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Academy City, being the most advanced city in the Toaru Majutsu no Index has its own quirks in a military system, being primarily based on technological superiority and intimidation. This is a list of the military weaponry, equipment, and military units employed by Academy City shown so far.



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Toaru Majutsu no Index II E19 17m 29s

Anti-Skill on standby.

Although, ordinarily the main police force of Academy City, in times of war, the Anti-Skill are deployed as the primary infantry force of the Academy City military, being used in both the Avignon and Baggage City suppression, as well as the primary operators of the advance technology such as the HsF-00.[1]


HsAFH-11 (Six Wings)Edit

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HsAFH-11 (also called 'Six Wings' (六枚羽 Rokumaiba?)) is a remote-controlled military helicopter used in Academy City. One of these is worth 250,000,000 Japanese Yen.

The helicopter possesses two rocket engines and can travel up to mach 2.5, with some questioning if it can even be called a helicopter. In terms of heavy gun-fire support and moving about it is without peer, with one of them being capable of destroying about 4,500 mercenaries out of the 5,000 hired by BLOCK in mere minutes in the events of Volume 15. The six wings is made in 3 pairs, and can fire at six different positions, thus earning its nickname.

Four WingsEdit

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Currently only seen action in an urban environment in domestic concerns. Four Wings is a slimmer version of the Six Wings, making it more maneuverable than its predecessor. It uses sonic weapons to stop any human resistance and then use machine guns and missiles to finish them off.[2]


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HsF-00 is a giant supersonic fighter plane measuring about 80m in length first introduced in Volume 20. It is capable of moving at a top speed of over 7,000 km/h, as well as doing impossible maneuvers such as flying sideways or spinning like a top. Although the plane is capable of surviving these extreme movements, the pilot cannot. To remedy this problem, the pilot is frozen at -70 degrees Celsius, and there are machines hooked up to the pilots vital organs to preserve life. The computation abilities of the pilots are also enhanced by machines (similar to Accelerator) in order to compensate for the extreme temperatures.

HsB seriesEdit

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HsB refers to a series of supersonic stealth bombers.


HsB-02 is a series of planes made by Academy City, classified as supersonic stealth bomber planes. Its maximum speed can go up to 7,000 km/h, which is capable of out-flying any missiles trying to intercept the planes. First appeared in Volume 14, where 8 of them was sent to Avignon to suppress a riot, along with several hundred of HsPS-15 automated suits.

In addition to it's bombing capabilities, it also has an attack called "Earth Blade" (地殻破断 (アースブレード) Āsu Burēdo?, lit. "Crust Fracture") which by accelerating iron sand into the vacuum left by the plane's speed to over 10,000 km/h can create an blade of molten metal and heated gas that is heated to around 8,000 degrees Celsius.


An updated version of the HsB-02. The most notable change from its predecessor is its use the piloting system of the HsF-00 aircraft, freezing the body of the pilot.[3]


Academy City utilizes AWACS, an airborne radar system designed to detect aircraft at long ranges and control and command the battle space in an air engagement by directing fighter and attack plane strikes. The AWACS utilizes Airborne lasers, powerful enough to take down missiles.[3]

Ground and armored unitsEdit

HsPS-15 (Large Weapon)Edit

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HsPS-15 (also called 'Large Weapon' (ラージウェポン Rāji Uepon?)) is a technology developed by Academy City. It is the newest version of power armor as of Volume 14. It first made its appearance in Railgun Anime Episode 12 cleaning up the the debris after the fight between Mikoto and the AIM Burst, and in the Volume 14 of the novels. It can be worn in addition to Anti-Skill's riot armor, but AI can also be programmed into the armor to make it work without a pilot. From Volume 14, Academy City are in possession of a few hundred of these, up to 1,000 in number.

Modelcase "RAILGUN"Edit

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NT Index v01 355

A Modelcase "RAILGUN" firing.

Manufacture for the purpose of surpassing Misaka Mikoto's Railgun, it is a mantis-like Powered Suit that can either be manned or unamnned. It's main weapon is the gatling railgun, which can fire several railgun attacks faster than Mikoto.[4]

It is not strictly a ground-based unit as it can fly, and even accompany HsB-07s during flight.[3]


Academy City had used tanks at least 10 years prior to the beginning of the main storyline. Many of Academy City's tanks were also used during the World War III[5]


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