Aero Hand (空力使い (エアロハンド) Kūryoku Tsukai (Earo Hando)?, lit. "Vacuum User") is an esper power that allows the user to propel objects through the air using their hands.


When the user touches an object, they can create ejection points for air, allowing them to propel the object if they are of high enough Level. Multiple ejection points can be created at a time, though this is probably dependent on the Level of the user, as well as the strength of the ejection point. Moreover, when an object cannot be propelled when an ejection point is created blasts of air can still be produced.[1]

There is a delay for the propulsion of an object after having an ejection point created,[2] the duration of which is dependent on the user. As such, a user can seemingly "activate" their ejection points when they are ready.[3] It is likely that this too is dependent on a user's level.

A Level 4 like Kongou Mitsuko can propel trucks into the air, Powered Suits,[2] walls, and parabolic antennas.[1] When Saten Ruiko used Level Upper, she gained the power to levitate leaves around her palms, which was referred to as Aero Hand.[4]

Known Aero Hand usersEdit