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Agnese Forces
Toaru Majutsu no Index II E03 01m 21s

Agnese Sanctis prepares her nuns for battle.

Background information
Status Active
Side Magic side
Religion Roman Catholicism
Magic Specialization Christian-Based Magic
Type Religious paramilitary organization
Size 250
Headquarters St. George's Cathedral (In their time with the Anglican Church)

Leaders Agnese Sanctis

The Agnese Forces (アニェーゼ部隊 Anyēze Butai?) is a religious paramilitary organization formed from the nuns that follow the Roman Catholic religion, and is led by Agnese Sanctis. Originally under the control of the Vatican, after the rescue of their forces during the La Regina del Mare Adriatico incident, they have allied themselves with the Anglican Church as members of Necessarius but remain as practitioners of Roman Catholicism.[1]

After World War III, they have taken measures in trying to return to the Roman Catholic Church and are once again under their command.[2][3]


It is unknown when the Agnese Forces was founded. It can be assumed that they are composed of many orphans taken in by the Church.[4] It's unknown why Agnese was made the leader, though it's assumed that this was due to her leadership abilities and the fact that the nuns follow as their leader.


Toaru Majutsu no Index II E04 16m 46s

Agnese Forces nuns shooting at Touma on top of the Church of Orsola.

The Agnese Forces follow the religion of Roman Catholicism, and the canon of the Roman Catholic Church. Despite this, the group's mentality seem to follow what its leader is thinking. As such, when Agnese uses deceit on others such as when she tricked Touma and the Anglican Church to handing Orsola Aquinas to them, and blindly follow the dogma of her Church, such as when she puts Orsola Aquinas through a mock Trial of Sin.[5] They are also willing to put themselves in harm's way, such as stabbing their ears just so they cannot hear Index's Sheol Fear.[6]

Moreover, when she doubts, the group also doubts. Orsola references that Agnese Forces' actions are based on doubts, not on faith and trust.[5] Indeed, after being cornered by Touma, Stiyl Magnus with his Innocentius, and the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, there was doubt in the Agnese Forces if they could turn the situation to their favor, and doubted Agnese's capacity to defeat Touma, whom hesitated with her actions.[7]

However, after the events of La Regina del Mare Adriatico, they, like their leader, have reformed. She joins Necessarius, and remains the leader of the forces, as well as a practitioner of Roman Catholicism, severing their connection with the Vatican which scapegoated them and used them as tools. Now, they have shown that they are more carefree.[1] In spite of this, they still retain a sense of camaraderie towards each other and remain loyal to Agnese Sanctis.


They are called battle nuns, and as the name implies that they can do battle.[8] Their weapons range from normal medieval weaponry such as polearms and swords, to the queer, such as silver rods, giant crosses, gears, torches, and wheels.[9] Not only that, they gather information, investigations, prosecute enemies, and if necessary, kill them,[5] They also treat the injured.[10] utilizing their vast numbers to their advantage.

It can be assumed that the Agnese Forces is a specialty force designed to allow the Roman Catholic Church to have them to do their work without the need to share or claim responsibility for the actions of the group. As such, they can be used as scapegoats if they have outlived their usefulness, or if they become a liability.[11]


Toaru Majutsu no Index II E04 21m 25s

The infamous ear-stabbing scene, showing off the nuns' dedication to their work.

The nuns most often report directly to Agnese Sanctis, however, due to their great sizes, can be split up into groups, such as what happened with Lucia giving orders to other nuns.[6] However, before joining Necessarius, the nuns were under the control of the Vatican, and its representative, as what happened with the forces being under the control of Biagio Busoni for a time after being branded as sinners.[12] Moreover, due to the vastness of the Roman Catholic Church, and the fact that it has several factions, the threat of an enemy inside the Church far outnumber than those in the outside, as such the Agnese Forces still require consent from the Vatican on certain matters, such as the trial of Orsola Aquinas.[13]

Notable MembersEdit

Current Leader: Agnese Sanctis

Subordinate MembersEdit

Notable SpellsEdit

Doesn't include the magic that is unique to an individual, such as the Lotus Wand.


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Agnese Forces

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