or even general details are unknown as Aleister and Aiwass are the only ones who know. With Aleister's genius level intellect, he calculated for every possibility, backup plans for interference and counters for any possible threats.

In a conversation with Tsuchimikado Motoharu, it is implied that Aleister is attempting to rid the world of magic and turn Earth into an artificial heaven, and people will become artificial angels.[1]

One of his theories was of the Aeons of Osiris and Horus — abandoning the old rules of Christianity and start anew with new laws and freedom. He based this apparently after witnessing an ugly side of believers from a certain strict Christian denomination and of the modern magical society that claims to have abandoned mundane desires.[2]

Details and ResultsEdit

Plans related to the AIM Dispersion FieldEdit

On the Imaginary Number DistrictEdit

Academy City is the only place in the world that has and creates esper powers and advanced technology that can rival the Magic side. Moreover, regarding espers, they are a vital part in the plan as the aggregation of their AIM dispersion fields creates the Imaginary Number District, and allows both Kazakiri Hyouka and Aiwass to take shape in the world.[3]

The Imaginary Number District has a different set of laws than those who abide to religions,[1] when the Imaginary Number District, however, is brought forth into the same realm as Academy City, it creates pressure inside the city, making all magicians that use magic inside the city overload and injure themselves.[4]

On the SistersEdit

The Sisters Project was made to produce clones of Misaka Mikoto for military use, but was later scrapped when researchers discovered that the clones were only 2-3 levels.[5] The project was later reused for the Level 6 Shift, creating 20,000 clones for Accelerator to kill in order to achieve Level 6.[6] However, this too was scrapped due to Touma's actions. Although earlier than planned, Aleister wanted to have the Level 6 Shift fail all along in order to migrate the massive amount of individual clones to outside facilities for treatment.[1] Moreover, they can also be used for military operations, such as what happened during the Gemstone Mining incidents.

This is because Aleister wanted to cover the globe with the remaining Sisters, who, being espers, release AIM fields.[1]

On Angels and beingsEdit

Perhaps the most crucial of all parts of the mysterious plan surrounding AIM, is the creation of angels, all brought out through the AIM dispersion fields by espers. The first angel brought out was the Key to the Imaginary Number District, Kazakiri Hyouka, which when inputted with a code can become Fuse=KAZAKIRI, a powerful angelic form.[7]

However, it is later revealed that Fuse=KAZAKIRI was simply a model to allow Aiwass a mysterious powerful being that was once Aleister's mentor into the world. Like Hyouka, it requires the AIM dispersion fields to even exist, and like her, requires a code inputted into Last Order that is propagated into the Misaka Network in order to take shape.[3]

However, the is even greater speculation to this is that Aiwass may even be just simply a means not an end to the plan, as it is continued to be kept secret despite its potential against Academy City's enemies.[8]

Plans related to individuals of special interestEdit


Referred to as The One Who Wields the Power of God,[9] since Level 5s are ranked in which how much use they are to the research of SYSTEM,[10] Accelerator being the 1st ranked is the closest to achieving Level 6 and understanding the sense of the heavens.[6] It is confirmed that Aleister truly does want Accelerator to go "beyond" Level 6, as asked by the Heaven Canceller towards him, as he stated that he has successfully inputted the with the numerical settings of the AIM dispersion fields into Accelerator, and in the process of making Accelerator, Last Order, and Kazakiri Hyouka as the Trinity.[11] This maybe a reference to Accelerator getting black wings. If so, it could mean that Accelerator gaining even more angelic properties such as white wings and a halo, as what happened in World War III, maybe a step forward in his plans.[12]

Kakine TeitokuEdit

Referred to as The One Who Has Touched the Territory of God,[9] he is the "Spare Plan" for Aleister Crowley's plans if ever Accelerator fails to meet his expectation. Despite Aleister's apparent disregard for his life, it has been shown that Teitoku is only as useful as his powers, and is still "reused" by him to create Dark Matter after collecting the parts of his body in his dismemberment during his battle with Accelerator.[13] After being replaced by Beetle 05 in becoming Kakine Teitoku, it is unknown what state Teitoku now has in Aleister's plans.

Kamijou ToumaEdit

Perhaps the most central of all in his plans is Touma, who wields the current generation of the Imagine Breaker. It is implied by Heaven Canceller that Aleister had influence in having Touma sent to Academy City.[11] The most readily significant change that Touma's arrival in Academy City is giving birth to Kazakiri Hyouka, Aiwass' model, in the Imaginary Number District due to fear of it being killed by Touma's Imagine Breaker.[1]

Despite his importance to his plans, he is more than willing to use Touma in dangerous situations, and is described by Stiyl Magnus as it is almost like Aleister is deliberately giving Touma trials to overcome like the Saints of ancient times.[14] Although seemingly not enough for Touma to handle or for Aleister to influence, as he gives a direct order in retrieving Kamijou Touma back to Academy City, keeping it best that he is alive.[15] Moreover, according to Girl in the dress, that even though Touma and Accelerator act in irregularly, it is still within the range of Aleister's plan.[16]

He is referred to as one of the main cogs of his main plan, and that he has 98% chance of affecting the plan, though it is unknown what this entails.[17] His importance is obviously connected to the Imagine Breaker and the invisible thing inside it. A fact that is so important, that Aleister Crowley appeared back into the world himself after Fiamma of the Right caught a glimpse of it when he severed Touma's right arm from him.[18]

Conclusion and SpeculationEdit

Although it is not yet fully reckoned, we can speculate some parts of Aleister's plans.

Aleister Crowley will enwrap the world in an AIM Field network thanks to the Sisters.[1] Moreover, it has been shown that a being that requires AIM for their existence need not stay in Academy City, but can use the Sister's AIM field to move, as what Kazakiri Hyouka did when she went to Russia, her existence supported by the Sisters.[19] If Tsuchimikado Motoharu's speculations are true that Aleister wants to create an Artificial Heaven,[1] then it is probably for the purpose of allowing beings like Hyouka and Aiwass to exist upon the world, and eliminating the use of magic at the same time.

The ties of the beings that can achieve Level 6, like Accelerator, is still unknown. However, several key terms have often been referenced throughout the series regarding SYSTEM, such as finding a body that exceeds humans and can do God's calculations.[20], that can be used to shed some light in this. It would mean that Aleister is forcing Accelerator to evolve in order to understand concepts that are beyond human, or if Heaven Canceller's speculations are true, beyond God itself. We can infer that this new god's heaven would be the Artificial Heaven that has been created.

Finally, with regards to Touma and his Imagine Breaker's purpose in his plans. According to Aleister himself, other than Fiamma of the Right basing it on an outdated format, what he did was similar to his plan. His plan, according to him, is to change the world by preparing a temple filled with strange power, drawing out the power of the right arm within that temple, and readjusting the thickness of the phase itself with that power. Moreover, he states that "Academy City is not different from a small world that has sealed a certain type of power."[18] This can easily be applied to Aleister preparing Artificial Heaven to completely change the world, with the temple being Academy City filled with the strange power known as AIM. With the context of Aleister and Fiamma's conversation, it would imply that the invisible thing would be critical in the plan, where the power of Touma's right arm would be drawn out. Since Fiamma of the Right summoned an angelic being to change the world, it could be assumed that Aleister would do something similar as well, like Aiwass being summoned to distort the world.

In the end, there is still uncertainty in what Aleister is planning, but it would most likely not be contained in Academy City alone. Though not confirmed, it is likely related to his initial motivations for starting down the path of magic; his childhood-born hatred of the God who created the world as well as his desire to find the correct laws which that God could not and improve the world and humanity.[21][22]

Other thingsEdit

Another aspect of Aleister's plan which has yet to be elaborated upon is the 'opposing axis'. The confrontation between Kihara Noukan and Kamisato Kakeru, in which Noukan's Anti-Art Attachment was ineffective due to its connection to Aleister and his conflicting desires, a dead-end which Noukan in the end couldn't break through, was apparently part of the opening act in order to create the 'opposing axis', with Aleister setting up the rails to reach the conclusion benefiting him most while taking into account his own weaknesses. As he was about to be put into cold-sleep, the mortally wounded Noukan considered that his student Kihara Yuiitsu would likely be thrown onto the front line and that the fact that he would be retiring there might well have been arranged as preparation for something, possibly Aleister's next move to deal with World Rejecter, and as such chose his last words to encourage Yuiitsu's growth in order to surpass him and become a new type of Kihara which would be needed for the future.[22]

While no plan has apparently been made by Aleister concerning the Gemstones, he left Kaizumi Tsugutoshi to deal with collecting them rather than let foreign countries crudely experiment on them.[23]


For the most part everything was either according to plan or within acceptable results up until the events at the end of World War III. When Fiamma and Touma clashed, all of rules of the "old world" especially the parts Aleister had controlled were all gone. So many variables and deviations happened to the point where he cannot take any real action even through the use of hostages of others.[2]

As of December 3rd, Aleister has finally recovered and his plan is back on track, however he himself has cursed it for the first time, coming to the realization that what he was doing was little different from what the Magic Gods he so thoroughly hated did.[22]


  • GREMLIN, more specifically, the Majin Othinus. She is attempting to create a new type of esper that rivals Academy City's espers—a Holistic esper. Moreover, she is interested by the "specimen" that resides within the Windowless Building to create such a being.
  • Leivinia Birdway has stated that she was studying his work up until his supposed death, and when she told him that his plan was starting to crumble, he gave her a warning instead of killing her.[2] Due to her manipulations, she created the conditions that led to all 27 companies affiliated with Academy City to cease all cooperation, which led them into forming the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians, another hard hit for Aleister.[24]
  • Aleister himself has stated that Heaven Canceller can easily stop him if he desires so; he only needs to stop the machines that keep Aleister alive and everything would be over. The Frog-Faced Doctor scorned such idea, as Aleister was also one of his patients. Because the doctor refused his last chance at doing so, Aleister cut all links with him, including his control over Aleister's life-support machines.[25]
  • Hamazura Shiage: all scenarios and ideas point out that Level 0s would always die, or at the very least, get heavily injured in a clash of high powers; Shiage constantly breaks all odds and emerges with either superficial or minor injuries. Shiage has defeated a Level 5 three times, something of which is impossible yet done; this has forced Aleister to rework numerous plans and the need to have him eliminated.[16]
  • Imagine Breaker has been stated by Aleister to affect 98% of his plans,[17] thought it is unknown what this entails. However, if Touma were to ever learn the true grasp of Aleister's plans, he would most certainly not take it lying down. Motoharu once warned Aleister that if he continues using the Imagine Breaker, then he should ready himself not to treat him halfheartedly, for surely, his right hand will eat his illusions alive.[1]
  • Ollerus made himself clear on how the Gemstones should be handled in Academy City when he easily took out the strongest gemstone, Sogiita Gunha, to send Aleister a clear message.[26]
  • Fiamma of the Right, with his own version of the right hand; even though Fiamma saw the truth "within" Kamijou Touma, and detaining the means of understanding it with his Osiris knowledge, something Aleister can't allow, he thought it was enough to just cut off Fiamma's physical right arm and beat him, leaving him for dead.[27] He survived, something Aleister hadn't planned, thanks to his Holy Right keeping him alive and the rescue by Ollerus. He might prove to be a reoccurring threat to his plans due to his apparent ability to understand what lies within Kamijou Touma.[28]
  • Fräulein Kreutune is an impediment to the plan, due to her innate drive to learn and transform after acquiring enough information, and then transforming that can reverse the position of prey and predator, and irreversibly damaging her world. She is imprisoned in the Windowless Building to deprive of her senses and putting her in an environment that she does not consider interesting stops her from learning anything and potentially "transforming."[29] After failing to evolve that can threaten Aleister's plan, inadvertently through Touma's efforts, she may no longer be a threat to the plan.[30]
  • Kamisato Kakeru and the World Rejecter weren't known to Aleister prior to the attack on the true Gremlin on December 3rd and thus weren't initially factored into the plan.[31][32][21][22]
  • Misaka Mikoto coming into contact with the Anti-Art Attachment has created a potential threat which Aleister intends to have eliminated.[33]


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