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Acqua of the Back

Acqua profile

Personal Info
Name (Kanji) 後方のアックア
Name (Romaji) Kōhō no Akkua
Sorcery Name Flere210 - One who changes the reason of tears
Gender Male
Affiliation God's Right Seat (Former)
Ability Name Divine Mother's Mercy (聖母の慈悲 Seibo no Jihi?)
Voiced By Hiroki Tōchi

Novel Volume 13

Manga n/a

Anime Index II Episode 22

Acqua of the Back (後方のアックア Kōhō no Akkua?), born as William Orwell (ウィリアム=オルウェル Wiriamu Oruweru?), is a side character of Toaru Majutsu no Index.

A member of God's Right Seat, his sorcery name is Flere210, "The one who changes the reason of tears" (その涙の理由を変える者 Sono Namida no Riyū o Kaeru Mono?). The name "Acqua" is derived from the Italian word for water.


He is brown haired man who usually wears blue things which are related to the color of the symbol of God's Power. He is quite tall and very muscular, which is unique for someone from God's Right Seat since the others are rather thin due to their fighting style.


A realist when it comes to combat, recognizing that there is only allies and enemies on the battlefield and shows no mercy when it comes to a battle. Outside combat he is an honorable and intelligent person. Because of his actions outside battle, being considerate to the victims he helps, he is called a 'Sage' in some circles.

Like Touma, he also is true to his ideals, though his ideals are different to Touma's. As suggested by William's crest when he was designated to be a Knight, his goal is harmony between the four cultures (English, Irish, Dutch and Scottish) and three factions (Knights, Royalty and Anglican Church) of UK so they can perform at the best of their abilities, and believes by performing outside the system he himself can do things that any one of the factions cannot do when restrained by political pressure. He doesn't seem to hold grudges towards the people he's fought against and is willing to work with them, another trait he share with Touma.

In addition, also like Touma, he values his friendship with others, though he won't allow that to get in the way on the battlefield. This is demonstrated when he finally defeated Knight Leader in volume 18, saying though he have won he did not carry a blade that used to kill an old friend. While he respect strong fighters, he also respect people who protect others from violence and those who show strong resolve, even when they're his enemies at the time.

Overall, William Orwell is like a more mature, battle-hardened version of Kamijou Touma.


AcquaOfTheBack escutcheon
Acqua of the Back's escutcheon.
Per saltire, azure and ciel dancetty, azure and ciel lozengy, ciel and azure paly, ciel and azure chequy, a saltire gules within a bordure gules, dexter chief wyvern statant seen from above, sinister to dexter selkie rampant, and dexter base unicorn statant seen from above facing each other, all vert
TheGreatEyeAdded by TheGreatEye

He was formerly a mercenary that operated mostly for the benefits of UK, taking jobs from the Royal faction and sometimes working with the Knights of England, but later changed his religion and joined God's Right Seat. He's also the only one who does not ignore the opinions of the Pope.

An example of his actions are the "England Third Princess Rescue Mission"[1], where he uses his role as a mercenary to step into any battlefield when the Knights of England are otherwise tied down by political issues and orders from the Royalty faction. His friend, Knight Leader of the Knights, was willing to give up his Family Crest and all that comes with it in order to accompany him and help save the then 14-year old 3rd princess, but was disabled by William from doing so. Saying that his own role as a mercenary means he can enter any battlefield, but he can't stop the same scenario from happening again, where one of the Royalty is discarded like a mere pawn, so looking at the long run the Knight Leader needs to keep his position as a Knight where he has access to the Royal faction and prevent something like this happening again.

Other notable actions taken by William Orwell include his rescue of the Astrological Surgery Brigade when they were being pursued by the forces of the Russian Orthodox Church [2] and his defeat of France's largest magic cabal, the Knights of Orleans, together with a young boy whose friend had been taken by the cabal for their attempt to create one with the same powers as Joan of Arc and whom William had convinced to stand and fight to protect her.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Academy City Invasion ArcEdit

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

His first appearance is at the end of this arc, when he picks up Vento after she is defeated by Touma. He tells Touma that the Invasion is over and the people affected by Vento's divine punishment would recover soon. However, when Touma presses the issue further, he tells Touma that he is a saint and that Touma should not even try to fight him, and he leaves. While leaving Academy City, he also receives a call from Terra regarding his next course of action.

Document of Constantine ArcEdit

Main article: Document of Constantine Arc

Some time before the beginning of the October riots, Acqua of the Back, along with the Pope, comes upon Terra of the Left drinking cheap wine, trying to replenish his strength. Acqua of the Back comments on Terra's taste on using cheap wine and is later scolded by the Pope for smirking at Terra's joke regarding his knowledge of wines despite being a mercenary. Terra of the Left prepares to leave, intending to use the Document of Constantine to cause mayhem among the constituents of the Church against Academy City in order to draw the Russian Orthodox Church to their side. Acqua of the Back objects to the use of civilians, but Terra of the Left states that it would be unnatural not to use the Church's vast human resources, much to Acqua of the Back's chagrin. Terra of the Left later leaves, and the Anti-Academy City October riots begin.[4]

Acqua of the Back later receives disturbing reports of children and sight-seers being used by Terra of the Left in order to make alignment adjustments to his Execution of Light spell. Later, Terra of the Left returns to the Vatican and meets up with Acqua of the Back in St. Peter's Basilica. Even though the Document of Constantine was destroyed, Terra is satisfied with the results at the Russian Orthodox have been forced by the recent events that have transpired to ally themselves with the Roman Catholic Church. With the sides finally drawn for the War, Terra says that they should discuss how to move their troops from here on with Fiamma of the Right, and states that he wants to observe Academy City's repsonse as well as the Imagine Breaker. Before he leaves, Acqua of the Back asks him if the information he has received that he used children and tourists on the outskirts of Rome to make some alignment adjustments for his Execution of Light spell. Terra of the Left responds callously and bluntly, and says that he did. He asks Acqua if such a thing is worth bringing up, to which he responds if Terra wasn't supposed to act in order to save of humanity without discrimination. Terra says that he is doing so, but states that pagans are not even human, and states that he made sure that the targets for his alignment adjustments were not believers in the Roman Catholic Church. Terra is annoyed about the subject Acqua is bringing up as he is too busy with trying to improve his spell.[5]

Suddenly, Acqua of the Back takes a pillar from the basilica and smashes Terra of the Left in half. Terra is still alive and tried to use his spell to close his wounds but is unable to. Despite slowly dying, Terra's expression remained calm, believing that even if he died, in the end he would be chosen by God in the Final Judgment and led to the Holy Kingdom. Seeing Terra's expression, Acqua tells Terra that there is no way he would be chosen by God, and mocks him for still being deluded, stating that the only place he'll be going to will be Hell. Terra is able to comprehend Acqua's words, turning his once calm expression to that of scorn. There, Terra of the Left dies.[5]

The Pope then arrives and tells Acqua of the Back to be careful on not destroying the St. Peter's Basilica, not just because of aesthetic and historical reasons, but also because of its importance in defensive functions. Acqua then states that the problem in organizations, that there is always someone out of control in it, and cites God's Right Seat and Terra of the Left as an example. He tells the Pope that it is not enough for God's Right Seat to achieve its goal and become La Persona Superiore a Dio for his desure to save more believers, and states that in order for God’s Right Seat to continue functioning as it should, it needs someone outside of it to watch over it and to guide it. Acqua of the Back tells the Pope that he is the one most suited for that position. The Pope smiles and says that when he first heard about God's Right Seat, he was overjoyed that there was such a quick way of guiding believers. However, he then states that he realized that God does not wish for an easy path to salvation, and comments on how the Father watching over him truly likes trials and tribulations. The Pope then asks what his next move will be, to which Acqua of the Back comments that there is only one option after Terra was purged and Vento still recuperating. The Pope asks if he is going to attack Japan via Russia as Terra suggested. Acqua of the Back states that civilians should not stand on the battlefield, and that only soldiers need to cross swords, implying to the Pope he will act himself.[5]

Acqua of the Back ArcEdit

Main article: Acqua of the Back Arc
He was the antagonist in Volume 16, in which he defeated Touma and Itsuwa in a relatively q
Index v16 006-007
Acqua vs Amakusas
Tuning01Added by Tuning01
uick battle. He opts not to simply kill Touma right away. Instead, he chooses to give Touma one day to either cut off his right arm or die.

In spite of him being a Saint, his actions earned Itsuwa's hatred, and she swore to defeat him. She along with the other the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church members and Kanzaki Kaori engage Acqua in another battle. He was eventually defeated after Touma had taken him by surprise and both Touma and Kanzaki bought Itsuwa and the other Amakusa's time to use the "Saint Destroyer" to defeat him.

English Civil War ArcEdit

Main article: English Civil War Arc

Later on, he appears again, but still weakened by the effects that created by Amakusa's "Saint Destroyer," his power was reduced to a ordinary Saint.

He participated in the English Civil war protecting Villian from being captured and executed by Carissa and demonstrates why his magic name is "to change the reason of tears" - he saved Villian who was crying in despair, and she ends up crying in tears of happiness that someone actually is willing to save her regardless of the situation. He fights his old friend, the Knight Leader, and finally defeated him in the civil war. Later he, the Knight Leader, and Kanzaki Kaori fight together against Carissa to end the civil war, along with many others supporting them.

After the civil war in England, he heads to Russia in order to stop Fiamma. He left a message for Villian before he left, which the Knight Leader twisted into a indirect way of proposing marriage for the 3rd princess.

World War III ArcEdit

Main article: World War III Arc

In Russia he saves Hamazura Shiage from a privateer attack. Later, he sacrifices himself to reduce Misha Kreutzev's power down to 50% so Accelerator and Kazakiri Hyouka can fight evenly. As he lay dying, Hamazura Shiage came across him and convinced him to not abandon his life, and live on for the people he has saved in times past who follow in his footsteps.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Lance of Gungnir ArcEdit

Main article: Lance of Gungnir Arc

He is first seen with Carissa and the Knight Leader after being temporarily released from the Tower of London for the emergency situation involving GREMLIN. As they prepared to leave to attack Sargasso from a naval port on the northernmost edge of Scotland, they had a brief discussion as to the readiness of the group before setting out in one of their Mobile Fortresses (the Queen Mermaid and the Hotel Aerial) for the alliance's operation. The Knight leader then got the conformation to leave and begin the assault.[6]

On route she receives word that America and Russia will be a little delayed, and though the other two can enter as the second wave of attack, they determined that they will take all glory for themselves. Acqua then asks when Touma will get there, to which Carissa states that he should arrive by the second wave, and notes that due to Academy City's Supersonic Passenger Plane he may arrive before the American and Russian forces. As the island became visible, it is bombed by several Grape Jelly bombs and the Mont Blanc bombs. As the attack took place, Acqua notes on how Carissa's methods never change, and warn her that due to the incident she caused in England, the British Halloween, GREMLIN may had analyzed her methods. Carissa replies that if one removes all the waste and search for the optimal usage of one's weapons, everyone will ultimately arrive at the same place. She states that a military run by a nation needs is an attack method that is impossible to avoid even if you know it’s coming. As they begin to land on the island, Carissa isn't optimistic enough to think that the bombing was enough to kill all the members of GREMLIN, but believed that since they still have the physical body of a human, then they can be killed.[7]

Landing on the island, they are informed that there is no need for gas masks for there were no toxic substances detected after the bombing. Thus, they and the British forces begin their search for GREMLIN. Then, they hear a voice up on a wrecked tanker in the island welcoming them and introducing himself as Loki. He comments that "Lady Othinus" gave him the task of protecting the Sargasso of the North Sea with his life. His explanation is cut short however, after he is shot through the throat with an arrow fired via the Robin Hood spell. Loki then fell from the tip of the tanker he was standing on and slammed to the ground. Carissa then ordered all of her men to continue moving forward. He then suddenly rises, explaining that he is just an illusion and the real Loki is no where near the area. He further explains that he was suspicious of his teammates and worried about a spy, so he created an artificial sky over the true Sargasso and altered Marian Slingeneyer's notes. Reports from the landed forces state that the teams have found no trace of the magic god or the production of the lance in the island: it is completely empty. Carissa and the others then realize they had indeed been led to a false Sargasso on the other side of the world. The illusion bids them farewell and disappears, just as the place is bombed.[7]

Shifting and Fluctuating WorldEdit

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, members of the Gods' Right Seat are all alive and well. Touma sees them in the park where Othinus put Touma in after recreating the world. Vento of the Front walked hand in hand with her younger brother, Terra of the Left is alive and is drinking iced coffee under the same parasol as Fiamma of the Right and Acqua of the Back.[8]

Other appearancesEdit

Video game appearancesEdit

Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP gameEdit

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)
AcquaOfTheBack finisher
Acqua of the Back about to smash his sword unto Itsuwa in his finisher.
TheGreatEyeAdded by TheGreatEye

Acqua of the Back appears as a playable character in the game, and is only unlockable after finishing Kanzaki Kaori's route in the game. He is the final boss for Kamijou Touma's route, as well as Kanzaki Kaori.

Along with Stiyl Magnus, Acqua of the Back is one of the tallest characters in-game. He carries the sword Ascalon, which allows for great range but at the price of a terribly long set-up. Acqua of the Back's heavy attacks are water-based magic spells, which when activated requires the player to activate it again to be used. This unique feature, allows the player to delay the attack until the right time. This can be exploited, as Acqua of the Back can use all heavy attacks on the character at relatively the same time if timed properly, dealing great damage. Acqua of the Back also has an attack that draws an opponent closer using a purple lighted Ascalon.

Acqua of the Back is notable for having no other expression than a scowl in his 2d sprite during the talking parts of the game.


Acqua has many years of battle experience accumulated from his role as a mercenary and can perform maneuvers like blocking a physical attack without needing to see it, judging the distance and direction only by the wind pressure.

  • Divine Mother's Mercy (聖母の慈悲 Seibo no Jihi?): Although a member of God's Right Seat cannot use spells that are used by normal sorcerers, Acqua is blessed with this condition which allows him to use spells that a normal human can use.[9] The Divine Mother's Mercy also removes the limiters on his body, allowing him to use the full extent of his superhuman speed and strength as a Saint, and removes all sin from him, rendering him a sinless human. He is able to remove the sin of murder from an opponent's attack, gaining immunity to it. After his defeat against the Amakusa Church, he was temporarily unable to use the Divine Mother's Mercy, and completely lost it after absorbing half of Misha's Telesma during World War 3.
    • Runic Magic: Acqua makes use of runic magic when fighting against the Amakusa Church,[9] and later on against Kanzaki. Acqua's runes are ones controlling water into various forms, as part of the powers from being part of God's Right Seat and aligning with Archangel Gabriel. Kanzaki notes he is just as capable as "The Power of God," Gabriel, when it comes to manipulating water, having experience in a battle with them both.
    • Some of the other spells he is capable of include vacuum cuts, avalanches, and his trademark technique as a mercenary where a layer of water forms between his feet and the ground, allowing him to move in such a way that he can't be predicted by opponents.
  • Stigma (聖痕 (スティグマ) Seikon (Sutiguma)?): The ability, as a Saint, to call upon God's power, endowing him with super-human capabilities. Divine Mother's Mercy nullifies the limiter of the body so that he can use 100% of said capabilities as a Saint. After the events of Volume 22, Williams loses his power as a Saint, being reduced to a normal magician.


Great Sword Ascalon (聖剣アスカロン Seiken Asukaron?): Acquired by Acqua from the Astrological Surgery Brigade, which was in debt to him, this giant sword is a spiritual item created by an artist at the end of the 16th century who based it on the legendary sword used by St. George. Ascalon was created around the idea of working out what exactly would be needed to slay the dragon from the legend if it actually existed.[10] Though certain writers described the sword in the legend as a one-handed falchion, when such a weapon was actually constructed, the result was a giant sword 3.5m long and weighing 200kg.[10]

The sword possesses various traits which are designed to allow it to be used in different ways, meant to cut through the different parts of the dragon.[11] Magical power is supplied to the section of Ascalon which is to be used and the shine of the blade changes colour depending on which function is being used [12]:

  • Red: A thick axe-like blade, meant to cleave the dragon's sinews.[13]
  • Blue: A thin razor-like blade, meant to cut away the dragon's fat.[13]
  • Green: A church-key spike in the blade, meant to tear the dragon's scales off.[13]
  • Yellow: A fretsaw wire nestled on the blade, meant to disembowel the dragon.[13]
  • Purple: A giant saw on the back of the blade, meant to sever the dragon's bones.[13]
  • Pink: A hook spike attached to the pommel, meant to pull out the dragon's fangs.[13]
  • White: A close-combat spike near the grip, meant to gouge out the dragon's nerves.[13]

Imbedded within the giant sword's grip is a hidden, smaller sword, about 1m long. This sword can release its blade on a thin wire connected to the grip, which can be extended and retracted. A small clasp mechanism is located on the grip to secure the blade. A giant mace can also be produced from the wire.[13]

After Acqua lost his power as a Saint and his Divine Mother's Mercy during World War III, he wasn't able to wield Ascalon anymore.[14]

Bayard: Acqua has one of these animated metal horses, capable of evading magical detection, in his possession at the time of the coup d'état. He used it to transport Princess Villian to safety while he fought the knights.[15]

Character Art DesignEdit

Design evolutionEdit

Acqua of the Back's preliminary design was drawn after the release of volume 13. Acqua of the Back's design has evolved tremendously. Originally, Acqua of the Back wore blue and had blue hair, and his form was skinnier than the current design he has. Haimura states that he wanted to make Acqua of the Back look like a large man, and is the opposite of Accelerator.

Acqua's design was later finalized around the time of volume 15, giving him brown hair and a change of clothes, and a bulkier form. Haimura states that he wanted to do something different to Acqua from Terra and Vento, and as such added fantastical elements to his design, this is also carried towards Fiamma's design. By volume 17 and 18, Haimura once again redesigned Acqua a little bit to stand out more, giving him a more bulkier appearance, and according to his own words, now looks like an old rival and a friend.



  • The narrative from Volume 17, chapter 4, part 8 echoes the Volume 17 prologue, suggesting that William Orwell is just like St. George in terms of arriving just in time to save the damsel in distress.
  • Acqua is the only confirmed saint among God's Right Seat's members.


  • (To Touma in vol.13) "I am a Saint. Pick any unreasonable fight with me and I will shorten your life span."
  • (To Terra in Vol 14) "Just so you know, there is no way you will be chosen by God. I never thought you would remain deluded at this stage. Do you really think you belong anywhere but hell? God knows all. You can ask him for the details at the Final Judgment."
  • (To Knight Leader in vol.18) "I'm sorry to say that, I didn't bring a suitable blade for cutting an old friend."
  • (Regarding Touma from NT volume 8): “When will that right arm boy get here?”



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